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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Orc Kingdom
  • Quest Start: Lavaat
  • Available for Nanako.


  • After Lavaat gives you the quest, go east then south to enter the main street of the Orc Kingdom.
  • Take the square portal south of the sign, at the north-east of the street.
  • Arrived at the square, the district chairman will come and explain to you the details of the capture.
    • You can ask him where the animals could be hiding.
  • To catch the "dogs", go into the ranch pen, at the south east of the map.
    • Catch the puppy, the lion, and the tiger. Each of them runs really fast, but you can catch them quickly since the AI gets blocked in the decor.
    • Catch the puppy three times, when he runs away, he hides in the decor.
    • If you had sex previously with the other dogs of the game, you can have an H-Scene with this one.
  • To catch the minotaurs, go into the shack south west of the map.
    • The minotaurs will surround you, prompting you to fight or surrender.
    • If you fight, kick their ass and you're done.
    • If you surrender, you have an H-Scene. (Not finished)
      • The minotaurs event is currently bugged: the minotaurs moves in the code are incorrect, causing the minotaurs to get blocked and freeze the event. The code can be easily debugged by changing the moves, but someone has to submit the issue on the japanese forum.
  • To catch the slimes, go into the aquapark, at the northwest of the map, and find them. They're easy to find.
  • To catch the pitcher plants, go at the field north east of the map, talk to the purple plant or get in the middle of the green ones to trigger the scene.
    • You have two choices : Let them continue their ritual, or interrupt them.
    • If you interrupt them, you have to fight.
      • Crush the purple leader, because the other green ones reappear.
    • If you let them continue their rite, you have an H-Scene (Not implemented, you have to fight them instead)
      • There's a non-blocking bug when you crush the leader: the screen goes black (can be removed by using FatalMix menu command) and several windows with dev info appear. Close them and the game resumes.
  • Each time you catch one of the four types of the animals, the district chairman talks to you.
  • When all four types are caught, the district chairman congratulates you and says he'll pay you.
  • Return to Lavaat and turn in the quest.