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all characters are at least 18

SummertimeSAGA [edit]


Summertime SAGA gameplay is entirely mouse-driven. However, there are some non-case-sensitive keyboard commands to aid play. Press 'V' to toggle self-voicing mode, which will read text from the screen out loud. Press 'H' to hide the text box until 'H' is pressed again, or the mouse is clicked. Hold the right 'Ctrl' to fast-forward through a scene. Press 'Escape' to bring up the main menu.


A map in the upper-left corner can be clicked at most times, enabling the main character to instantly travel to another location.


The time of day passes through four different segments; morning, afternoon, nightfall, and late night. Each segment is indicated with a green rectangle, located at the top center of the screen. Time passes whenever the main character does an involved action, such as studying in class or laboring in a garden. A 'Cycle' button under the time of day will cause time to skip ahead one segment, but is disabled in some locations. Many locations and activities are time-sensitive, in that they will not be available at all segments of time, or even all days of the week.

Cell Phone

The cell phone will have six main functions. For now, it keeps a log of the main character's main goals and side goals, tracks the main character's stats (Smarts, Strength, Agility, and Charisma), lists incoming text messages, and three other functions which are not yet implemented.


Contains the main character's carried items. None of the items need to be activated directly - they will automatically activate when needed.