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all characters are at least 18

Renai+H [edit]



Technical Help

This is FAQ (frequently asked questions) about Teatime's game 恋愛+H (Renai + H).

If you are experiencing technical difficulties like game crashes please check out the Technical help.

If your question has not been answered in this FAQ feel free to ask in the Renai + H Discussion Thread.

This FAQ is based on the v1.2 patch, some things may differ for other patches.


What is this game about? What are the goals?

  • After you start the game you get to modify 3 girls and get an introduction of all of them. After introduction is done you get to the planning mode where you plan your day. Ultimately your goal is to confess successfully to one of the girls. This is basically a simplified dating sim with added H. Most of the game is played as a VN (click through text and select your responses).

How do I get it?

What language is this game in? Translation?

  • Originally it is in Japanese. However there are mods that translate the game into English. Look for them in the discussion thread.

Is there a guy/girl uncensor?

  • Look for it in the first post of discussion thread. If it's not there and there already is newer game from TT most likely it doesn't exist and noone will make one.


How do I save?

  • Go to planning screen and hit "Save" button. There is only one save slot!
  • After you finish girl's story and confess the game will auto-save (won't overwrite your save) Use "continue" option from the main menu to load.

How to get her to go to my house/go to her house?

  • You can't.

How to get her to go on a date?

  • Keep trying, it's pretty random. You might get better chances after completing the game with that girl.

How to have H?

  • After confessing you have to click "Continue" in the main menu, then enter free mode (hold hands) and select H option from right click menu.

How to have in library/shop/whatever?

  • You can't enter free mode in some of the locations. It might be possible to mod the game to allow those actions.

Is there any way to save my modifications to the girls?

  • Yes, use the "Save" option in the planning screen. Be careful because you can have only one save.

Are there H positions to unlock?

  • No, everything is available as soon as you enter H mode.

How to trigger ending?

  • Keep going through story events for selected girl until they start to loop, then go to action menu and select "confess"

How to enter free mode?

  • Select "Hold hands", "Princess hug" or "Walk closely" from the action menu. Only possible on some of the maps.

Girl initiative, rape, 3P or 5P mode?

  • Not in this game. Some positions are "dominated" by a girl (e.g. cowgirl).


Is the FPS good in this game?

  • Yes, it's easy to get over 30FPS.

How to install/game crash?

Missing DLL errors (e.g. cv100.dll)

  • If you are using HF Patch make sure it's installed to the same folder as the game!
  • If you are using English launcher make sure it's in the same folder as the game!
  • Check technical help on this wiki, look for a point that tell you to install and update stuff.