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all characters are at least 18

Harem Heroes [edit]

Heroes University Arc
HH Adventure Background 10.jpg
Title Heroes University Arc
Main Girl Shina
World Number 10
Previous World Plains of Ritual
Next World Ninja Sacred Lands


Back to School

The Hero arrives on the campus of the Heroes University and is greeted by the All Mastery, who reminds him to not forget about his objectives: training to become a better hero, make new friends, and form a club.

First Comrades

During the orientation ceremony, one of the headmasters gives a speech about the need to protect the world against the Akachinpo. He then explains the rules of the university. As the Hero listens to the speech, he begins to feel bored and notices Shina Tonde discretely giving Arnold a blowjob under the table. They introduce each other and are amazed at the Hero's accomplishment of stopping Finalmecia.

The headmaster announces that they will start to learn more about each student through a special test to learn who they are and their strengths and styles. He calls the Hero up and has him sit in the chair. A bare lady with only a robe on appears and begins examining the Hero's lower appendage. She notes the Hero's polygamous naughty behaviors and moves on to determining his style. The Hero does what he does best and performs on her while the four headmasters intensively watch. She determines the Hero's style (this depends on what style the player is running). Afterwards, the headmasters explain that they loved his performance and will assign a room and roommates with him after the ceremony.

The Hero returns to his seat and is met with Arnold and Shina congratulating him on an impressive performance. Shina is called up for her examination and performance while the Hero decides to take a walk for some fresh air.

The Hero runs into some nymphets at the park causing him to return late. He arrives at his room, 69, and opens the door to find Arnold and Shina both completely nude and in the middle of making love. The two notice him and are delighted that he is their roommate. They invite him to join them in a three-way, to which the Hero jubilantly accepts. During their activity, Shina decides to give a demonstration of her special power, the ability to manipulate weight. Arnold also displays his special power, which is quite similar to the Hero's. The three of them go then go to sleep in preparation of meeting their professors tomorrow.

X-Guys, First Classes

The next day, the Hero and Arnold attend class with Gwenaëlle Leaf and Wang Baku. Arnold wonders what they're about to do and Wang aggressively tells him that they're going to have their first lesson. They begin to argue when Gwenaëlle and the Hero tell them to calm down and notifies them that the teachers have arrived.

The two instructors introduce themselves, Kuruva and Professor Roko, and explains that they will gauge each of their talents. They assign pairs: the Hero with Gwenaëlle and Arnold with Wang. They are to perform together and measure themselves against the instructor duo.

Wang, eager to show off her dominant side, aggressively performs with Arnold. She reveals her power, the ability to make things explode, and uses it to make tiny explosions in a way to massage Arnold. Impressed by the initial performance, the instructors begin going at it, with Professor Roko transforming into a tentacled appearance. He goes at it with Kuruva and reveals his power, the ability to make his tentacles move at Mach 20 speed. Scared of losing to the instructors, Wang aggressively ramps up her performance, ordering Arnold to utilize his power. The instructors are impressed by their performance but state that they still have room for improvement. They then instruct Gwenaëlle and the Hero to start their performance. Being an experienced couple, their performance comes off to a nice start. However, they notice that they are still falling behind the instructors. The Hero uses his Hero powers, which impresses the instructors. Professor Roko is intrigued by the Hero's power observing it to be a power based on ego.

After both duos reach the end of their performance, the instructors give feedback to the two student pairs: Arnold is too passive and that he needs to take more initiative; Wang is too aggressive, which can come off as intimidating; Gwenaëlle lacks energy and resolve; and the Hero has a power based on ego and is at risk of becoming obsolete if his mind doesn't keep up.

The Power (Too) Deep Below

The Hero attends the lecture and reflects on the advice given to him by Professor Roko and his goals for university. As he ponders, Mavin Gray arrives and asks if she can sit next to him. He gladly accepts as the lecture begins. The Charms Instructor explains the goals of the course and introduces a guest speaker, a World Champion of Sex, Mister Matsuda. He states he's there to find everyone's potential talents, especially pertaining to Charm. He then randomly picks the Hero and Mavin up. He states Mavin is a very charming young lady, but the Hero could still use some work, criticizing his hair, clothing, posture, and expression. He asks what Mavin thinks and she half-heartedly agrees that the Hero isn't the most charming type. The Hero then utilizes his powers to enlarge his appendage. He then asks Mavin what she thinks now, to which Mavin says that she'll still be thinking of someone else. This hurts the Hero's ego, causing his transformation to greatly weaken. Mastuda then reassures him, telling him that he's here help him find solutions. He asks the Hero if he has anything in mind, to which the Hero takes his glasses off. He discovers that he has the ability to improve his appearance if he takes off his glasses and has a confidence boost.

Some of the student audience begin fantasizing about the two performing together. Mavin then begins pleasuring the Hero. However, the Hero learns that his powers cause him to have a hard time performing. Mavin starts wondering if the reason is because she isn't attractive enough and starts having a proper performance with him. However, right before the climax, the Hero's stomach begins to hurt and he ends up passing gas. The student audience has a mixed reaction of disgust and laughter and the Hero shamefully apologizes the Mavin. Matsuda instructs him to continue working on his powers and to find ways to prevent another incident like this from happening again.

A Crazy Charm Test

The Player tirelessly trains with Shina and members of his harem for an entire week and manages to get his intestinal problems in check. However, he notes that his erectile dysfunction situation is still "delicate".

The Player attends class and meets Breno, who recognizes him as the "fart guy". Professor Roko explains that they would normally have partners for this activity, but none of the girls on campus would accept to be their partners due to their reputations. Shina is also unavailable because she's currently performing with Professor Kuruva. He also states that the two may not use girls from their harems and that they have enlisted the help of two girls from a correctional facility, Justine Lildrop and Malina Baskiat. The Hero is horrified that Justine is going to be his partner, being reminded of her unhealthy obsession over him. However, Professor Roko reassures him by promising to intervene if needed. Breno on the other hand, is partnered with Malina, who refuses to perform with him because she prefers "manly" and "dangerous" men. She is about to leave when Breno reveals his special power, the ability to be very convincing, and projects an aura that terrifies her. She reconsiders and agrees to be his partner. Now that everyone is paired up, Professor Roko instructs both groups to perform at the same time.

The Hero utilizes his newfound powers and transforms into a more handsome figure. Justine is impressed and begins to aggressively perform with him. It gets to the point where Professor Roko believes he may need to intervene, but the Hero reassures him, asserting that he has it under control. He takes control of the situation, which impresses Justine so much that she ends up passing out at the climax. Meanwhile, Breno and Malina's performances have just climaxed too. The professor is impressed with Breno and the Hero's performances and praises them. With his confidence rebuilt, the Hero decides to focus on rebuilding his reputation. Afterward, the Hero and Breno go off together to get lunch.

Know-How Lesson

After attending his know-how class, the Hero sits in the library with Arnold and tries to do the assigned homework, he must be able to help a girl finish in 30 seconds or less. He also notes how frustrated he is at the professor because he gives little to none guidance on where to begin. The runs into The Old Man again from the Ninja Village, who is also studying the art of climaxes to write a new poem. He tells the Hero and Arnold that he was able to pass the assignment with flying colors when he took the course and offers to teach them. They travel to an onsen and begin to peep. Some of the girls notice their actions and decide to reward their bravery by fooling around with them. While that's going on, the Old Man explains that the source of the Hero's powers comes from the demon vegetable he ate back at Begin City and that he's very limited on what he can do with it. However, he should still focus on building upon the magical powers that it grants. He suggests he consult with a magician to help master his magical energies.

Arcanes of Magic

The Hero decides to pay Lady Arcana a visit, who is initially reluctant to teach him. She tells him she can teach him the basics, but even so, his powers will be fairly limited. The Hero explains he's okay with it, and that he doesn't have too big of goals for his powers. Arcana explains to him that the aura that surrounds him when he uses his powers are magical emanations, forming from the origin of his ego. She explains that they're not very powerful in terms of pure energy, but suggests him to concentrate them to the tip of his fingers. The Hero is initially unable to do so, so Arcana decides to give him a more practical objective by letting him practice this skill on her. While performing on her, he focuses all his magic powers into the tip of his finger and directs it onto Arcana's sensitive spot. The effects of this power are so intense that it almost ruins Arcana's sensitive organ. She warns him to learn to control his abilities or else he could end up causing damage. She also suggests he cut his fingernails.

Know How to Pass a Test

After practicing his new ability, the Hero goes to class to complete the assignment of a thirty-second performance. this time with Shina as his partner. Devin appears and starts speaking over Professor Roko, causing him to get annoyed. Devin then partners with Noomye Caroy. Professor Roko states that he will be judging their performance with the criteria of whether or not they will be able to efficiently perform under pressure.

The first performance is done between Devin and Noomye. She reveals her power of being able to create objects and ergonomically satisfies Devin, allowing him to finish in just a few seconds.

Neptune's Touch!

Now that it's Noomye's turn, Devin reveals his power and summons the rabbit Bang-Bang, who asks Devin when he will take care of her. He states he doesn't do rabbits, but Bang-Bang asserts that one of these days he will. She then sneakily places magic energy onto Noomye's critical points, increasing her sensitivity. He then uses his ninja power, Multiplication Technique, and summons two copies of himself. The combination of powers allows him to satisfy Noomye. Although they passed, Professor Roko states that it was a very close pass. Professor Roko then instructs the Hero and Shina to begin their performance.

For their performance, the Hero requests Shina get fully naked and levitate. He then concentrates his aura into the tip of his fingers and uses it on Shina's sensitive spot, calling the ability "Neptune's Touch". Although she initially doesn't feel anything, she reaches multiple climaxes and squirts so hard that she is sent flying away uncontrollably, eventually crashing into a building. Everyone is extremely impressed by his ability, with Professor Roko even noting that he only took 8 seconds. The professor, however, suggests the Hero to be more careful with his partners and retrieves Shina. The Hero asks if she's okay, to which Professor Roko responds she's fine, although she's a bit shaken.

Now that both pairs have passed the test, Professor Roko assigns "hardcore" to be their next area of focus.

A Hard and True Fucker

News of the Hero's "Neptune Touch" circulates around campus, greatly increasing his reputation. This is seen Venam Kharney insists on sitting next to him in class, and everyone else around him compliments him of his ability. The Hero humbly waves off the compliments and asks them if they would like to form a club together. They all agree, but worry where they'd have their clubhouse be.

The Hardcore lecture begins and the advisor, Whaty, notices that the Hero is still loudly chatting with Venam. He gets annoyed and yells at them to shut up. After he gets everyone's attention, he begins explaining to the class the meaning and basics of the Hardcore style of lovemaking. He sees Venam conversing with the Hero and calls her up to the stage. He asks whether she's dominant or submissive, which she answers dominant, but likes provoking too. He lets her pick her own partner, to which she picks the Hero. The advisor instructs Venam to demonstrate a dominant performance on the Hero.


The performance starts off to a good start, but Venam decides she wants to have more fun with the Hero and begins provoking him. This causes the Hero's navel powers to trigger. Venam initially has fun with his navel form, but he eventually loses control of himself. An Li realizes what is going and rushes to stop the Hero. After him and Whaty stop him, An Li decides to train the Hero to control his Navel form.

Talk to Your Belly Button

The Hero trains for two weeks and practices self-control in the hopes of not having another incident in which he loses control of his navel form. He notes with An Li that during those two weeks, he had to converse with his navel form, in which it reminds him of all the girls he fell in love with and ended up rejecting him. It tries to explain that the Hero is the reason it exists and that it fed off his destroyed self-confidence. However, the Hero argues that ever since he entered the Haremverse, the feelings that birthed his navel form don't exist anymore. The Hero accepts that his navel form is part of him, but that he strives to use only the positive parts of it. He cuts a deal with it to lend him its will and through that fulfill it's desires. It reluctantly agrees, but warns that if the Hero isn't able to keep up his principles, it will re-emerge.

The Hero's navel form occasionally infects his thoughts, but the Hero for the most part ignores it. He and An Li enter into a dungeon and is greeted by Professor Roko, who is there to administer their last test. He scolds the Hero for what happened during the Hardcore lesson and warns that if it happens again, he'll expel him. He introduces two girls who will serve as their partners, Mavin Gray and the school nurse, Clarysse Henderson. The Hero is surprised that Mavin is here, since she already passed her test. She explains that she felt a bit guilty for harming his reputation at their test and wants to redeem herself by helping him pass the test.

Clarysse introduces herself and asks to be taken out of her boring daily life of being a school nurse, requesting that "it needs to hurt a little".

The test begins and the hero starts to remember what he practiced with his navel form, allowing him to achieve his Holy Egotist Form, "Cloak of Disobedience".

Savage Appeasement

His form begins to give Mavin feelings of being dominated and unimportance. She states that she wants him to notice her and that she'll let him do whatever he wants with her.

The Hero uses his form to dominate Mavin and the duo move over to the wall. The Hero props her against the wall and begins their performance. After he satisfies Mavin, he moves on to assist An Li in satisfying Clarysse. Together, they help Clarysse escape her boring life in the way she requested. Professor Roko praises them both and says they have both wonderfully passed the third test. The Hero notes, however, that he is feeling abnormally tired. An Li tells him that it's normal and that it's the backlash from using their inner powers.

Grand Opening!

The orgy begins

Afterward, the Hero invites his university friends over to the grand opening of their new club. An Li and Devin enter the clubhouse together and is greeted by everyone except for the Hero. Now that everyone is present at the clubhouse, the Hero appears from under the counter to welcome them all. He gives a short speech congratulating everyone on passing their exams and reflecting on how they have all become great friends. He reveals that he has planned a big party in celebration of their close friendship. After he finishes, Rabbi Carott, Bunny Carott, Hari Carott, and Lupa Longteeth appear from behind the counter too. Everyone gets riled up in preparation for a giant orgy. During their celebration, Venam reveals that she always found Mavin to be cute and that she is impressed with her fingers, but Mavin humbly states that it's only because of the help of An Li. Devin and An Li compliment Venam on her hip movements and body. Noomye and Hari both compliment one other, calling each other cute. Shina compliments Lupa's tongue's agility, but Bunny pays the same comment to Carlita, teasing Lupa and saying that Carlita's tongue is better than Lupa's. Meanwhile, the others are enjoying themselves with the help of Bang Bang's magical powers.

After the orgy, the Hero tells Arnold and Shina that he is so glad to have met them. Arnold then reminds Shina that she was going to ask the Hero something. Shina gets slightly embarrassed and tells the Hero that in order to celebrate and further bolster their friendship, she would like to enter his Harem. The Hero happily accepts.

Anticipated Leave

One month later, the Hero is in a private room in the clubhouse having a good time with Lupa and Bunny, and asks himself why the All-Mastery hasn't shown up yet. However, just outside the window, the All-Mastery is being kidnapped by The Hooded Man, completely unnoticed by the three. Bunny and Lupa get upset that the Hero's not concentrating enough on them and that his stress is currently negatively affecting his performance. They tell him to relax before giving it all they got. After they're done, the Hero thanks Bunny and Lupa for being his closest friends and that he's happy to have them by his side. The two find it cute and embarrassing and start chuckling, stating that they love him too. They are about to have a three-way when Devin frantically bursts through door, stating that he's in trouble and needs the Hero's help. He then grabs the Hero by the hand and drags him out

Player expresses his gratitude to Bunny and Lupa

After they leave, Bunny and Lupa are left alone on the bed. Lupa notices that Bunny's feeling a bit down and asks her what's wrong. Bunny replies that she just doesn't like it when the Hero leaves, prompting Lupa to give her a warning that as a recruiter, she has to avoid romantic feelings for the recruited. Bunny reluctantly agrees, so Lupa snuggles against her offering to help her forget about those feelings.


HH Heroes University Orgy 1.jpg
Bunny, Lupa, Shina, Hero, Carlita
HH Heroes University Orgy 2.jpg
Bruno, Rabbi, Wang, Gwenaelle
HH Heroes University Orgy 3.jpg
Hari, Noemi, Mavin, Venam,


- This arc is a parody of My Hero Academia and Assassination Classroom.