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all characters are at least 18

Renai+H [edit]



Technical Help

This is gameplay guide for Teatime's game 恋愛+H (Renai + H).

For more gameplay info check other pages on this wiki! If you are experiencing trouble running the game check the "Technical Help" section!


LMB - Walk F3 - Toggle fullscreen
LMB + Shift/Ctrl -

With Shift walk backwards, with Ctrl run forward (you can double click LMB to run)

F10/U/J F11/I/K -

Blur on-off/more/less Blom on-off/more/less

RMB - Interaction menu Esc - Quit game

Moving between areas

Rh marker.jpg

You can select where to go from the planning screen only. Story script will move you to different locations a lot, most of the time you can right click and break off the story mode. Some actions in the action menu will move you to a different map (e.g. "Go to shrine"). You can't change maps while in free mode (walking with a girl), you can exit the map by finding an exit though.


To save manually go to planning screen and hit the "Save" button. Be careful as there is only one save slot. This will hold your customisations to the girls unlike the "Continue" mode.

The game will save automatically after you successfully confess to one of the girls. Doing so will send you back to the title screen. To load select new option (continue).

When you confess to a girl new options will be available in after you click "Continue". After confessing to first girl extra modification options will be available.

General Gameplay

This is a list of a few general concepts in the game. Most of the game you are in the story mode. To finish the game you need to successfully confess to one of the girls. Each girl has unique ending. The story starts off with an introduction to all of the girls, after that you are free to do as you please.

Game Basics

Rh modify.jpg
  • At the beginning you will get a chance to modify all of the girls. Those changes will not save and the game will prompt you about them every time after you click continue.
  • After you are done with introductions you will find yourself in your home, the only action you can perform is walk up to the desk. Doing so will enter planning mode.
  • Be careful when progressing through story mode as there are many "forks" and you might select option you didn't intend to pick.
  • You can enter H only from the free mode.
  • The bottom option in right click menu can't be unlocked.

Planning mode

Rh planning.jpg

Accessed by walking up to the sign floating above the desk in your room. You can select to progress with a girl's story, send a mail, go on a date or take a walk.

  • 3 options on the left indicate encounters with the girls, you can confess only after you complete all of those.
  • Options on the right are not necessary to complete the game.
  • "Take a walk" doesn't seem to do anything useful.

Interaction With Girls

Rh interact.jpg

When in story mode right click and select the action (!) icon to bring up action menu

  • There are 4 basic types of actions: confession, mini-games, dialogues and actions that enter free mode,
  • You can't enter free mode on some of the maps,
  • When in free mode (after confession) you get new options in right click menu - grope and H.

Actions and minigames

Rh actions.jpg

After selecting the action (!) icon you will enter a menu with two tabs. Actions on the first tab are all available at first, while some actions on the second tab require successful confession. Actions on second tab are more erotic.

Minigames can be categorized into "aim and click" and touching games. Touching games are longer and more complex. You can freely undress (not possible otherwise) and caress girls in the "Grope game" (second tab on bottom) after you fill up the green bar. Timer will stop after that too.

Free mode

Rh interact2.jpg

After you select "Hold hands", "Princess hug" or "Walk closely" from the action menu you will enter free mode.

  • You can't go to other areas, attempting to leave will skip to next scene you selected.
  • After you enter free mode you get infinite actions. After an action is finished you will return to it.
  • New options will appear - Grope and H.
  • On some maps you can't enter free mode (e.g. Library). It might be possible to modify the game to allow it.

Grope mode

Accessed by right click menu when in free mode.

  • It might be possible to use various toys, unknown how. (they are in the game files, might be removed)
  • Doesn't look like there is any pleasure bar for the girl.
  • You can flip skirt but can't undress. (?)

H mode

Rh hmode.jpg

Accessed by right click menu when in free mode.

  • To undress select "girl:undress" option. You can't select what to take off.
  • Mostly the same as H in LD555, (buttons are placed differently). Go to LD555 wiki for more info.