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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Capital
  • Quest Start: Ziggy
  • Gold Reward: 3000G
  • EXP Reward: 450EXP
  • Available for Nanako and Serena.


  • Go to the East Forest.
    • To get there, leave the Capital through the south exit of the trade district.
    • Once you get to a crossroad, go east. keep going until you see a statue and some graves.
    • Take the trail leading north into the trees.
  • Once you're in the forest, go around the south side of the lake and into the next area.
  • Head east, jump up the hill, then go east to the next area.
  • Keep going east past the Wolves and Kobolds and enter the next area.
  • Walk north and pick up the egg next to the tree.
  • A giant bird will appear and chase Nanako out of the woods.
    • The bird will continue to harass you until reaching the Capital.
  • Return to Ziggy and turn in the quest.