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all characters are at least 18

Karemachi Kanojou [edit]



Technical Help

This is FAQ (frequently asked questions) about Teatime's game ネトワクネトラル カレマチカノジョ (Netowaku Netoraru Karemachi Kanojo), also known as "KareKano" or "NNKK".

If you are experiencing technical difficulties like game crashes please check out the Technical help.

If your question has not been answered in this FAQ feel free to ask in the KareKano Discussion Thread.


  • What is this game about?
There are two parts: play and make.
Play is an online NTR centered dating sim. You can select any of other players girl and NTR her, but at the same time girls you create can meet the same fate. Players can communicate by leaving mails in a specific girls phone.
Maker allows you to highly customize characters by changing body proportions, model face and body meshes, importing custom items and creating custom animations (all within the maker). You can then upload your character to Tamzone or import it straight into the game.
  • What is the game performance compared to previous games?
It is much better than in older games. Getting over 30FPS stable is very easy even on high settings. Loading times can be a bit long but are shorter than in previous games, especially with fixes included in HF Patch.
  • Language of the game?
As most of the Japanese games there is no official translation. You can't even buy it from outside of Japan unless someone sends it to you. That said there are fan-made translations which usually translate those games to at least playable level. To get those check 1st post of game thread.
  • Is this game censored?
Yes, Japanese law requires all merchandise to be censored so usually artists just skip those "dangerous" parts altogether and cover it in mosaic. Games officially released outside of Japan are uncensored, but thats very rare. Fans almost never uncensor 2d games but 3d games usually do get uncensored after some amount of time. Check discussion thread for progress.
  • How do I get this game?
It is hard to get a boxed game if you didn't buy things from Japan before. You can look for a dvd image on Google.
  • Do I need to do anything special to install it?
Yes, those games are meant to be released only on Japanese market and require some effort to run on non-Japanese windows. Follow those steps to successfully install Japanese games:
  1. On XP make sure you have Japanese fonts installed. To do that go to Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Languages tab. Make sure both options are checked. Insert Windows CD if asked.
  2. Install either pApplocale or Microsoft Applocale. pApplocale is preferred, get it here.
  3. Run installer/game/application with Japanese locale.
  4. Keep in mind this game requires some special treatment to install, check "Installer throws missing/corrupted file errors" question in technical section below.
  • Can I get a tutorial on how to install?
Here you go. Keep in mind you will have to extract dvd image and get rid of Japanese names for it to work!
  • Is there an easy way to get all nessesary mods (translations, uncensor)?
Yes! Look for a HF Patch in first post of the discussion thread!


  • Are there any 3P or 5P H scenes?
Yes, you need high enough player rank to unlock those modes.
  • Are other guys in 5P real people?
No, you can only select characters other people made. Only you can see what you're doing.
  • How to get 3P? I can't see the option anywhere with my lover girl?
You need two sex friends for that, lovers will not work.
  • Is there a "real" free mode? (walking around and stuff)
No and it seems to be very hard if not impossible to mod in.
  • Is it possible to change the player character during the game?
Not without modding the game files. If you're using the default hero, copy that from data/EditData/DefEdit/Hero.alp to save/Allpack, edit in the maker, copy it back over. If you're using a custom alp, figure out what it's been renamed to in NetTmp, edit your hero, rename it, copy it over. It won't be uploaded to the server but it'll update in your own game.
  • Can you have more than one lover? If yes is it worh it?
Yes, not sure if it's worth it. Maybe for Cocoa and Saki since they have a lot more H encounters available for lovers only, so it's a decent trade-off. For the rest of them you're just limiting your options.
  • What's up with this condom thing? Do I need them?
Yes, you need them. If you have ecchi with your lover without one her like rating will go down drastically (50 points or so). You can get one by selecting "go to store" option in your day plan (you get 1 for visit).
  • How is the mail system working?
Basically, any mail that is not from TamTam are stored on the server alongside the girl data. When you send a reply to girls mail it's saved on the server and anyone playing with her will see it if they make her drunk and spy her phone.
  • How to spy her phone?
You have to make her drunk on a sake date, alcohol immunity stat is useful for doing this. This date is random so you have to try a few times to get it.
  • How is the whole lover/sexfriend thing working?
You get a lover by confessing successfully. One girl can have only one lover so you will need to compete with other guys. Most of the time when trying to get a girl she will become your sexfriend because it's quite hard to make her your lover if she already has someone else.
  • How to get a sexfriend exactly?
The choice is given after sex if you have the min Like/Eros and Chemistry. The minimums for sexfriend are somewhat higher than for H to become available. See Compatibility heart for more details.
  • She is constantly changing her mind on what type she likes?
Girls can like only a bit of a certain trait, not all the way. If you are getting those changes it means you are nearby the perfect point, just keep it in place and youre set.

Custom characters and Character editor

  • Online doesn't work!
Update to latest HF Patch and make sure your firewall is not blocking the game. If you are sure everything is working on your end the servers might be overloaded or your IP might be banned. Ask in the discussion thread if you can't connect while you should be able to.
  • Not all personality options are available.
You might need to have HTC or LG installed in order to get some of the features. If not, characters with those personalities (Nodoka, Tamtam, Chisato, Younger Sister, Big Sister, Cool Sister, Younger Brother, Innocent Girl, Ms Ana and Makina) can be copied into save/Allpack from previous installations or downloaded from Tamzone, and modified. To convert a full character of another type to one, each component has to be saved individually (Face/Hair/Body/Clothes,) and then loaded onto a character with the desired personality.
  • Can I use characters created with editor from NNKK in older games?
No, saves from new games will not work at all in older ones. At the moment there is no way to convert them.
  • How to get rid of character maker's background for photoshop?
For HCT's editor (v2.0,) read this post. For LG and later versions, Keypad-End toggles between background map, sky, and a configurable background color.
  • How to change names?
To type stuff in you need the input mode (IME) to be in Japanese. To do this:
  1. Go to Regional and language options>Languages>Details and click Add.
  2. Select Japanese as input language and IME standard as keyboard.
  3. Click Language Bar and make it show on your desktop.
  4. Enter the game, click the bar to change language to Japanese and type stuff in. Make sure input mode is set to alphanumeric!
Remember you have to press enter to accept text input!
  • How to load custom characters?
There are three ways to do this:
  1. In the editor look for a load from tamzone option. Characters will be displayed as thumbnails, to load them after downloading go to load character menu and look for them on the list.
  2. Drag files you got from tamzone onto the game window and use load menu to open them.
  3. Move files from tamzone to the save floder in game's directory. Make sure you place it in a proper folder (full characters go to allpack folder).


  • Girls glow in the dark / are too dark!
This is a graphical bug, go to the graphics options and turn post processing effects off.
  • Installer throws missing/corrupted file errors.
You have to extract your game disc image. You can do this by using 7zip.
After you extracted those files change name of a folder with Japanese signs to something english and move it to root of your drive (e.g. "d:\lovegear").
Go into that folder and rename .msi to english as well. After renaming run it to install the game.
  • Missing DLL errors (e.g. cv100.dll)
If you are using HF Patch make sure it's installed to the same folder as the game!
If you are using English launcher make sure it's in the same folder as the game!
Check technical help on this wiki, look for a point that tell you to install and update stuff.
  • Do I have to keep HTC and LG installed to get all of the features? I need more disk space!
Yes, but you can merge all of those games to save a lot of space. To do so just copy LG over to the HTC folder and then copy NNKK over that. You will probably have to fix registry entries, just look for a "TEATIME" branch in the registry. There might be some bugs but NNKK is confirmed working in this setup. Doing this will save you alot of disk space at no real cost.
  • I have some other problem.
Check the Technical help page on this wiki.