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all characters are at least 18

SummertimeSAGA [edit]

Developer: Darkcookie
Release date: unknown
Theme: Dating, Novel
HF Discussion: No HF Thread
AS Discussion: No AS Thread
Fanpage No Fanpage
Discord No Discord
No HF Patch - No Plugin - Darkcookie - SummertimeSAGA

This PC and Android game is programmed in Ren'Py Summertime SAGA is an erotic adult dating sim/visual novel created by 'DarkCookie'. This PC and Android game is programmed in Ren'Py with the assistance of 'Arizona Identities'. Summertime SAGA is currently in early development with no posted release date.

The main character is a young man whom you can name. His goals are to solve the mystery of his father's death, get into a good college, and find a date for the prom, all over the course of the summer. He can increase his stats, make money and buy things, do quests, and have sexual encounters with non-player characters.