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all characters are at least 18

HaremMate [edit]



FAQ & Technical Help


Running the game

  • Q: Can I install and run HaremMate on PC that running Windows XP OS?
    A: Despite Illusion recommended to run it on Windows Vista and above, HaremMate can be run on Windows XP. However the FileCopy executable comes with the newer updates and DLC will cause error if executed and requires users to manually copying the addition data files into the game folder. Also some modified launchers requires Windows Vista and above.
  • Q: Is HaremMate requires the game DVD image to be mounted in order to play?
    A: No, HaremMate doesn't requires the game DVD image to be mounted while playing. This is related to the fact that it uses the Unity 3d engine instead of Illusion's own Yayoi engine.
  • Q: Why there's the error said "The file d3dx9_xx.DLL was not found" when I try to run the game?
    A: In Windows Vista and later, Microsoft did not included the full DirectX 9 runtimes. As such, it causes the error as the game requires specific dll files in the runtimes. You can solve it by installing the latest DirectX 9 End-User Runtimes installer that can be obtained from Microsoft website, or from the game DVD/image.
  • Q: Can I run HaremMate on the 64-bit Windows OS?
    A: Yes, you can run HaremMate on the 64-bit Windows OS, since it can run 32-bit applications via Wow64 hardware emulation layer.
  • Q: Will HaremMate ever run on Windows 10?
    A: Yes! The game will run on Windows 10, but with a price; since Microsoft had rewritten the locale/region system, Applocale, as well as HF Applocale, are no longer work on Windows 10. NTLEA still work but texts from some mods (such as the overlay text mods) might ends up displays gibberish texts.

Graphical issues

  • Q: I installed an early version of the HF Patch and the body sometimes disappears. Help!?
    A: Install version 0.4+ to fix the uncensor issues.

Installation and Updating

  • Q: The setup freezes. Help!?
    A: Unmount the dvd, rename ハーレムめいと.mdf to disk.mdf, delete ハーレムめいと.mds and then try again.
  • Q: When I try to run the FileCopy executable it stops with the error said it wasn't a vaild executable.
    A: If you have a PC that run on Windows XP, then this is because Illusion updated the FileCopy executable in the newer updates and DLCs so it will not run on XP at all. Copy the files and folders from the setup folder of the extracted directory into the game folder will do the tricks.


  • Q: Why I can't type Japanese even I have Japanese input method (i.e. Microsoft IME and Google Japanese input)?
    A: In order to typing Japanese and other asian texts in the game, you must check the Turn off the advanced text services for this program option which is located at the Compability tab on the propreties menu of the game executable (and the shortcuts linked to it). This is also applies to any Japanese and Asian languages games as well.
  • Q: Does the game have first-person-view and Oculus Rift supports?
    A: No, but you can with thrid-party mods installed.
  • Q: Some mods (i.e. uncensor mod) no longer works after I updated the game using Illusion's update installer. Help!?
    A: Like any other Illusion games, updating the game will render the mods useless since it overwrites the data files that has contains the mods. Do not update the game if you wish to use the mods unless modder released the newer version of the mod which supported the newer version of the game.
  • Q: Can HaremMate run in 4K resolution?
    A: Yes, but it would requires a monitor that supports such high resolution, and also gaming PC with higher specification (i.e. with at least Haswell-based Intel Core i7 CPU and the Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 or AMD Radeon R9 290X graphics cards or above).

Installing the Game

Quick step-by-step guide

Startup.exe: Click the second button to install HaremMate
  1. Extract ハーレムめいと.mdf (DO NOT extract the .mds files!) to e.g. C:\Downloads\HaremMate
  2. Rename ハーレムめいと.mdf to DISK1.mdf
  3. Mount C:\Downloads\HaremMate\DISK1.mdf with Daemontools Lite (other mounting software has been known to fail with Japanese games, so please use Daemontools Lite - it's completely free)
  4. DO NOT autorun, but explore the mounted dvd and right-click Startup.exe and select Run with Japanese locale as administrator (you need HF pApploc for the right-click options).
  5. Click the second button from the top (ref. Startup.exe picture) to start the Harem Mate setup.
  6. Click (N) again a few times and wait while the setup finishes the installation.
  7. To run the game, simply right-click the InitSettings.exe in the game folder (or the shortcut linked to it), select Run with Japanese locale as administrator to open the launcher and then click the ゲーム開始 button on the far left to run the game.

DLC installation

  1. DLC come in extractable .exe files. Execute the .exe to extract them.
  2. hmate_01_maket is the Character Maker. It is a stand alone program and does not need the main game installed to use. Do not copy it over your game installation.
  3. hmate_02_plusstudio and other similar looking files are patches. Execute the FileCopy.exe in the folders. It will automatically find your game directory and copy the files over your current game installation.
  4. The FileCopy executables in the newer updates and DLCs are known to causes error on Windows XP, so far the only workaround is to copy the update files and folders inside the setup folder of the extracted directory and paste them into the game folder.

The HF Patch

The latest version of the HF Patch includes all the official patches, so you don't have to worry about installing any of those. It also includes partial English translations and UI as well as uncensors (currently with relatively serious issues).

HF Patching for Dummies

This section describes how to use the HF Patch.

  1. Install the game as outlined above.
  2. Download the Harem Mate HF Patch.
  3. Read the patch release post while downloading, so you know what is required (and what to expect).
  4. Run the patch by double-clicking on the file you just downloaded.
  5. Read the information in the beginning and make sure that you have enough free disk space to run the patch before you click Next.
  6. Click Next and review the components. The Recommended installation is all you need to get the game updated, translated and uncensored, but you might want to check out the options anyway.
  7. Click Next and consider installing an icon on your desktop.
  8. Click Next to start patching your game. Beware that patching your game will change installed files and it cannot be reversed or uninstalled. Therefore you should keep the original files, so you can restore the game to it's original state later on if needed. Having the original files might be required if you plan to install additional or different mods later on.
  9. Let the patch work (you can do other stuff while it's working, just don't start/mess with the game). Patching may take several minutes and the progress bar may not move. Just be patient. It is guaranteed to work if you installed the game as outlined above.
  10. Play the updated, translated and uncensored game by double-clicking the "Harem Mate" desktop icon. :)

TIP: You can move the desktop shortcut to anywhere you prefer (some prefer to have it in the game folder) and it will still work.

Note: It is safe to run the patch again if you want to install additional components and/or change options. Just deselect the components you previously installed and patching will be relatively quick.