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all characters are at least 18

School Mate [edit]


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  • Himura Kazuki / 緋村 和樹
Male protagonist. He has recently returned to the place of his birth, Kimikage Island, and transferred into Himeyuri Academy. His mother died in a major island-wide disaster when he was little, but he doesn't have memories from that far back. His family belongs to an ancient clan of the island, though he has little interest in said matters.
  • Yanase Yume / 柳瀬 由芽 [VA: Nakaya Shiho]
Classmate and childhood friend of Kazuki. Her mother died while giving birth to her, and Kazuki's mother has been like a real mother to her. While she is very good at domestic matters, she's very forgetful. Loves cats. She's romantically interested in Kazuki, but she is afraid to disrupt the current balance so she hasn't said anything.
  • Tachibana Natsume / 橘 棗 [VA: Kazane]
Kazuki's sempai (senior). She often does things her way, and often defies common sense. She doesn't like to lose, and often acts before thinking. She is shrouded in mystery.
  • Serikawa Mikoto / 芹川 命 [VA: Kawashima Rino]
Kazuki's classmate. One night when both of their fathers were drunk, she became betrothed(engaged) to Kazuki. Usually she has a closed-off attitude, not showing emotion. She often converses by talking through (and to) her dog puppet.
  • Katsuki Fumi / 架月 芙美 [VA: Isshiki Hikaru]
Kazuki's cousin, like an older sister to him. She is the school president of Himeyuri Academy, very good with academics and sports. While she is strict with herself and everyone else, she is extremely lenient and nice to Kazuki, treating him like a little kid. She is the quiet type, not letting her feelings show on the surface, and has a smile on her face regardless of the circumstances. Though on occasions when she does show her feelings, she may say something very unexpected.
  • Shinohara Hiyo / 篠原 日和 [VA: Fujimori Yukina]
Kazuki's kouhai (junior). She is a very bright and energetic girl, and calls Kazuki "Oniichan" (cute form of "older brother"). She has a super crush on Kazuki, and gets very "watchful" with any girl around Kazuki. Her real identity is Prototype #1 of a Communication-Purpose-Droid created by Professor Shinohara. While she hides this fact, the people around her have more or less sensed it (normal humans don't exactly eat batteries) but not reveal it.
  • Seijurou Mikami / ????
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