Legend of Queen Opala

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Legend of Queen Opala
Developer: Gabeworks
Release Version: Golden (Final)
Development Status: Completed
Theme: Fantasy Adventure
Wiki: http://loqo.wikispaces.com/
Series: Legend of Queen Opala - LoQO
HF Discussion: No HF Thread
AS Discussion: No AS Thread
- Gabeworks - Legend of Queen Opala

'Legend Of Queen Opala' is the first in a developing series of Fantasy Adventures set in Egypt + 1 other location (Sorry would be minor plot spoil to say) Where the Hero travels to Egypt in order to seek an audience with the nation's Queen. (note from this pages author) To say things don't go to plan would be an understatement leading to a number of strange and perverted adventures along the way.

Notes from MrTTAO - http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php/407862-List-of-Free-amp-English-community-made-RPGs-%28RPG-Maker-or-similar%29

Author Description:
My Notes (Final Gold Edition):
A complete game, this is a pretty solid traditional RPG, but requires lots of grinding. There are only a few potential sex partners, but each has multiple scenes which are either screen fade to black with extremely explicit voice acting (nothing wrong that) or a drawing with text (less common). There is also a huge sprawling scavenger hunt (with multiple mechanisms for unlocking) for about 60 hentai pictures you can acquire and view in game. but why bother? (with the scavenger hunt, not with the game) all of those pictures are just random unrelated pictures (no dialog) by the author of the game or fanart by other professional artists. All of those pictures you can find in the game have been long available online on hentai foundry, those pictures all depict Farah (queen's mother), Opala (queen), and Osiria (queen's sister and evil witch villain) having sex with a horse (the animal), a furry (usually anthropomorphic horse), or the rare occasional demon (usually horse-demon). Search HF for "Farah", "Opala" and "Osiria" and you would have seen almost all of it. However, nothing is stopping you from ignoring that scavenger hunt and play the rest of the game (or do the scavenger hunt if this is your thing). RMXP.

This game uses RPG Maker XP - If you don't own RPG Maker XP please download the RTP for free from http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages#rpg-maker-xp to allow you to play this