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all characters are at least 18

Featured games: [edit]

Miconisomi logo.png
Location: Japan
Founded: 2011
Active: Yes
(18+) Miconisomi Website

About Miconisomi

In the early summer of 2011, Miconisomi started doujin activities with a focus on original characters and secondary works from anime and games, mainly in a hard and intense humiliation style. (Translated from the official site)

Miconisomi debuted in as a video circle with the 2011's animation "XX Mio Game" followed by the 2013’s video "Do-S Loli Bitch Idol Miracle Change! Choco! Pine".

Their first eroge was released in 2014 with the game "Love Raper! School Hamedol Project".


Year Game
2014 (14 June) Love Raper! School Hamedol Project
2015 (03 July) Love Raper! Maki x Examination Room
2016 (02 December) After School Gang Bang Addiction
2018 (28 September) Insult Order
2022 (TBA) Summer Heat