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all characters are at least 18

Honey Select [edit]


FAQ & Technical Help


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The main objective of the game is to unlock the game’s achievements.

Your Room

Your room

After creating your first character, you enter your room. From there you have the following options (not all are initially unlocked):

  1. See a girl/start H-scene
  2. Create a girl
  3. Edit rooms (similar to SBPR, 5 rooms with 20 slots, so a maximum of 100 girls)
  4. Call Sitri
    • Search for girls (character randomizer)
    • View achievements
    • View in-game help
  5. Create a male
  6. Choose the MC


In order to progress in the game you must unlock achievements. Some of these unlock new options for the player, e.g. Clothes, Tools. After meeting the requirements for an achievement, a lock icon will appear upon entering your room. You must call Sitri and then click on the achievement to unlock the rewards.

Condition Tip Reward
Play the tutorial Unlocked automatically. Lighting options
Have sex after the tutorial Unlocked automatically. Scene mover
H 3 times First one doesn't count Quick cum button
H 5 times First one doesn't count Reset all stats button
H 5 girls with different personalities First one doesn't count H with Sitri [Hをお願いする]
Watch Sitri’s first event H Sitri once. Concierge Clothes
Watch all 3 of Sitri’s events H Sitri multiple times. "Strict"(?) personality (几帳面), Edit Sitri's appearance
Max Love (好意) (Yellow Face Status) H a girl with mostly yellow positions until it reaches max. "Love" feeling in the maker (一目惚れ) , Wedding Clothes
Max Horniness (淫乱) (Red Face Status) H a girl with mostly red positions until it reaches max. "Horny" feeling in the maker (抱かれたい)
Max Hate (嫌惡) (Blue Face Status) H a girl with mostly blue positions until it reaches max. "Hate" feeling in the maker (嫌い)
Max Slave (隷屬) (Purple Face Status) H a girl with mostly purple positions until it reaches max. "Slave" feeling in the maker (逆らえない)
Destroy a girl Use black positions until the bottom bar on her status screen is full. See guide below. "Mind-raped" feeling in the maker (. . . .)
Max any feeling (one of the above) Stat lock button
Change the MC Hawaii Flower Necklace
Get an angry girl to leave the hotel See guide below. [Girls wouldn't leave hotel] option, Glass boots
End a Toilet event Choose "Wait for her..." (終わるのを待つ) during a Toilet event. Pissing Pills [利尿剤]
End a Shower event Choose "Wait for her..." (終わるのを待つ) during a Shower event. Sweating Pills [発汗剤]
End a Sleeping event Choose "Wait for her..." (起きるのを待つ) during a Sleeping event. Sleeping Pills [睡眠薬]
End a Lure event Choose "..." (・・・) during a Lure event. Aphrodisiac [媚薬]
Max H Max the three yellow bars under 特性 by using white positions. Fill up/Deplete H stats button (脱力回復 under オプション)
Max Pain Use red texted positions. Fill up/Deplete Pain stats button
Max Anal Use blue texted positions. Fill up/Deplete Anal stats button
Deplete stamina Make a girl cum at least 3 times. Energy refill button, Infinite energy option
Don't get caught during peeking events Use the pills if available to trigger more events, choose the peek option (覗き) [Peeping wouldn't get caught] option
Make a girl cum with the G-Spot position Unlocked late-game. Easy with Sitri as she has a high pain threshold. Girls can squirt (toggle during H)
Girl forced to hold in pee Choose "No peeing" (無理矢理...) during a Toilet event. Girls can pee during orgasm (toggle during H)

Unlocking "Destroy a girl"

An easy method is to create a girl with the Glass Heart (グラスハ—ト) trait, H her the first night, then leave her alone while you H the other girls.

The normal option is to H a girl using positions with black bars mixed in. This works as long as they don't love you. You can both orgasm as long as it is not a position she likes but depending on your trait combos, you may see different results. Spanking is a good one to use since the girl needs a high pain meter to orgasm. Make sure to switch between positions with some horny/hate/slave (Avoid yellow!). If not, you will end up maxing out her hate and she'll leave before you can break her. Slave girls maybe easier as a lot positions have purple mixed in.

Girls with the Brave (不屈の精神) trait will reset their break meter if you don't constantly H them.

Girls with Sadist or Masochist gain positive points from their respective positions (majority of the bar) so keep that in mind.

Unlocking "Get an angry girl to leave the hotel"

One method is to make a character with the traits Brave (不屈の精神) and H-Resistance (Hに抵抗がある), plus Hate (嫌い) if available, or Hard to get along (苦手) if not, make sure the girl doesn't have the "M" H trait, otherwise hate positions will have no effect. H her with mostly blue positions the first night, then in the cave with only red positions, but do not cum, the spanking position is highly recommended. Continue until you see a Max Hate (嫌い) warning sign on her status screen. Find her, then if three options appear, you're out of luck. If Sitri appears, you've unlocked the achievement. Repeat the steps to try again. If you get the three options, choose the third one as the other two raises her love meter.


Position Info

Each position affects the girl's feelings towards you. Positions differ depending on the girl’s personality and traits. Using a position multiple times will eventually change the girl's status. For example, having sex with girl with the Love (Yellow) status using a position that she hates (70% Blue, 30% Black) too many times will change her status will from Yellow to Blue. Cumming will increase her like for you slightly, regardless of her status.

The colour bars (as shown in the image) affect each feeling.

Yellow bars = Love (好意)

Red bars = Horny (淫乱)

Blue bars = Hate (嫌惡)

Purple bars = Slave (隷屬)

Black Bars = Mind rape (壞れ)

The bottom half are only shown on destroyed girls (壞れ),:

Yellow positions are used to slowly let them regain sanity and be a normal girl again.

Black positions do nothing to their sanity

Positions List

Special positions can be unlocked with specfic feelings: (The ones with red dots)

  1. 好意 Love (Yellow face):
    • Side kissing (添い寝キス)
    • Standing paizuri licking (立ちパイズリ舐め)
    • Sitting kiss(キス座位)
  2. 淫乱 Horny (Red face):
    • Facesitting (顔面騎乗クンニ)
    • Paizuri fellatio (パイズリ咥え)
    • Chair Paizuri fellatio (椅子パイズリ舐め)
    • Piledriver anal licking? (チングリアナル舐め)
    • Femdom Cowgirl(女主導騎乗)
    • Dildo insertion (ディルドオナニー)
  3. 嫌悪 Hate (Blue face):
    • Forced Kissing (無理矢理キス)
    • Hateful handjob (嫌がり手コキ)
    • Hateful missionary (嫌がり正常位)
    • (Only in cave) Tied bed missionary (床拘束正常位)
    • (Only in cave) Filming (カメラ撮影オナニー)
  1. 隷属 Slave (Purple face):
    • Standing Slave fellatio (立ちノーハンドフェラ)
    • Sitting Slave fellatio (座りノーハンドフェラ)
    • ブリッジピストン
    • (Only in cave) Tied bed missionary (床拘束正常位)
    • (Only in cave) Filming (カメラ撮影オナニー)

Status Screen

The status screen has the following:

  1. Feelings toward the MC:
    • Normal (Green face)
    • Love (Yellow face)
    • Horny (Red face)
    • Hate (Blue face)
    • Slave (Purple face)
    • Destroyed (Black face)
  2. Name
  3. Personality (voice)
  4. Trait (affects her H-events)
  5. H trait (position preference)
  6. Experience stats (experiencing more of these unlocks new positions)
    • H
    • Pain
    • Anal
  7. Destruction Meter (Indicates "mind-rape". If full, the girl’s feelings will change to black, meaning her mind is destroyed. Lowered using 'Love' positions or positions she likes (i.e M likes pain, S likes slave)
  8. Status Lock (locks status levels)
  9. Destruction Lock (locks destruction level)
An example of maxed feeling (red text)


Occasionally an event will occur. These are the ones currently known (note that a "destroyed" girl will never do any event):

Event Trigger Options
Lure A girl will approach you. If you reply with "Yup" (うん), she will take you to a room to H.If you say no,she may or may not gain hate/slave points.
Lure V2 A girl will approach you. She takes you to a room automatically (horny state).
Toilet An indicator will appear in a girl's status screen. Peek (first option), or H in the toilet, shower, or bed (second option).
Shower An indicator will appear in a girl's status screen. Peek (first option), or H in the toilet, shower, or bed (second option).
Sleep An indicator will appear in a girl's status screen. H her (first option), Wait for her to wake up (No H), Leave.
Leaving A "warning" indicator will appear in a girl's status screen. (Tip: you can avoid this by switching rooms) If you meet Sitri, the girl left the hotel for good. If not,find her and love H scene (first option), search for her (no H, second option), Leave.
Pounce A girl will break into your room and rape you (horny trait) Extra H animations, she has control over positions.
Lure V3 / Unhappy (DLC) An indicator will appear in a girl's status screen (hatred state) The first option is "Have everyone join in" (MFM threesome), the second is "Have everyone watch" (normal H) and the third just leaves the girl alone.
? ? ? ? (DLC) An indicator will appear in a girl's status screen (slave state) Tentacle scene.
Lesbian (DLC) Two girls in horny state not picked by the player Lesbian scene.
Competition (DLC) Two girls in love state will confront the player The first option is "Ask both for sex" (FMF threesome), the second is "Choose the girl on the left" (H), the third is "Choose the girl on the right" (H) and the fourth is "Run" (no H). At the end of the FMF threesome, there will be the choices "Play it off" and "Run" respectively, which have seemingly little effect.

Character Creator

There are five sections that affect the H system:

  1. Name (名前)
  2. Personality (性格)
    • Cheerful / Bright (明るい)
    • Tsundere (ツンデレ)
    • Gentle / Laid-Back (おっとり)
    • Withdrawn / Silent (無口)
    • Yandere (ヤンデレ)
    • Easygoing / Rough (大雑把)
    • Strict / Serious (生真面目)
    • Boyish (ボーイッシュ)
    • Energetic (元氣)
    • Diligent / Meticulous (几帳面)
    • Active (活発) [DLC]
    • Sincere / Faithful (誠実) [DLC]
    • Bewitching / Seductive (妖艶) [DLC]
  3. Traits (特性) (Affects daily activities and events)
    • None (なし)
    • Clean / Clean Freak (綺麗好) (More shower events)
    • Lazy (モノグサ) (More sleeping events)
    • Tired / Easily Tired (疲れやすい) (Can cum less during H before collapsing)
    • Never Tired / Ironwoman (疲れ知らず) (Can cum more during H before collapsing)
    • Weak Bladder / Small Bladder (頻尿) (More toilet events)
    • Glass Heart (グラスハ-ト) (Destruction Meter increases a little if you H other girls and leave her alone)
    • Brave / Undefeated (不屈の精神) (Destruction Meter never increases)
    • Perverted / Frustrated (欲求不滿) (Increases chances of raping you if ignored or not satisfied after H)
  4. Mentality / Heart (心情) (How she feels towards you. These go from low feeling to stronger feeling.)
    • None (なし)
    • Pleased / Having Fun (楽しい, Small-好意 Feeling)
    • Affectionate / Piqued Interest (好きかも, Mid-好意 Feeling)
    • Lovestruck / Love at First Sight (一目惚れ, High-好意 Feeling)
    • Interested / Into You (興味がある, Small-淫乱 Feeling)
    • Charmed (魅力的, Mid-淫乱 Feeling)
    • Aroused / Yearning (抱かれたい, High-淫乱 Feeling)
    • Awkward (話づらい, Small-嫌惡 Feeling)
    • Reluctant / Dislike (苦手, Mid-嫌惡 Feeling)
    • Loathing / Hatred (嫌い, High-嫌惡 Feeling)
    • Cooperative / Suggestible (指示されたい, Small-隷屬 Feeling)
    • Obedient / Commandable (命令されたい, Mid-隷屬 Feeling)
    • Submissive / Servile (逆らえない, High-隷屬 Feeling)
    • .... (..., 壞れ Feeling)
  5. H Traits / Sex Trait (H屬性)
    • None (なし)
    • Horny / Nymphomaniac (性欲旺盛) (H pink circle increases faster)
    • S (Sadist) (Femdom positions increases love)
    • M (Masochist) (Enjoys torture positions, blue positions wouldn't make her hate you)
    • Sensitive breasts (胸が敏感) (Enjoys breast fondling positions)
    • Sensitive butt / Sensitive Ass (お尻が敏感) (Enjoys anal positions)
    • Sensitive pussy / Sensitive Vagina (股間が敏感) (Enjoys insertion positions)
    • Weakness to kisses / Weak to Kisses (キスに弱い) (Enjoys Kissing)
    • Weak to caresses / Likes Receiving (されるのに弱い) (Enjoys being touched)
    • Loves servicing / Likes Giving (反應好き)
    • Clean freak / Germophobe (潔癖症) (Complains about how 'dirty' you are before and after H, hates cumming outside or swallowing cum)
    • Hates H / Sex-Averse (Hに抵抗がある) (Most positions increases Hate)
    • Lonely / Lonely Heart (寂しがり屋) (If you refuse her lure event, her Hate increases significantly)


Item button

Items can be unlocked by finishing the following achievements:

[End a Toilet event] (Unlocks 利尿)

[End a Shower event] (Unlocks 發汗)

[End a Sleeping event] (Unlocks 睡眠)

[End a Lure event] (Unlocks 媚藥)

If you use an item before H, the next time you find her is likely to be an event (Toilet, Shower, Sleeping, Lure) depending on the used item. You can use items on multiple girls. Doesn't work on Mind-raped girls (壞れ)

利尿: Diuretic (Makes the next toilet event more likely to occur)

發汗: Celexa / Perspirant (Makes the next shower event more likely to occur)

睡眠: Sleep / Sleeping Pill (Makes the next sleep event more likely to occur)

媚藥: Aphrodisiac (Makes the next seduction/lure event (girl approaches you) more likely to occur)


There are currently 17 rooms to choose from in Honey Select:

  1. Lobby (ロビー), Fixed stage for toilet events
  2. Japanese-style room / Japanese Room (和室), Room for the Tied Insertion position [立ち拘束挿入]
  3. Own room / Your Room (自室)
  4. Girl's room (女の子の部屋), girls will wear 部屋の衣装 in this room (room set)
  5. Bathhouse / Mixed Bath (混浴浴場), girls will wear 風呂の衣装 in this room (bath set)
  6. Courtyard (中庭), girls are embarrassed to H (Dialogue change)
  7. Garden / Back Garden (裏庭)
  8. Cave/Basement / S&M Room (地下室), Room for the 三角木馬、立ち拘束挿入、床拘束正常位 positions (Hate, Slave feelings only)
  9. Classroom (教室)
  10. SM Room / S&M Room (DLC)
  11. Game Booth (DLC)
  12. Bar / Bar Front (DLC) (used for "rape events" with girls in hate state)
  13. Meat Wall (DLC) (used for "tentacle events" with girls in slave/servile state)
  14. VIP Lounge / VIP Lobby (DLC)
  15. Hot Spring (DLC), girls will wear 風呂の衣装 in this room (bath set)
  16. Prairie (DLC)
  17. Palace (DLC)