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all characters are at least 18

Karemachi Kanojou [edit]



Technical Help

This is standard gameplay guide for Teatime's game ネトワクネトラル カレマチカノジョ (Netowaku Netoraru Karemachi Kanojo), also known as "KareKano" or "NNKK".

Gameplay Summary

KareKano is a Teatime dating sim based on the LGKL (HCT/LG) engine. This can be played alone as a single-player scenario, or you may connect online to interact with characters created by others, with the requirement that you share your own. To play, select a character for the Heroine, optionally another for your Hero, then find the qualities most compatible with her and develop them through a weekly schedule over the course of a year.

Essential tutorials:

Character Creation

Cocoa, the childhood friend
Tamtam, the girl of your dreams
The beginning of the game introduces you to Cocoa, a childhood friend who will be attending school with you, and Tam-tam, a mysterious shrine maiden who appears in your dreams. At this point you are given choices about yourself and the Heroine you will interact with.

Player Profile

On entering player profile mode, a dialog appears asking whether you wish you register yourself online or not; this will automatically set 'Use Network' accordingly. If registered, your player character will be listed online among players who can be invited to 5P H-sessions with other players and their Heroines.

Profile creation.jpg
Player profile entries:

Gender - Male, Female or Futa


Birth Date

Blood Type - A, B, O or AB

Model Type - Use the default Hero or import an Allpack saved in Tamu-tamu-Su~ru~

Playmate - Whether to register your Heroine online and make her available to other players

Self-address - Which Japanese personal address you refer to yourself by; any entry will be accepted

Comment - Any comments to display to other players browsing your player profile

If you chose not to register your profile or your Heroine at profile creation, your character will be regististered if you choose to invite others to 5P, and your Heroine will be registered if you choose to meet other players' Heroines.

[Note: Your player profile will not be saved until the end of the first game day, so if the game is interrupted any time before then, you will begin from the intro at next start.]

Import Heroine

Your Heroine can be chosen from a list of saved characters, starting with the default Heroines, Cocoa and Saki. Other pre-made characters are provided, or one can be created in Tamu-tamu~su~ru. Characters are not currently available from Tamzone, but the database is still intact, so there's some small possibility they become available in the future.

List of voice calls
After picking a Heroine, a list of personal addresses displays what the Heroine will call your character by in the main scenario. All of them have significance and connotations in Japanese which can only be translated literally. Voice calls will not be used in general encounters or Touch and H modes, and characters without any substantial story mode may use it a total of 0-2 times.

Next, you may choose private outfit and school uniform from a list of saved outfits, or keep the default saved with the character for either. Heroines' outfits may be changed later if they become your Lover. Only Cocoa and Saki personality types will use the school uniform regularly, the others will use it once a year at most, or never.

[Note: All characters imported or downloaded will be stored in data/NetTmp under files given a UID at character generation. The easiest way to identify them is by finding the profile .png, and all files will be given the string it is named with; allpacks (.alp), Private_ and Uniform_ wearables (.wbs). Unique items imported from .mqo (.icp) [see Tamtam Guide for details] will not be saved separately, but may be extracted from the wearable file in the editor.]

And finally, a picture displaying your Heroine will be used to create a Card which will list brief stats for players browsing the online list. All camera controls work here, and a number of posing options are given:

Card creation
Expression -
lists all available facial animations

Animation - lists general animations

Line of Sight - Heroine gazes toward the camera or directly forward

Pose File - A custom pose can be chosen from saved poses

Outfit - Private outfit or school uniform. If the default outfit is neither of these, then it cannot be selected after choosing one.

Take Picture - Displays a snapshot in a preview of the Card image above. This can be retaken as many times as you like.

Finish - Saves the currently selected Card image and completes Heroine creation.

[Note: Only the Heroine's image is saved, as a .png transparency; if she's not registered at creation, it's possible to edit the image before it is uploaded and displayed on her Card.]
Schedule mode layout

Schedule Mode

Tamtam will first briefly explain how you may schedule your Activities for the week, and later send a series of mails describing the Smartphone's apps. Player stats will be displayed at the beginning of each week, and can viewed any time through the Smartphone. The Calendar gives a full monthly view, with an orange line through the current week.


Eight traits are listed on four scales which will slide one direction or the other depending on activities chosen.

  • Guts <-> Naive
  • Innocent <-> Wild
  • Cool <-> Humorous
  • Gorgeous <-> Casual

Energy - Some activities have greater or lesser Energy costs, and you will not be able to schedule activities without sufficient Energy for these.

Sake - Alcohol resistance; intended to be used when attempting to get a Heroine drunk on certain dates, but not implemented.

Condoms - Number of condoms available in the event of H. Heroines are unlikely to be willing to have sex without a condom, and even if they do, your favor with them will suffer. Enough sex without a condom can also cause pregnancy by the end of the year.

Player Rank - This appears in at the top when reaching Rank E (they're too polite to tell you when you have an F,) which occurs when you have a Love Confession accepted. After that, it will raise by a grade every 3 months, unlocking these features:

  • D - Free mode unlocked, accessible from the Title Screen
  • C - 3P mode unlocked, accessible in Free Mode, or SexFriends if you have at least two
  • B - 5P mode unlocked, accessible in Free Mode, or with Lovers or SexFriends with enough Eros
  • A - A special dream of Tamtam

The sooner you enter a Love relationship, the sooner ranks increase. On average Rank A can be reached around the end of a game year.


Lists actions that can be taken over the week to develop traits and other stats. All daytime actions affect one scale, increasing one trait and naturally decreasing the opposite trait. Note only Morning activities will be done at school, which can influence the encounters available with certain Heroines.

Morning -

  • Physical Education - increases Guts, School activity, low Energy cost
  • Reading - increases Naive, School activity
  • Outdoor - increases Wild
  • Concert - increases Gorgeous, School activity, low Energy cost

Evening -

  • Stay Home - Increases Innocent
  • Cinema - Increases Cool
  • Arcade - Increases Humourous, low Energy cost
  • Karaoke - Increases Casual

Dinner -

  • Fast Food - cheap and relaxing, conserves Energy
  • Bar - increases Sake, moderate Energy cost
  • Combini - increases Condoms, high Energy cost

Bedtime -

  • Sleep early to recharge Energy
  • Masturbate for a low Energy cost
  • Sex with current Heroine (v1.05,) high Energy cost
[Requires confirmation: Some message board comments suggest Masturbate increases sexual stamina, possibly by affecting Penis Sensitivity.]

Overnight Options

After the game saves at the end of the day, additional options are presented, and Schedule Mode for the next week begins after choosing any of them

Go to Bed - Simply skip to Schedule Mode

See other Girls - Visit Tamtam for a list of other player's Heroines online. You can also see the Cards with stats of your own Lover(s) and SexFriend(s.) If you download another Heroine for the first time, the Heroine you imported will be uploaded to the same list.

Change Private/School Outfit - Available only if your current Heroine is your Lover, changes their daily clothes to a new set from a list of wearable files.


The Smartphone is accessible wherever it appears during Scheduling and weekly activities, showing game date and time of day. The Compatibility heart usually appears in the center; if the Heroine is recently loaded it will display the next time her affections change, and can always be viewed in the application.

Player Status and the Calendar shown in the Schedule Mode can be referenced here at any time, in addition to these applications:


Here you can receive and reply to messages sent to you, first from Tamtam, then most often from your Heroine, after dates and certain H events. Other players can also message you if they get access to your Heroine's phone.

Only one mail will be sent to you per game day and after replying to a message, it will be immediately sent and the 'Reply' button will be removed [Note: it's possible to exit before saving at the end of the day, reload and send another the same game day.]

Mail replies can be in kanji, kana or romaji, but must be entered in JIS or Shift-JIS encoding. Pressing Shift-Enter will advance text entry to the next line, but there is still a character limit. [140 chars? requires confirmation]


The Compatibility heart gives a graphic representation of the current Heroine's feelings toward your character:

  • Like - the size of the Heart -- bigger heart, more Like
    • Platonic love, how much she likes you. This is increased by choices made during weekly Encounters and Dates, decreased by having sex without a Condom, and can decay if game days pass with another Heroine. Like is required for any relationship to advance, especially to become a Lover, and a relationship may break up if Like drops too low.
  • Eros - the rate of the heartbeat, the faster the outline fluctuates, the higher Eros
    • Erotic love, how sexually attracted she is to you. This increases with Touch and H mode activities, with a bonus for the Love Hotel event. Eros is requiremed for H mode, 3P and 5P, and for any Heroine to consider you a SexFriend.
  • Chemistry - the color of the heart, from Blue (lowest) through Purple to Pink (highest)
    • Ideal love, how closely you fit the qualities she appreciates. Not a separate stat but an index of how close your traits are to her preferences on the trait scales. Also essential to a relationship; if Chemistry isn't high enough she will not consider H with you, much less SexFriendship, and will turn down Love Confessions.


Heroine Encounters

Heroines can be encountered between any of your activities on Sunday, wearing their daily clothes unless encountered after a school event, when they will be wearing uniform or P.E. bloomers. Daily encounters give you the opportunity to use two of these options; Dates may give 3.


On first Talk, you'll have an Event dialog depending on the location with several options for response. Your choices can gain 1-3 Like and may reserve a Date later in the week.

On second Talk, you may ask her about her Preferred Type, very important to learning which traits to develop higher Chemistry with her, or Impression of you, which tells you little more than the size of the Compatibility heart. Other Talk options become available if you get her drunk.

Replies to Preferred Type question
If she says she likes Trait to develop
Spirit Guts
Fragile Naive
Purely True Innocent
Wild Wild
Cool Cool
Interesting Humorous
Rich Gorgeous
Doesn't Decorate Casual

She generally names the preference your traits are the furthest away from, so if she switches traits, the previous trait is already closer to ideal than another trait she has a preference for. If she switches to the reverse of the trait you've developed, then you're already as closely compatible as activities can get your traits, which may not be precisely on her ideal but are close enough for Love.


Alcohol is served at many Dates and a few daytime Events. Selecting this action will get her drunk and allow you to take advantage of her for more information. [Note: Documentation and Tamtam's tutorial mails say the success of this depends on Sake stat, but it doesn't seem to make any difference.]

First, you may Spy on her Cell Phone, showing you a list of every player who has replied to her mails, including you. You can also reply to other player's mails (but not your own.) Any mail sent to other player will have the sending player's name in the header rather than the Heroine's. [Requires Confirmation - whether replies to players' replies are sent back.]

Also, two more Talk options become available; you may ask her about Persons dated (may be number of players currently dating her, requires confirmation) or her H experience (which will always be "I'm not a virgin".)

Seduce/Confess/Break Up

The effectiveness of the Seduce option can give an indication of how close Like, Eros and Chemistry are to minimums for a deeper relationship with her. If "no effect", then you're too far, "some effect" is a success.

The Confess option replaces Seduce after at least two successes. When you Confess your love, if her Like is too low she may immediately reject you, if Chemistry is too low she may ask you to wait while she considers it, if both are high enough, she will accept. Waiting for a reply to a Confession can take a few weeks to over a year (requires confirmation - both were reported in v1.01-1.02,) after which she may reject or accept depending on how Chemistry has grown. Seduce/Confess options disappear while waiting for a Confession reply.

Seduce/Confess options disappear after becoming Lovers with a Heroine, but if Like drops too low, the 'Break Up' option can appear. This will end your Love relationship (with fortunately no drama.)


Enters Touch Mode at a minimum of 20 Like.


Enters H Mode at a minimum of 50 Like and Eros, unknown Chemistry minimum.

End Conversation

Ends the meeting without using any of the above options, and continues through scheduled events.

Meeting Events

  • Fashionable restaurant
  • Hamburger cafe
  • Maid cafe
  • Karaoke bar
  • Game arcade
  • Park
  • Love hotel
  • Make-out point

Scenario Heroines


[CV: Oukawa Mio]


[CV: Azuma Karin]


[CV: Kasumi Ryou]


[CV: Shirotsuki Kaname]


[CV: Yukimura Toa]

HCT/LG Characters

Characters imported from previous LGKL games will be converted to the above five personality types, and their original voices can only be heard in Touch and H modes if HeroineOldVoice is enabled.

Houkago Custom Time and Lovegear personalities
Original Character Karekano Scenario Character
Nodoka [CV: Nakaya Shiho] Saki
Tamtam [CV: Azuma Karin] Cocoa
Chisato [CV: Ogura Yui] Aki
Little Sister [CV: Yukimura Toa] Aki
Big Sister [CV: Suzune Kagetsu] Momoka
Cool Sister [CV: Kasumi Ryou] Momoka
Little Brother [CV: Yuzuki Sachi] Maturi
Innocent Girl [CV: Ueda Akane] Maturi
Ms. Ana [CV: Kawashima Rino] Momoka
Makina [CV: Nakata Junko] Saki

Controls and Options

[99% already in LG/HCT guides. No free movement controls, because there is no freedom! Nothing new except less of the old.]


Game Configs:

SpermDel [0/1] - sets whether sperm will remain on a character or not, only appears on characters created from B and C type bodies. Sperm decals are cleared when exiting the game.

UseNet [0/1] - Whether to connect and upload save status to the server every day. When this is off, autosaves only save to your local drive, and Tamtam is not available to visit and display online Heroines.

PlayerVoice [0/1] - Whether your voice of your Hero's personality type will play during H Mode

HeroineOldVoice [0/1] - When off, voices of personalities imported from previous games will be converted to their scenario characters during Touch and H, when on, their original voices are used.

HaHaEnable - ?

ExtendTimeOut [0/1] - When on, extends the amount of time to attempt server connection

H_UI_AutoHide [0/1] - Toggles whether the top panel in H mode automatically retracts or remains visible.


2-3 - decrease/increase Time of Day during Touch and H modes only.

Talk Mode

Touch Mode

H Mode