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all characters are at least 18

Requiem Hurts [edit]


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Requiem Hurts
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Developer: Illusion
Release date: June 29, 2001
Theme: None
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Requiem Hurts (レクイエムハーツ〜監禁〜? Rekuiemu Hātsu: Kankin) is a 3D action-adventure game / rail shooter developed by Illusion Soft for the PC. As with Illusion's other games, it contains explicit sexual content - in this game as still images, brief pre-rendered cut scenes and limited 3D interactive sequences as part of the plot progression between the levels.


The player controls several different characters over the course of the game, the majority of them female. The character to be used is determined at the start of each level, where the player usually gets a choice between two of them. Character selection affects the action mode, where some have weapons capable of automatic fire or with better ammo capacity, etc.


Most of the game is spent in 3rd person perspective, with the player viewing the character from behind. In this mode, the character runs around the level trying to find the exit. Usually this entails finding and using various objects, flipping switches, or solving puzzles. Sometimes timing is also necessary to navigate obstacles. At certain points, frequently after an important task has been completed, the game switches to 1st person action mode. Following a pre set route, the player uses the mouse to target and shoot enemies as they appear, trying to take them out before they have time to hurt the character. Most of the enemies are humans with guns, though some levels also feature various animals that charge the character. If the character takes too much damage and runs out of health, the game ends.

During the action sequences, various power ups appear to help the character if he/she shoots them. They include first-aid kits (increases health), bullets (increase weapon damage or ammo capacity) and bulletproof vests (reduce damage from enemy fire).


The game is entirely controlled with the mouse. Moving it controls the camera, while the left button runs forward and the right walks backwards. Moving into certain objects or areas can cause the character to do additional actions like jumping or activating switches.

During the action sequences, the mouse becomes a crosshair to aim at enemies, firing bullets with the left button and reloading with the right.