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all characters are at least 18

Real Play [edit]


Technical Help

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  • Q: The guy/thing/whatever is invisible?
    A: Try pressing the number keys 1 to 0 to toggle visibility of stuff.


RP icon chapter.png

Real Play allows to "play" with five different characters/chapters. All five girls each have their own situation and unique endings that can result from choosing certain choice paths:

  • Kana Izumizaki (泉崎香奈): Schoolgirl, at public toilet, she has long dark brown hair, and wears a school uniform. She is attacked in the stall while she is urinating after leaving her part time job; In a rush to return home, she avoids using earlier restrooms but has to relieve herself so bad, she is forced to use a dirty, gritty bathroom stall located near where her home is;she has never dared to use it before but being in a hurry, she chooses the cleanest stall inside. While in the process of urinating, she is quickly assaulted as the player controlled character kicks in the stall, quickly grabbing her from behind before tying up her hands with rope. Her fate ranges from being left on the ground to being tied up on the urinal, and even being sold to another man if not vaginally penetrated. She is a virgin.
  • Megumi Makinouchi (牧ノ内恵): MILF Widow, at apartment, she has medium short brown hair with a side tucked behind her ear and voluptous figure she covers with a casual outfit and stockings. She is assaulted by a fake businessman who claims to have some documents found concerning her husband, but he really has been watching her from afar the entire time and took the opportunity to assault her. She unknowingly leads him inside her apartment only to be ambushed from behind when they both proceed to go farther in her home where her husband's in home memorial is. Her fates range from shaming her husband by having sex in front of her husband's in home memorial with pleasure, or exposure to her neighbors if finishing outside blindfolded. Having been married before her husband had passed away, she is not a virgin;although no children are mentioned or seen, it's also implied by her MILF title that she may be a mother as well.
  • Yabuki Ryoko (矢吹遼子): Spy, at underground area, she has long light brunette hair pulled into a ponytail with a slim figure with a noticeable large bust, and she wears a tight leather catsuit that's slightly unzipped to show her cleavage;she is the only girl who by default does not wear a bra underneath hee clothes. She's captured after an unsuccessful infiltration of the underground area, leading to her being tied up and harassed sexually to make her talk which she refuses. Her fate is generally unknown as it's unclear what happens to her after her scenarios, but it's likely implied she remains captured and used as a sex slave afterwards. She is not a virgin, as she does not bleed when penetrated, implying that she was sexually active or at least had one prior sexual encounter before the events in her scenario.
  • Miyuki Shirosaka (白坂美雪): Teacher, at school, she has very light brown long hair she wears sectioned off with a bow and wears glasses, having a curvy figure and donning a female teacher attire. She's assaulted by delinquent students whom know she dislikes them, but fakes otherwise by still treating them like her other students. Her fate varies from either exposure from having sex at the window leading to her resigning, being exposed via cellphone pictures, to being mind broken into sexual deviance if assaulted with an aphrodisiac. She is not a virgin much like Ryoko.
  • Maki Onigoe (鬼越真紀): Policewoman, at office, she has short brown hair and a slimmer more moderately endowed figure with more emphasis on her lower body area which is emphasized in her police uniform. She encounters the player character attempting to steal files in the office, leading to her attempting to arrest him but he easily overpowers her, either handcuffing her, threatening her at gunpoint to masturbate if he manages to take her gun, or he can use her electric taser device to shock her which leads to her falling unconscious and waking up handcuffed on a nearby police bed. Her fate ranges from mind break from prolonged sexual assault to being left handcuffed and at the mercy of her predicament, with the protagonist taking her wallet and never being seen again. She is a virgin, but depending on scene choices selected, it's possible to have her keep her vaginal virginity intact if the player chooses to either finish the scenario with her being anally penetrated, or via vibrator torture.

Some girls also have unique special scenes in their scenarios that only that specific girl can use in that scene:

  • Kana can be anally fondled with anal beads;After the player has thrown Kana to the bathroom to fondle her, the player can choose to perform this scene after either doing anal on her, or if they choose to do a butt job(this will be the only option after the latter). The protagonist will kick Kana to the floor and then fling her into the stall. The player will have to gradually insert the anal beads inside Kana's anus as her pleasure meter rises, which will be unable to be filled until the player has inserted more of the beads into her anus. When fully filled, Kana will orgasm and the beads will be removed, allowing the player to continue with the rest of the scene or go at the anal beads play again.

While the characters can be customized, this is somewhat limited. The basic body cannot be changed, but make-up, clothing, hairstyle and -color etc. can. It is also possible to swap the face model of the girls.

Chapter 1

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This chapter has six different endings.

  • Fifth Scene of ending 1/2 unlocks the Schoolgirl Costume Item.
  • Fifth Scene of ending 5/6 unlocks the Vibrator Toy.
  • The special Scene leading to ending 6 seems to requires three Items:
    1. Rope
    2. Ball Gag
    3. Blindfold

Chapter 2

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This chapter has five different endings.

  • The third scene of ending 1 unlocks the Masager.
  • The fourth scene of ending 1 unlocks the Cucumber and Carrot.
  • The fourth scene of ending 2 unlocks the Blindfold.
  • The special alternate scene to ending 1 requires the Enema Tube.
  • The special scene that leads to ending 6 requires the Bondage Costume.

Chapter 3

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This chapter has five different endings.

  • The second scene of ending 1/2 unlocks the Rope.
  • The fourth scene of ending 3 unlocks the Candle.
  • The fourth scene of ending 4 unlocks the Aphrodisiac.
  • The fifth scene of ending 4 unlocks the Rotor.
  • The special alternate scene to ending 4 requires two items:
    1. Ball Gag
    2. Pants Vibrator

Chapter 4

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This chapter has five different endings.

  • The fourth scene of ending 2 unlocks the Bondage Costume Item.
  • The third scene of ending 3 unlocks the Pants Vibrator Item.
  • The second scene of ending 4 unlocks the Cellphone Toy.
  • The fourth scene of ending 4 unlocks the Anal Vibrator Toy.
  • The special scene leading to ending 1 requires the Dog Costume
  • The special scene leading to ending 5 requires the Schoolgirl Costume

Chapter 5

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This chapter has five different endings.

  • The third scene of ending 1/2 unlocks the Enema Tube Item. This allows the player to use the enema on Megumi by injecting the fluid into her anus, progressively injecting more as her pleasure meter rises. When used, Megumi's stomach will gradually get bigger and her legs will begin to shake from her discomfort. When her pleasure meter is filled, her stomach will return to normal as she will also expel the enema fluid from her anus during her orgasm.
  • The fourth scene of ending 2 unlocks the Dog Costume Item.
  • The third scene of ending 3 unlocks the Baton Toy.
  • The second scene of ending 4/5 unlocks the Clipper Toy.
  • The fourth scene of ending 4 unlocks the Ball Gag Item.
  • The special alternate scene leading to ending 4 requires the Candle
  • The special scene leading to ending 5 requires the three items:
    1. Blindfold
    2. Aphrodisiac
    3. Rotor

Unlockable Toys and Items

RP Item Translation.png

When playing certain scenes, items are unlocked.

Yellow items
Yellow items are Toys. Toys unlocked are available at scenes where they can be used. For example, after unlocking the Cucumber you can put it in her pussy instead of your finger.
Purple items
Purple items are used to unlock special scenes (shown purple in the map view). Some scenes require a single item, some up to three.

Undocumented Keyboard Controls

  • Filling orgasm bars:
    • A max girl's orgasm bar
    • S max guy's orgasm bar
  • Semen placement (3 levels and none):
    • C on face
    • V inside mouth
    • B on hair
    • N on upper body
    • M on lower body
    • , on back
  • Misc
    • X cycles through gloss levels (9 levels)