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all characters are at least 18

HaremMate [edit]



FAQ & Technical Help

Modes and unlocking them

When you first start the game there will be five menus: Produce, Scout, Harem, Settings and End game. Scout and Harem will be greyed out and locked as well as the free mode in Produce until you finish the story mode.

Produce (Story Mode)

The story mode is very short and offers sort of a quick introduction to playing the game. Each of the fives girls in the story mode will attempt to have sex with you. Once you have had sex with all of them, the story mode will be completed and all the modes will be unlocked.


  • OP - obviously, you go through the opening scenes
  • Event 1 - Have sex twice
  • Event 2 - Have her fall in love with you (love stat of 80+)
  • Event 3 - Have sex outside at least once. (in the Park, Pool, Bench or Train locations)
  • Event 4 - Make her completely shameless (shyness stat of 0)
  • Harem - Have all five official characters completely in love with you (love stat of 100)

Produce (Free Mode)

After the story mode, you can have sex with any of the story characters or your own self made characters. Continually having sex with one of the story characters will open up new story content for that given character. You can also choose to replay previous story content you have completed.

Unlike Harem Mode where many women have sex with one man, you can select from 1 to 5 men to have sex with a single woman. Having 1 on 1 sex will create a consensual sex scenario, while choosing 2 or more men will create a forced sex scenario.

2nd menu from the bottom right is Poser Mode. You can take pictures of your idol and add backgrounds and borders to the idol's character card.


Under scout there are 4 menus

  • Character Maker: Create and edit characters.
  • Audition: The game will randomly generate a group of idols with random appearances and personalities. Selecting one of them will add them to your saved characters.
  • Upload: Upload your characters. Not functioning.
  • Download: Download characters. Not functioning.


Select 2 to 5 women to have sex with a single man. Sexual positions available to you will vary depending on number of participants. Selecting more women than the number of participants will add those women instead as spectators. They will be put in random positions and in random locations around the map.


Once in a H scene. H positions and locations available to you will depend partially on the map, but mostly participants involved. There are four main types of sex: Foreplay, Dickjob, Penetration and Anal Penetration.

Once in a position, in the pad on the bottom right corner, either clicking, rolling the mouse wheel, or holding and dragging the mouse will perform various activities.

  • Click or drag the mouse faster to increase speed.
  • Turning on the "auto" option will change it so that only rolling the mouse will increase speed without having to rapidly click and drag.
  • Left-click, drag up, release mouse to cum inside. Drag down to cum outside.
  • Right click to stop sex.


To get a girl to ahegao you need to get her hidden ahe stat to 100. it increases by 20 each time she cums and slowly decreases. So she should get there on her sixth orgasm if you're fast. If you don't like clicking, just turn on the auto-mode and scroll up while hovering over the square in the lower-right, it goes really fast.



Love increases by a base rate of 5, multiplied by 0 if the part (mouth, breasts, genitals, and anal) you're acting on is "not used" or by 1.5 if it's "well used". Not used and well used are determined by multiplying the part's sensitivity, the number of times its been used (which might be limited to increasing once per session. It didn't increase after my first session of petting but maxed out on the second), and how in love they are with you (0-4, 0 being "unwilling", 3 in love, and 4 ahegao). (...I wonder if you can only get an unwilling girl interested in you through ahegao). I don't think I need to go into the specific formula because its so easy to get them up there anyway. Though some girls are places where they are not sensitive at all. For instance, my Ayaka at least has a sensitivity of 0 for her breasts, and same with Azusa and Shizuka for their mouths. Don't know if that's randomly generated or not, though, and I didn't find any place they're increased either.


Shyness is decreased each time someone cums, by 5 if you're outside, by 3 otherwise.


Reason decreases by 10 each time she cums while ahegao. Not that I could find a use for reason.


  • While in the studio stage, pressing 8 or 9 on the keyboard will cycle through photo backgrounds in your game folder.
  • It's possible to unlock all scenes for all girls in Story mode while preserving their vaginal and/or anal virginity (if they have any), although you won't get any in-game rewards for this.
  • Offsets 0x28-2F of mainData.dat store unlocked scenes; oftentimes changing just 1 byte at 0x28 to some random value unlocks every option in main menu without unlocking scenes.