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all characters are at least 18

Love Girl [edit]


Technical Help


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H Session Controls

H session screen

Displayed in the upper left is the current action, and beneath it is a help dialog listing the Mouse controls that can be used for it, which will be explained in the sections below.

Clicking and dragging the Mouse buttons can also be used to control the Camera around the focus point, indicated by the crosshairs (unless hidden with hotkey 3):

  • LeftClick+Drag - Rotate Up/Down/Left/Right
  • RightClick+Drag Up/Down - Pan Up/Down
  • RightClick+Drag Left/Right or Mousewheel - Zoom In/Out
  • BothClick+Drag Up/Down - Dolly Forward/Back
  • BothClick+Drag Left/Right - Pan Right/Left
  • MiddleClick+Drag Up/Down/Right/Left - Pan relative to screen instead of focus point

Holding Left-CTRL will sustain Camera Mode; Mouse buttons will only control the camera around, and buttons will not be activated by clicking on them (Dunno where to put that info. Cursor indicators for Foreplay locations, Speed and Click are hidden in Camera Mode.

Camera Control hotkeys along with others are displayed in the Esc image.

Menu Panel

The buttons control display options, many of which can be toggled with hotkeys, and the menu display itself can also be toggled.

  • Male Visible - hotkey 4
  • Penis Visible - hotkey 5
  • Male Color - adjust color and transparency of the male figure
  • Obstacle Visible - toggles visibility of furniture, hotkey 2
  • BG Color - adjust background color, only seen when background visibility toggled off
  • BG Visible - hotkey 1
  • Autohide Menu - menu is hidden until Mouse cursor is over it, hotkey 7
  • Location - displays an overhead view of the map, with available locations targeted
Drop down menu

Drop-down Menu

Clicking the Menu button will reveal more options:

  • Guide - Turns on/off Guide arrows that appear when any Foreplay Action button is chosen, showing where it can be used.
  • Action Name - Toggle display of current action at upper left.
  • Camera - On Semi-auto Camera will reset every time Position or Location changes, on Manual Camera only resets when Location changes
  • Shortcut - Lists hotkeys, hotkey Esc
  • Objective - Displays current Success and Failure conditions for the session, hotkey F2
  • Config - Configuration options, hotkey F1
  • Retry - Resets session to beginning
  • Selection screen - Returns to general Selection Screen, a fail condition for Lessons and Challenges
  • Quit - Exit game, hotkey Alt-F4 (if you didn't know that, you haven't met enough trolls)

Foreplay Actions

These Foreplay buttons only appear in Foreplay mode: Lips, Hand, Finger, Both Hands, Both Fingers, Penis, Clothes. All except Clothes are explained in their introductory Lesson.

The Clothes icon can be used any time to move or strip clothing, the other actions can only be selected when a Foreplay Skill containing the matching icon in it is Equipped (eg, Lips can be used only when Kissing, Lick Nipples, Cunnilingus or Analingus is included in the Equipped Grid.)

When an action is chosen, Guide arrows appear over body locations where they can be used. The Mouse cursor will display an action indicator when hovering over them and the skill can be used in sequence up its level of Experience:

  • Level 1 - Leftclick
  • Level 2 - DoubleClick
  • Level 3 - Drag Left/Right
  • Level 4 - Drag Up/Down
  • Level 5 - Drag in a circle

The level influences the speed at which Pleasure and Wetness increases, explained more in that section.


Different positions can be selected from the row of buttons at the bottom. The two pink buttons switch to Foreplay Actions in Missionary or Doggystyle positions, and if no Sex Skills are Equipped, these will be the only buttons, and are only available when the player is in control. The other buttons that appear depend on H Skills Equipped and the current mode. In any mode, Equipped Skills can be used up to their Experience level.

Insertion Mode

The row of blue buttons at the bottom switch between different Sex Skill positions. In male lead insertion, the action can be controlled when the Mouse is over either player or girl body and the Speed cursor appears.

To begin insertion, LeftClick then choose vagina or anal penetration by moving mouse in that direction, then LeftClick+Drag in the direction indicated by arrow to complete the penetration and enter Level 1 of action.

Now the Mouse Scrollwheel increases and decreases the Level of action, which influences the rate of Pleasure gain at various Pleasure States, the rate of Ejaculation increase, and Wetness if in vaginal penetration.

LeftClick+Drag Up/Down to increase Speed or Left/Right to decrease. Speed doesn't change Pleasure increase, but Pleasure won't increase at all if it isn't at the right Speed; the girl's 'sweet spot' can be in any of the Left, Top, Right, or Left and Right quadrants, and can change at random. Speed increase/decrease also increases/decreases rate of Ejaculation.

If the girl takes control, only Cowgirl Facing and Rear Entry buttons appear, and the Speed cursor will not. The girl will chose the level randomly, which steadily increases Ejaculation and Pleasure and Pleasure State, but the girl will be unable to climax. This is the default position if no H Skills are Equipped. To exit this mode, increase player Motivation enough to take control.

Service Mode

The girl will always have control in this mode, either by beginning the session in Service mode, or by gaining control due to higher Motivation. The row of yellow buttons at the bottom switch between different Service Skill positions.

In any position, the girl will control Speed and Level of action, increasing or decreasing Ejaculation rate. Her own Pleasure and Pleasure State will steadily increase to Ecstasy, but she will be unable to climax. To exit this mode, increase player Motivation enough to take control.


Under the Position buttons is the Ejaculation gauge, beside the Ejaculation button, with Inside and Outside buttons beneath it.

As Ejaculation increases, the gauge fills with colors from light blue to bright red (limited by Stamina or Endurance stat -- confirmation needed.) As each color bar fills the gauge completely, a counter fills beneath it and the next color begins filling the gauge.

Male orgasm

To successfully Ejaculate, click the Ejaculation button, or hold while the counters beneath it light up in sequence to Ejaculate more than one gauge. A thin bar will travel along the gauge to the right end; the more Ejaculation gauges to be released, the quicker it will move. Clicking will control how much will be fully released of the current level, and the bar will return to the purple area at the left end of the gauge. Clicking again will stop the bar, and if it lands between the notches in the "Just" area, more Ejaculate will be released than if in the "Okay" area. If it "Miss"es the purple zone, Ejaculation will increase by up to two gauges.

In most cases, when the Ejaculation bar is maxed (9 gauges and a full red bar,) the full ejaculate will misfire, emptying the bar. This will not count toward full ejaculation at the end of the session, if inside it will not be counted as a "Cum Inside" instance, and if outside, no cum will appear and it will not be counted as a "Cum Outside" instance. This is also a fail condition of all challenges and a few lessons.

If the girl is in Ecstasy and you're using a lvl 5 Insertion skill, Ejaculation will pause at maximum until the girl's climax, however it will only fire successfully if Feeling >= 100%. If not, then it will misfire on next penetration. [Exploit: quickly switching to Foreplay Deepthroat or Paizuri can prevent misfire. Unless you hit the session's fail conditions in misses, you can keep attempting ejaculation even after an apparent misfire.]


The Inside and Outside buttons choose whether the ejaculate goes in or on the girl, which is important to certain Success Conditions. These will be dark when the girl is in control, and but can be chosen in Service mode Ejaculating in the right Position/Level. It will always be Inside if she controls Cowgirl positions.

If shot Inside vaginal or anal, a proportionate amount will leak out when withdrawing from penetration. If shot orally, the girl may swallow or let it drip out .

If shot Outside, ejaculate will cover the girl's skin depending on the position. Front Facing positions, Paizuri, Oral and Handjob positions will cover her front from thighs to hair. Rear Facing positions will coat her back from thighs to hair. Handjob will coat her hands and Footjob will coat from feet to knees. (There is no reward for complete sperm coverage other than personal satisfaction.)

The total number of Inside and Outside shots is added up in the session Evaluation.


The Pleasure gauge indicates the current Pleasure level, with the Wetness gauge on the left and the Pleasure State to the right. When the Pleasure gauge fills, Pleasure State increases and displays a description of the new state, then the gauge empties and begins refilling again. When the girl is in control, her Pleasure increases steadily, but when the player is in control it is increased according to level of action and her Pleasure State.

At each State there's one optimal Level of action for Pleasure rate:

  • Blue - Okay - Level 1
  • Green - Good - Level 2
  • Yellow - Great - Level 2
  • Orange - Excellent - Level 3
  • Red - Marvelous - Level 4
  • Purple - Ecstasy - Level 5
  • Syncope - Grey

Pleasure can still increase with at other Levels, but more gradually, except for Ecstasy state, which only increases with Level 5 action.

Female Orgasm

When maximum Pleasure in Ecstasy state is reached, the girl will climax.

After climax, 0-3 climax counters will fill in depending on Feeling. If the counters are already full, the girl will enter Syncope state and fall exhausted. If in an Insertion Position she will remain unresponsive while the Pleasure gauge gradually empties; Speed can be adjusted but Level cannot, and Ejaculation remains the same. If in a Foreplay Position, her Pleasure State will immediately drop from Syncope.


Wetness increases during any pussy Foreplay or Sex action, except stroking through clothing. It increases faster at higher levels of actions, independent of Pleasure increase. The Wetness meter displays at 25% and 50% and appears full at 75%, but can reach a maximum of 100%. At higher Wetness levels, climaxes become squirting orgasms, and gush more; for example at 25% Wetness, Pussy Foreplay can cause squirting and the spray is milder, at 100% all orgasms will cause squirting with a much greater spray.


Feeling increases in linear proportion with the sum of both partner's Motivation. Feeling reaches 100% when both partners have 100 Motivation, and reaches a maximum of 300% when both partners have 200 Motivation.

Maximum Feeling % is factored into the final score, and has a few important effects during the Lesson or Challenge:

  • Each of the girl's climax is multiplied by Feeling %, rounded down, are added to the climax counter, ie; below 100% Feeling, no points are added, at 100-199% each climax applies 1 point, climaxes at 200-299% add 2 points, a climax at 300% adds 3 points. Syncope will occur on the climax after 3 points.
  • At 100% and higher Feeling, Simultaneous Climax is possible in Insertion positions. If the Ejaculation bar is red (9 gauges), it will automatically ejaculate at the girl's climax, counting as a "Cum Inside" instance. Also, if the girl is in Ecstasy and skill is used at level 5, maxed ejaculation will not fire until the girl's climax.


Both player and girl's Motivation change gradually with time, according to player stats (precisely which stats needs confirmation) and activity. The higher Motivation will initially be capped at 100, until the other partner's Motivation is high enough to challenge for control, then both can increase to 200.

Any lesson or challenge may begin with player or girl in charge; the one in control begins with 50 Motivation and the other will have 0. When both male and female motivations are equal, a bar with the word "Change" will appear. If you want control, left-click repeatedly, if you want to leave control to the girl, do not left-click. Whoever gains control also gains 10 Motivation.

When you are in control, your Motivation will increase at a faster pace the higher level of your current action. If using a skill at level 5, your Motivation increases quickest, and the girl's increases slowest, when doing nothing, your Motivation will not increase but the girl's will increase as long as she has Pleasure left. At 200 Motivation, the girl will not be able to take control until her Motivation is dropped, either by letting her Pleasure fall to minimum (a failure condition in challenges and examinations) and building it back up again, or putting her into Syncope state.

When the girl is in control, her Motivation will increase at a constant rate. A "Click" circle appears whenever the cursor is over either body, and clicking with the correct timing is the only way to increase your own Motivation. You will get some feedback on your timing:

  • Miss - Motivation - 2
  • OK - Motivation + 3
  • Just - Motivation + 5

Missing the Click enough to drop below 100 will also reduce the girl's Motivation to the 100 cap, where it may be easier to catch up. You will not be able to Change if both Motivations are 200, but Missing a Click will lower Motivation enough to try again.

Free Mode Extras

Free Mode Buttons
There are no Feeling or Motivation gauges in this mode, all climaxes will contribute to Syncope state, and the only way to switch control is with the buttons available only in Free Mode:
  • Gauge - This can fix the Ejaculation Gauge and the Pleasure State to any level, and it will remain until a new state is chosen. The default 'Normal' returns to usual H session behavior. [Bug: A girl set to Syncope state may be stuck in it for the rest of the session.]
  • Foreplay - Instantly switch to Foreplay mode
  • Service - Instantly switch to Service mode
  • Insertion, Male Lead - Instantly switch to Insertion mode
  • Insertion, Female Lead - Instantly switch to Cowgirl service mode

Skills still need to be in the Equipped Grid for use, so any of the Foreplay/Service/Insertion buttons may be greyed out if no skills are available. If no skills are selected at all, only Insertion, Female Lead can be used. Hotkeys 6 (Glasses Visible) and 9 (Strip all Clothes) are also added in Free Mode.

Because there are no Success or Failure Conditions, the only way to exit is by quitting to Selection Screen.

Because there is no Evaluation at the end of Free Mode, no Experience will be awarded to Stats or Skills. Also, no clothing or Skills can be earned in Free Mode.


At the end of any Story Mode session (Lesson, Examination or Challenge,) a report card will be displayed with letter grades from C to S given for your performance in a variety of activities, and a final evaluation combining their results.

Report Card Details
Action Minimum for S-grade Notes
Fondling 30 Each single click is counted, raising to higher level of the same action does not
Ejaculation 15 Each point is one full gauge, rounded down but fractions of a gauge will accumulate to full points
Cum Inside 15 Each act of ejaculation inside; oral in Foreplay and Service positions also count
Cum Outside 15 Each act of ejaculation outside
Climax 6 Each time the girl climaxes
Squirting 15 Each squirting orgasm
Exhaustion 3 Each time Syncope state
Pleasure Ecstasy Maximum Pleasure state
Feeling 300 Maximum Feeling %

The letter grades determine the amount of Experience toward Stats and Equipped Skills will be granted. With a high enough grade it's possible to max a new Skill in one session -- Stats will take a bit longer.