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all characters are at least 18

Love Girl [edit]


Technical Help


After you beat many if not all of the lessons provided by the girls, they will present you some challenges. Do not fret, they are not hard to do - and you probably will be enthrilled to do so. For each challenge, three basic skills are required. You can see these on the left part of the screen, under the challenge selection box. You need to select these at least. In case you miss one of these, the skill on your pool of learnt skills will flash. You will not be able to proceed otherwise.

Most of the challenges will have the three different types of skills. On the four star challenges, you will start with the service action (yellow background skill tile), then you will move into the foreplay one (pink background) and a success move will be achieved with the penetration one (blue background).

Each challenge has a pass and a fail requirement. This wiki page explains the pass requirements. The fail requirements usually has the male failing while cumming (missing the red zones on the male gauge).

A number of challenges require the male to cum either a number of times or with a powerful one with a number of "stock", as in you can chose your preferred method. These stock are the little boxes that are placed under the male cum bar. Each time a male cum bar fills, a new stock is lit. In order to use more than one stock at a time while cumming, you need to long press on the Ejaculate button.

Both male and femail can cum at the same time. If you also have the wet bar full, the female cum counter filled, and the feeling number at 300%, it will be considered "Ultimate cum". This action yields a nice bonus. In order to cum at the same time, you need to time the female and male bars such that the female one is maxed while the male one stock is also filled. Be aware that it has to be the girl the one that is maxed first. In order to achieve this feat, you will need to control your speed. The easiest way is to regulate the female one by changing the speed level and intensity, as only a given combination will increase her bar.

Please do use some of the game modifiers that you earnt during your lessons or challenges. Some of them are useful in these challenges, as they will affect how hard it is to hit the ejaculate "just" region (slow gauge and very slow gauge) or the speed on which the wet bar rises.

You can use any girl for any challenge. Any challenge beaten with any girl will be set as completed but for the last one. In this one, the ending dialogue will differ depending on which girl you use, so please try the three of them.

1 Star Challenges

Challenge 1-1: Paizuri Challenge

Objective: ejaculate with Paizuri move 3 time (pink skill last icon)

At first you have to gain your control by raising your mood level equal to the girl's one. Move the girl into the lying position. Finally pick the cock item in the left menu and click on her breast (In Foreplay Mode the cock item is an arrow). Ejaculate 3 bars on her breast and you will complete this challenge.

Challenge 1-2: Illamatio Challenge

Objective: ejaculate with Illamatio move 3 time (pink skill blowjob icon)

Use red icon position and click male simbol icon then click at her mount and cum with 3 stock

Challenge 1-3: Fellatio Challenge

Objective: ejaculate with Fellatio move 3 time (yellow male-female symbol icon)

Use the "Service mode" fellatio the choose fellatio icon and wait till you get 3 stock and cum

Challenge 1-4: 69 Challenge

Objective: ejaculate with 69 move 3 time (yellow 69 icon)

use 69 in "Service mode" and cum 3 with 3 stock

Challenge 1-5: Handjob Challenge

Objective: ejaculate 3 time with handjob move (yellow handjob icon)

use Handjob in "Service mode" and cum with 3 Stock

Challenge 1-6: Footjob Challenge

Objective : ejaculate 3 time with Footjob (yellow foot icon)

use Footjob in "Service mode" and cum 3 stock

2 Star Challenges

Challenge 2-1 Pussy Challenge

requirement : Cum in pussy with any position for 5 Stock (any blue icon will do)

Ejaculate only in pussy with any position with 5 time /stock

Challenge 2-2 Anal Challenge

requirement : Cum in anal with any position for 5 stock (any blue icon will do)

ejaculate only in anal with any position for 5 time / stock

Challenge 2-3 Lapdance Challenge

requirement : cum in any facing postion only for 5 time /stock (blue forth icon)

Challenge 2-4 Girl on top Challenge

requirement : cum in any rear entry position only for 5 time /stock (blue fifth icon)

Challenge 2-5 Lay on side Challenge

requirement : cum with lay on side position for 5 time / stock (Blue third icon)

ejaculate with girl lay on side position for 5 time / stock

Challenge 2-6 Standing Challenge

requirement : cum with standing facing position 5 time / stock (blue last icon)

ejaculate with standing facing position for 5 time / stock

3 Star Challenges

Challenge 3-1 All at once Challenge

requrement : cum with 9 stock at once with any skill you can ejaculate

all you need to do is build up 9 stock and hold down the ejaculate button till all turn pink and release then click on the gauge like always

Challenge 3-2 All about breats Challenge

requirement : use all 3 require foreplay mode move on breats once (all skill need is require by challenge)

you only need to click one hand skill on breats, two hand skill on breats and male simbol skill on breats ONCE

Challenge 3-3 Leaking Challenge

requirement : make girl "leaking cum" with foreplay skill

use any foreplay skill that can use on her pussy ...and do it till Wet meter is 40% 25% or more and make her cum

Challenge 3-4 Leaking insertion Challenge

requirement : make girl leaking when she cum with any insertion position

make her Wet meter reach 100% with any foreplay skill then switch to any insertion position and make her come once more

Challenge 3-5 All Mode Challenge Naked Challenge

requirement : ejaculate 7 time / stock on every mode (Foreplay / Service / Insertion)

switch to all 3 mode and cum 7 stock

requirement : make girl naked and do a level 7 cum shot

take off all her clothes, build 7 stock and do cum shot of any kind

4 star challenges

Challenge 4-1 JUST Challenge

requirement : hit "JUST" when ejaculate 3 time

you can ejaculate any number of stock on any mode or any position...only have to hit JUST 3 time

Challenge 4-2 All Skill Leaking Challenge

requirement : cum with leaking with all 3 mode (Foreplay / Service / insertion) 3 time / stock

make girl Wet 100% and switch to all 3 mode and cum with 3 stock

In-depth instruction:

1. Get the girl to Wet 100%, doesn't matter how you get it.

2. Cum 3 stocks in EACH MODE. Doesn't work when you only cum 1 stock in every mode.

3. Also for the Service mode,the Girl on Top doesn't count for some reason. Try using other than this service mode.

4. Success.

Challenge 4-3 Cum together Challenge

requirement : make cum together once

to make cum together make feeling to reach 300% and make girl cum once ...or you can make her cum 3 time after feeling is more than 100% till she got all 3 pink stock above her status bar ...then fill male stock with all 9 and nearly or full bar then make her cum again ...this will empty all male stock ...make girl in Synccope stage and reduce girl feeling to 50. If ejaculate doesn't automatically occur, manually ejaculating while she's still in Synccope will meet the challenge requirement.

This challenge can be cleared with each girl individually to complete, but the bonuses will be awarded for the first.


The Challenges tab appears on the Selection Screen after completing all Examinations from the Lessons tab. Each of these require a set of one Foreplay, Service, and Sex Skill to be included in the Skill Grid, and are rewarded with various Special Skills.

Fail conditions for all Challenges:

  • Girl's Pleasure reaches 0
  • Misfire maximum Ejaculation
  • Miss Ejaculation timing 5 times for 1-Star Challenges, 4 times for 2-Star Challenges, 3 times for 3-Star Challenges, and only twice for 4-Star Challenges

1-Star Challenges

All require 3 gauges of Ejaculation, Inside or Outside
Name Success Condition Required Skills Reward
Let's Do Paizuri Ejaculate using Foreplay Paizuri Paizuri (Foreplay) lvl 2, 69 lvl 2, Missionary lvl 2 Wetness increases faster
Let's Do Deepthroat Ejaculate using Deepthroat Deepthroat lvl 2, Handjob lvl 2, Standing lvl 2 Sperm won't cover face
Fascinating Mouth Ejaculate using Blowjob Caress Breasts lvl 3, Blowjob lvl 3, Side lvl 3 Sperm won't cover breasts
Lovely Munching Ejaculate using 69 Caress Anus lvl 3, 69 lvl 3, Doggystyle lvl 3 Wetness increases much faster
Charming Hands Ejaculate using Handjob Caress Buttocks lvl 3, Handjob lvl 3, Cowgirl lvl 3 Sperm won't cover hands
Alluring Legs Ejaculate using Footjob Caress Nipples lvl 3, Footjob lvl 3, Standing lvl 3 Sperm won't cover feet

2-Star Challenges

All require 5 gauges of Ejaculation, Inside or Outside
Name Success Condition Required Skills Reward
Delicate Spot Ejaculate in vagina penetration Kiss lvl 4, Handjob lvl 4, Missionary lvl 4 Autoinsert into vagina
Anal Mastery Ejaculate in anal penetration Caress Anal lvl 4, Paizuri (Service) lvl 4, Doggystyle lvl 4 Autoinsert anal
Lap Dance Ejaculate in any facing position Caress Pussy lvl 5, Blowjob lvl 4, Sitting lvl 4 Sperm won't cover stomach
Girl on Top Ejaculate in any rear entry position Caress Nipple lvl 5, Footjob lvl 4, Cowgirl lvl 4 Sperm won't cover back
Prince of Spooning Ejaculate in Side position Cunnilingus lvl 5, 69 lvl 4, Side lvl 4 Sperm won't cover thighs
Master of Standing Sex Ejaculate in Standing position Caress Anus lvl 5, Paizuri (Service) lvl 4, Standing lvl 4 Sperm won't cover butt

3-Star Challenges

Name Success Condition Required Skills Reward
Massive Ejaculation Ejaculate 9 gauges at once Kiss lvl 5, Footjob lvl 5, Missionary lvl 5 Ejaculation timing Very Slow
I Love Breasts Use all Required Skills Caress Breast lvl 5, Caress Breasts lvl 5, Paizuri(Foreplay) lvl 5 Nipples always erect
The tides of Pleasure Climax with Foreplay skill Caress Pussy lvl 5, Caress Buttocks lvl 5, Paizuri(Service) lvl 5 Pleasure increases quicker
The tides of Pleasure Continued Climax with Sex skill Lick Nipple lvl 5, Handjob lvl 5, Doggystyle lvl 5 No pause after failing ejaculation
Naked Party Ejaculate 7 gauges with girl naked (any position, Inside or Outside) Caress Butt lvl 5, 69 lvl 5, Side lvl 5 Sperm won't cover clothes

4-Star Challenges

Name Success Condition Required Skills Reward
Aim for the "Just" Achieve "Just" Ejaculation Timing 3 times, any position Analingus lvl 5, Footjob lvl 5, Sitting lvl 5 Pleasure increases much faster
Magician Skill in Works Ejaculate 3 gauges in Foreplay, Service, and Sex Deepthroat lvl 5, Blowjob lvl 5, Cowgirl lvl 5 Prevent misfire at max Ejaculation
Unforgettable Memory Achieve Syncope state Caress Nipples lvl 5, Paizuri(Service) lvl 5, Standing lvl 5 All Foreplay, All Service, All Sex skills