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all characters are at least 18

LoveGear [edit]



Technical Help

This is standard gameplay guide for Teatime's game らぶギア ~Kinematic Lovers~ (LoveGear ~Kinematic Lovers~).

Main Menu

  • Start: Begin new game in story mode. In story mode, the two heroines are introduced and their scenarios can be played.
  • Load: Load from list of saved games
  • Free: Begin game in free mode. Free mode starts with no scenarios, maps can be explored freely and characters can be imported to interact with.
  • Config: Configure options for Game, Graphic, Sound, Controls and Camera
  • End: Quit the game.


The controls are mostly unchanged from previous Teatime games, listed here for reference.


The game begins in dialog mode. Controls are standard for Visual Novel interfaces.

Available buttons:

  • Save: Save game selection screen
  • Auto: Advance text at automatic rate
  • Skip: Speed through text at skip rate
  • Load: Load game selection screen
  • Title: Return to main menu


  • LMB, Enter: Advance text to end of line or next line
  • Left CTRL: Skip through text while held
  • Up/Down Arrows, Mousewheel: Browse back and forward through buffered text

Free Movement


Icons around the main game window during free movement:

  • Clock: Changes game hour, which modifies ambient color tones and sky color. LMB + Left/Up to wind back, Right/Down to move forward.
  • Interaction Type: The lower left icon indicates whether your character interacts peacefully or violently in contact with other characters. In violent mode attacks are available, and colliding with characters will upset them more.
  • Map: Opens map selection screen to travel to other available maps.
  • Camera: Toggles camera view (not available while playing main character)
  • Items: Opens your character's personal inventory.
  • Save/Load: Save or Load game selection menus
  • Liquid Type: Toggle whether ejaculate is model-based and semi-persistent, or particle-based.
  • Face Type: Switches character's attitude between idiot, angry, bashful and lewd.


WASD - Forward, Left, Backward, Right (with MoveInput on) Shift - Hold to Run (or toggle with SprintInput on)
LMB - Moves in facing direction (with MoveInput off) RMB - Rotates camera when held
MMB, F - Switches to cursor mode, opens inventory/status Z -
Space - Jump Ctrl -

Toggle crawl, sit on nearby furniture

1 - Toggle camera view (unavailable to main character) N - Import random custom girl, up to limit configured in game options
M -
Pose/Chat menu
Numpad -
Poses 1-9
- Quit game, with confirmation

MouseWheel, Up/Down Arrow - Toggles between peaceful and violent interaction, which changes RMB single-click actions.

  • Peaceful mode - Clicking RMB on a character's face opens a radial interaction menu
  • Violent mode - RMB attacks with fitst or equipped weapons

Camera Controls

These controls adjust camera angle and position in all modes other than movement mode; ie, inventory, touch and h, pose/chat, etc.

  • LMB - Hold to rotate left/right, up/down around center target
  • RMB - left/right to dolly in/out, up/down to raise/lower elevation


You can open your own inventory at any time (MMB, F), and that of other characters by right-clicking their face and selecting Status from the radial menu. Items in in the world and in inventory slots can picked up by left-clicking, switched with other items in inventory slots, placed into any available slot by dropping on the Inventory label, or deleted by dropping into the left-most inventory box.

Beneath the inventory slots, other tabs can be displayed:

  • Stats: Displays character portrait, gender, and current Love and Eros bars. Stats below list the number of times engaged in H, total nakadashi in asoko, hip or mouth, and number of times ejaculated outside. Inventory items dropped on the character portrait will immediately be equipped or consumed.
  • Clothing: The main character has only a hand slot to equip items or weapons in. NPC's have slots for 3 headwear, bra, panties, 5 outerwear garments, hand, feet, and oral, asoko and hip slots for adult items. Checkmarks beneath outwear select which garments and which components of outfits are worn.
  • Info: [NPC's only] Displays personality details and AI parameters [ed: probably best described in Character Creation]

Character Menu

Other options in the Character radial menu:

  • Crouch/Jump Icons: These make the character crouch or jump. If they're next to sittable furniture or a vehicle, they will sit on or in it; if they're seated when jump is selected, they will stand. Note: jumping near another character or room objects has a good chance of making them trip and fall.
  • Call/Bye: Calls the character to follow yours, or leaves them behind. Following characters will travel with you to any map, and will sit on the nearest available furniture/vehicle when you sit. Characters left behind may be saddened or angry, depending on traits.
  • Touch/UnZip: Begin Touch or H modes described below.

Pose/Chat Menu

This opens a number pad from which any of 9 poses can be selected. Left and right buttons cycle through them, the up and down buttons switch between Pose and Chat mode. Any text can be entered, but only kanji and kana will be sent. The last valid message will be macroed to that Pose and used with it.

Other characters watching the character will respond to the combination of Pose and Chat, which can increase or decrease happiness, and provoke anger, fear or tears.

Touch/H Modes

Touch Actions

IK Controls







There are currently only two scenarios in LoveGear (as of DLC3, v1.05) and a default heroine for each. These heroines can be configured to personal preference in the Character Maker, but will always be voiced as Ana (Kawashima Rino) and Makina (Kusayanagi Junko.)

The heroines' scenarios are driven by Touch interaction, and end on an H-mode interaction. The girls dialog will guide through explanation or hints what to touch next to progress the story. In general:

  • Scenarios can be escaped at any time by exiting touch mode without touching the girl. After the scenario has begun it can be resumed by entering the red circle nearest to it, and will always resume at the point which it left off
  • Touching will only be effective on body parts that have been unlocked. For example, until kissing is completed, touching the bust, asoko, or 'hip' (euphemisms courtesy of Teatime) will not progress the scenario, and will not increase ecstacy even if free mode touching.
  • Finishing a stage will make free mode touching accessible by touching it again. For example, after the only kissing stage is complete, further kissing will excape the scenario and enable free play.
  • When the Unzip icon appears, you've escaped the scenario. If you wish to return, exiting touch mode after touching the girl will re-enter the scenario.
  • At times the girl's ecstacy will reset to 0 -- you didn't do anything wrong, this is part of the progression. It will return approximately to the level it dropped from as you resume.
  • Regardless of what the dialog says, Hand Type, Face Type, and rate of stroking make no difference to progression.

Ana (Heroine 0)

Ana's story begins at the start of story mode. Her circle is near the story mode's beginning point, in the character's bedroom at Home, beside the study desk. The stages of her scenario unlock in order:

  • Kissing: only 1 stage, unlocks1st stage bust, asoko, and hip
  • Bust: after 2nd stage undress, 3rd stage unlocks after fully nude
  • Asoko: after 1st stage undress, 3rd stage unlocks after fully nude and unlocks ending H-scene
  • Hip: 2nd stage unlocks after stripped to underwear, 3rd stage unlocks after fully nude (not required to complete scenario)

Makina (Heroine 1)

Makina's story only begins if Ana's proposal is turned down during her scenario. Her circle is in her bedroom at Home, beside her.

  • Kissing: 1 stage, unlocks 1st stage bust, asoko and hip.
  • 1st stage asoko only completes after completing bust and hip, removes outer clothes
  • 2nd stage unlocks when stripped to underwear. 2nd stage hip only completes after 2nd stage bust and asoko, removes underwear
  • 3rd stage unlocks when fully nude, 3rd stage hip only completes after 3rd stage bust and asoko, and ends in an H-scene


Configuration Tips

Graphic Options

Options are available in every mode:

Y - Zoom out H - Zoom in
NumPad End - Toggle environment and sky visibility PrntScr - Take a screenshot


- Toggle fullscreen/windowed F9 - Toggle color filter
F10 - Toggle Blur Del - Toggle HUD visibility

Map locations

  • Character Import
    • Small Shrine - center of small island
    • Beach - inside lifeguard tower
  • Clothing Shop
    • Home - Makina's room, inside closet
    • Mall - Downstairs boutique
  • Food Shop
    • Home - Makina's room, outside wardrobe
  • Weapon Shop
    • Home - Player's bedroom closet
    • Mall - Downstairs gun store
  • Item Shop
    • Mall - Upstairs convenience store
  • Adult Shop
    • Apartments - inside apartment next to stairs
  • Help and Hints
    • Home hallway, near stairs
  • Vehicles