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Naedoko Demon's Ground edit

Latest version: 1.12
(April 1, 2016)


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Name Upper Lower Source
Naked 0 0
Simple Animal 1 0 Intro Prison
Cursed Panties 0 1 Twilight Cape chest
Plant Bikini 1 1 Night Forest event
Light Adventurer 1 1 Middle Layer Town chest
Swamp Witch 1 2 Give 3 eggs to Kakae
Kunoichi Garb 2 0 Hot Springs challenge
Bath Time 0 0 Hot Springs event
Swimsuit 1 1 transformed from Dromog
Onihime Miko 2 2 transformed from Onimiko
Knight Armor 2 1 Tower Upper Layer
Bunny 1 1 Work at the Bar
Tentacle Suit 0 0 Inside a Monster
Imp Maid 3 3 transformed from Beelzebub
Magical Seraph 3 3
Eliza's Clothes 2 2

Naughty Swimsuit

Name Source
Sling Ring Twilight Cape
Passion Beat Rescue Woman from Night Forest
Machinery Return to Tower Lower Layer
Twin Heart Give Recording Crystal to Sieg
Ninja Girl transform from Ningirl
Insect Swimsuit transformed from Red Lady
Nomad Succubus Prison
Starfish obtain 45 monsters and talk to Toto
Snow Cross transformed from Snow-tan
Sunset Beach

Monster Equipment

Name Effect Source
Pregnant Princess Proof ATK / DEF / INT / RES / AGI / LUK +1
Silence 0%
Twilight Cape
Snake's Tooth ATK+2
Poison attack +25%
Huge Snake (Forest Path)
Jelly Coat DEF+2
Smash 75%
transformed from Celine
Odd Scales DEF+2
Slash 75%
Merchant Crystal Doll (Tower Lower Level)
Oak Plate DEF+2
Stab 75%
Twilight Forest
Tangled Grass Vine Tentacle skill Twilight Forest
Lizard Fang ATK+4 transformed from Basil
Fire Protection Seal Confusion 0%
Fire 75%
transformed from Salamar