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all characters are at least 18

Illusion Field [edit]



Technical Help

General Gameplay

Each Girl has 3 stages with about 4 scenes per stage. You should always enter "*Girl's name in Japanese*を追う" or else you will not follow the girl and game end. Each scene consists of small characters that regenerate, and the final scene with a large character that dies after two kills (you erase the square under it)


  • After winning the first stage, you get to view the girl.
  • After winning the second stage, you get to touch her.
  • After winning the third stage, you get to have H with the girl.


If you go to the clothes button there is a button on the lower right that says all nud3, click with left and then exit with right. On the left, there are position buttons (missionary, back, riding, and blowjob) above the clothes button, a "male" button above that where you can erase, make transparent or undress the male, and on the right are the "insert (top left) take out (top right) insert (bottom left) and kiss (bottom right)" the first guage on the top right is "feeling" when it feels you can hit the button on the very top left (it lights up) and when the second gauge "climax" fills, she will climax.

Each girl will give you a ring for climaxing, and there are various rings for different types of H the girls have with you.

How to play

General guide

The girl has been frozen by the evil dragon. You will need to unfreeze her. Use the left mouse button to move around the girl's body. The right mouse button will 'bomb' the area you are standing on. Depending on the weapon you are using, you may need to bomb an area multiple times before the area is uncovered. For example, if you are using the Cat's Paw, you need to bomb about 7 times. Remember to move out of the area before the area is uncovered or else you will fall off and lose a life.

In the meantime, avoid the monsters who are also crawling all over her body. You cannot fight the monsters. You can only make the monsters fall off if you uncover the part where the monster is standing on.

The purpose is to uncover 80%-90% to pass each round. One strategy is to trap the monsters in one area so that you can free roam and uncover.

Additional Guide

  • Pickup gems to get weapons, time, life or extra points
  • Monsters cannot be attacked directly. Destroy clothing cells with monster on top in order to attack monsters.
  • When you kill a monster, you will be rewarded with a gem.
  • Small monsters take just one hit, big ones take three. Small monster will reappear, big ones don't.
  • Same weapon color will stack providing extra effects. A different coloured gem will switch weapons, but you will keep the same weapon level. You can stack up to three times.
  • You lose all your weapons when you lose a life, either by emptied life bar or by staying on top of a disappearing cloth section.
  • You lose one level of a weapon if you get hit by a monster.
  • You will keep your weapon power when progressing through the levels.

Weapons/Gems Information

  • Cat's Paw - You start with these and they are weak but fast and you can store 7 or so strikes. Each strike is a single hit, so it takes 3 strikes to destroy any given piece of clothing.
  • Red Gem - Sword - Increases the attack power so that you need fewer strikes to destroy a clothing cell. One Sword strike is equivalent to two Cat's Paw strikes at the lowest level. Higher levels increase the rate of attack and/or the attack power.
  • Blue Gem - Wand - Gives an area type effect weakening multiple cells in the vicinity adjacent to the highlighted cell.
    • First level does damage to the highlighted cell plus one adjacent cell.
    • Higher levels increase the attack power on the highlighted cell and increase the number of adjacent cells to be attacked.
      • Attack power on the adjacent squares is usually weaker than on the central one. Attack direction looks random. (May possibly be based on the the level of the highlighted cell. Cells that are at equal or lesser levels will be attacked.)
  • Yellow Gem - Ladle - Hold and release for a concentrated attack. You need right-click and wait for a bar to fill, and you can fill three of them in a single go. When it hits 3 it will destroy any piece of clothing. Higher levels increase the rate of bar fill. (Possible to move around while charging)
  • Purple Gem - Increases time limit. (Possibly by 30 seconds, this needs confirmation.)
  • Green Gem - Restore health. Don't confuse with green monster!
  • Orange Gem - Grants one extra life