Love Girl: Free Mode

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all characters are at least 18

Love Girl [edit]


Technical Help



- You will get Free mode after complete first lesson this is where you are freely to play with girl without requirement or fail conditions

- You can also change girl costume or wig by click the lower button will get more costume by completing game but can only be use in free mode only

- It also use Level and Skill from main game ...since it has no result so you can't use it to leveling up anything

- To exit Free mode move mouse to higher right of the screen or push keyboard number 7 and click the Menu button and second last icon

- There are special setting in Free mode that you can access by move mouse to higher left of sceen or push 7


GAUGE - green fifth left icon -you can set male cum stock (default- 10 stock) and female stage (Normal - Syncope) and it will stay that way no matter what you do ...stock will never runout and the girl will never higher, lower or out of that stage

TO FOREPLAY - blue sixth left icon - instantly switch to foreplay mode

TO SERVICE - pink sixth right icon - instantly switch to service mode

TO INSERTION - blue seventh left icon - instantly switch to insertion mode

TO GIRL ON TOP - pink seventh right icon - instantly switch to girl on top service mode