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all characters are at least 18

HaremMate [edit]



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The Protagonist

  • Tomoya / 智也
Player character, also manager.

Main Idols

  • Akiha Jyujyu / 秋葉 珠々
  • Ibuki Kyoka / 伊吹 鏡花
  • Saeki Azusa / 佐伯 梓
  • Mayuzumi Ayaka / 黛 彩佳
  • Tsukuyomi Shizuka / 月詠 静香

Special Girls

  • Yanase Yume / 柳瀬 由芽
The main girl in SchoolMate. Added by Illusion in 予約特典 由芽セット.exe (aka すくぅ~るメイト 由芽セット.exe) special.