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all characters are at least 18

Harem Heroes [edit]

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Wiki Entries

Adding New Girls to Main Table

First, create a new data page with all the girl's stats. Page name should look something like this: "Template:Harem-Heroes-Data-GIRLNAME" -> But with GIRLNAME replaced with the girl's name.


Then, upload an icon file of the girl labeled "HH GIRLNAME icon.png". Follow this naming format or else it won't appear in the row. http://wiki.anime-sharing.com/hgames/index.php?title=Template:Harem-Heroes-Data-Bunny&action=edit Finally, add an entry into the main Girls page. Example for Juliette: {{Harem-Heroes-Girl-Data-Table-Row|Juliette}}

Uploading Photos


Naming convention for poses is "HH_Girl_Pose_#.png" -> Replace Girl with the girl's in-game name. For example "HH_Bunny_Pose_1.png" HH Bunny Pose 1.png

Story Screenshots

Just remember to prepend each image with "HH" and separate words using "_".

Affection Scenes

The naming convention for an affection scene is "HH_Girl_Affection_#.jpg" -> Replace "Girl" with the girl's in-game name.

For example -> HH Bunny Affection 1.jpg

Remember to write the dialogue associated with the affection scene in the description and/or anywhere you post it!

For example