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all characters are at least 18

Harem Heroes [edit]

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Shina Tonde
HH Shina Pose 1.png
Title Shina
Full Name Shina Tonde
Gender Female
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Green
Breast Size Large
Shaved Trimmed
Birthday 9/2
Location Univers'City
Career Heroine Trainee
Favorite Food Risotto
Hobby Volunteering
Fetish Caresses
Biography: Shina has the power to remove gravity from the objects she touches! Very useful for her future career as a hero, her power also allows her to discover new horizons. Getting high takes on a whole new meaning with her.
Wiki: [Here]

About Her

Shina is a major character in the Heroes University Arc.

How to Obtain

Shina is obtained through completing the Heroes University Arc.


Before Main Story

Shina possesses the ability to change the weight of anything she touches. It is unknown the origin of her powers, but she eventually decides to attend Heroes University.

Heroes University Arc

First Comrades

Shina fools around with Arnold during their orientation

Shina and Arnold attend the Heroes University orientation. While the staff are giving their speeches, Shina goes down on Arnold even after he thinks they should listen to the talk. The player notices them and they introduce themselves to him after he cums. They are amazed to hear that the player was the one who stopped Finalmecia. When the player comes back from the reading, they are impressed at his performance. Shina gets called up to the hat reading.

The Hero walks in on Shina and Arnold fucking.

Shina and Arnold are assigned the Player's roommates in room 69. They are completely nude and fucking when the player first walks in; Shina is giving Arnold a blowjob. The three of them are happy that they are each other's roommates and Arnold (not caring that his perfectly-sculpted ass is fully displayed to him) invites the Player to join them for a threesome. Shina sucks both of their dicks and gets fucked by both of them multiple times. She shows off her powers to them by making herself light enough to be held by Arnold. Both Arnold and the Player shower her with hot cum, leaving her exhausted. Afterwards, she and the others go to sleep to prepare for the next day.

A Crazy Charm Test

Shina and members of the Players harem vigorously fuck for an entire week to help him train to get over his gas and erectile dysfunction problem. While the player is taking the charm test, she is having her sexual abilities tested by Professor Kuruva offscreen.

Know How to Pass a Test

Shina is the Hero's partner for a Know-How test.

Neptune's Touch!

During the Know-How test, the Hero tells Shina to strip naked and levitate. He channels his powers into the tip of his fingers (Neptune's Touch) and touches Shina's clit. She then experiences multiple orgasms which cause her to fly away and crash into a building. She returns to them and tells them that she is a bit shaken but okay.

Grand Opening!

The group celebrate with an orgy.

Shina attends the clubhouse grand opening and participates in the orgy. She is on the bed with Bunny, Carlita, the Hero, and Lupa. Lupa licks her vagina while the Hero sucks on her toes. She compliments Lupa's tongue abilities and tells the Hero that she really likes getting her toes sucked. She squirts cums and squirts on Lupa's face later on.

Shina cums in the orgy.

After the orgy, Shina gets slightly embarrassed to ask the Hero, that in order to celebrate and further bolster their friendship, she would like to enter his harem. The Hero accepts.



Arnold is her boyfriend. They are both highly sexually active and perverted: she sucks his dick while they attend the orientation ceremony, not caring that the Player can see them. Afterwards, the two of them get butt naked and have hot steamy sex in their room, before being caught by the Player again. They appear to be rather hedonistic: Arnold smiles at the Player despite being fully nude in front of him, and Shina is excited to let another man fuck her pussy. They become roommates with the Player and they have a threesome.



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HH Shina Affection 1.jpg
Thanks to my powers, I can float int he air! Hey see, this position is cool! And a little dirty, hihi! Does it give you any ideas?! Tell me, tell me!! Wait, I'll go get my uniform!
HH Shina Affection 2.jpg
Hmmm. It's a little risky... But it's exciting!! I love it!!
HH Shina Affection 3.jpg
Ah ha!! Yeah!! That's so good!!! I love it!! I can feel my pussy dripping in the air. I'm leaving a trail behind like a plane... However, I should have brought a sweater...
HH Shina Affection 4.jpg
Haaa!!! My power's getting weaker!! We're going down! This... This light at the tip of your fingers? It reminds me of something!
HH Shina Affection 5.jpg
Haaaaa!!!! Too ma... ny orga... sms... G... Goode Id... dea... We're sa... saved...