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all characters are at least 18

Itazura Musume [edit]


Technical Help


  • Q: The game restarts my computer whenever I try to run it. Help!?
    • A: There is region locking in this game. If it fails, it restarts the computer. Use AppLocale to run the game with Japanese locale or use a nodvd. Alternatively you can set your Windows to Japanese, though it's not recommended.

Installing the game

  • Q: I'm having trouble extracting the archive (18禁ゲーム)[120727][REAL]いたずらっ娘~うちの娘にかぎって~ (iso+file+rr).rar.
    • A: Try to rename the files to game.rar and then extract it
    • A: Also make sure that the files are in an English folder. e.g. C:\Temp
  • Q: How do I install the game?
    • A: Read the detailed guide below.
  • Q: I can't install the game. I run with HF pAppLoc the IHS.exe but nothing happens. I only get a copy of the exe file in Local Settings\Temp. I am using Windows XP Pro SP3. Can anyone help?
    • A: Run IHS.exe in win2000 compatible mode.

Running the game

  • Q: All I get is a black screen and a "Lost Inf" error message, help?
    • A: Try running the game in a window.
    • A: Try running the game as administrator.
    • A: If it happens with the windowed mode, try to disable the screen effect "Antialising"
  • Q: The models sometimes don't appear and the scene is empty. Any advice?
    • A: Install the 1.01 update (run the updater.exe with Japanese locale as administrator).
  • Q: All the characters are black! I tried switching anti-aliasing off and I run Itazura Real just fine. Any advice?
    • A: A user had the same problem with his GeForce 7600GT. Updating graphics drivers fixed it.
  • Q: The game crash with Tridef 3D.
    • A: Disable motion blur, set Texture Copy to Auto on Tridef.

Installing the game

A Japanese game is not meant to run on non-Japanese Windows. To get it to work you have to do some tricks: Click here to learn how to install and run the game.

Quick step-by-step guide

Click the third button to install DirectX, click the second button to start the setup
  1. Open the archive and extract the Musume3d.iso file to an English named folder, e.g. C:\Downloads\Musume.
  2. Mount C:\Downloads\Musume\Musume3d.iso with Daemontools Lite (other mounting software has been known to fail with Japanese games, so please use Daemontools Lite! - it's completely free)
  3. DO NOT autorun, but explore the mounted dvd and right-click IHS.exe and select Run with Japanese locale as administrator (you need HF pApploc for the right-click options).
  4. Click the third button and run the DirectX setup wizard. This will ensure that you have the right version of DirectX installed.
  5. Click the second button to start the setup.
  6. Change the default install folder if you prefer, but do not install the game to a path with Unicode characters (only A-Z).
  7. Click (N) again a few times and wait while the game is installed.
  8. To run the game you need to right-click e.g. C:\REAL\Musume3d\Musume3d.exe and select Run with Japanese locale.