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all characters are at least 18

Koikatsu Sunshine [edit]

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These are all of the locations that are in Koikatsu Sunshine, pressing F3(?) allows you to teleport to any of the locations listed (unless otherwise stated)

All thumbnails of the maps are from the translation included in the HF Patch


Hotel / ホテル

KKSS hotel.png
  • Aesthetics

Hotel Lobby / ホテルロビー

KKSS Hotel Lobby.png
  • Topic: Specialty Cuisine
  • Aesthetics: Elevator

Changing Room (Hotel) / 更衣室(ホテル)

KKSS Changing Room (Hotel).png

Big Bath / 大浴場

KKSS Big Bath.png

Shower Room / シャワールーム

KKSS Shower Room.png

Guesthouse / 民宿

KKSP Guesthouse.png
  • Topic: Water Buffaloo

Guesthouse Restaurant / 民宿食堂

KKSS Guest of.png
  • Topic: Specialty Cuisine

Training Camp / 合宿所

KKSP Camp.png

Training Camp Waiting Area / 合宿待機所

KKSS Camp Waiting Place.png
  • Topic: Seeker Juice

Harbor / 船着き場

KKSS Vessel.png
  • Guide
  • Topic: Cat
  • Topic: Fishing
  • Topic: Seeker Juice
  • Shop
    • Point Shop
      • Topic, 30pt (3x per day)
      • Topic, 150pt (1x per day)
      • Morning Glory seeds, 300pt
      • Bird's nest, 300pt
      • About Secret Beach, 150pt
  • Temple prayer
  • Rest

Souvenir Shop

KKSS Souvenir Shop.png
  • Topic: Plush Doll

Cloth Shop

KKSS Cloth Shop.png

Beach / 浜辺

KKSS Beach.png
  • Topic: Fiddler Crab
  • Topic: Snorkeling
  • Topic: Banana Boat
  • Topic: Fishing
  • Aesthetics
  • Rest

Changing Room (Beach) / 更衣室(浜辺)

KKSS Changing Room (Beach).png

Public Toilet (Beach) / 公衆トイレ(浜辺)

KKSS Public Toilet.png

Lighthouse / 灯台

KKSS Lighthouse.png

Stone Wall Passage / 石垣通路

KKSS Stone Wall Passage.png

Nature Park / 自然公園

KKSS Nature Park.png
  • Topic: Fishing
  • Topic: Treeing

Public Toilet (Nature Park) / 公衆トイレ(自然公園)

KKSS Public Toilet.png

Aquarium / 水族館

KKSS Aquarium.png
  • Topic: Seeker Juice

Aquarium Reception / 水族館受付

KKSS Aquarium Reception.png

Public Toilet (Aquarium) / 公衆トイレ(水族館)

KKSS Public Toilet.png