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IllusionGames [edit]

all characters are at least 18

Illusion Games Modding  [edit]

Basic concepts

The concept of modding basically boils down to modifying the data read by the game to change the game's behavior. Common things to mod including translation of in-game buttons (which are pictures), in-game story (which are text), clothing (textures), and skin/uncensor (textures).

The data that needs to be modified are often packed in a larger file. Thus a modder first needs to use a tool to extract the data out, modify it, then put it back in.

Different games may have different details in how data are packaged, and what needs to be modded.

Common tools

For extraction/insertion:

Name Games supported Ability
BXPlay DB4, DBVR Plays .bxn movie files, allows extraction of still images
SB2TCP IPVR, SB2, Biko 3 Extract and inject images (BMP and TGA) from Illusion packages (.fpk and .pp). Does not work on .pp files of newer Illusion games.
IluPak Rapelay, SB3 Unpack and repack .pp files. Does not work on .pp files of older Illusion games.
ILLUSIONist Rapelay, SB3 inject files into .pp files

For data modification:

Name Usage
Adobe Photoshop Image editing
GIMP Image editing
MS Paint Image editing
Notepad Text editing
frhed Hex editing
Metasequoia 3D editing

Files and Subfiles