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all characters are at least 18

Harem Heroes [edit]

HH LupaPleasureFace.png Hey, Player! Bunny and I are a bit busy right now, so this article isn't complete yet. But you help us expand it!
Lupa Longteeth
HH Lupa Pose 1.png
Title Lupa
Full Name Lupa Longteeth
Gender Female
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Golden
Breast Size Small
Shaved Trimmed
Birthday 3/21
Location Begin City
Career Hero Recruiter
Favorite Food Grilled Fish
Hobby Parties
Fetish Amateur Videos
Biography: Werewolves have always been rivals of wererabbits. Able to travel across dimensions, they look for the best sexual heroes. Bunny and Lupa have been friends since childhood. But they also share an inherited rivalry. Don't worry, their squabbles aren't mean and they appreciate each other quite a lot. They just have a competitive spirit... that helps you, uh...
Wiki: [Here]

About Her

Lupa is a girl in the game. She is an reoccurring character within the story and is the best friend of Bunny Carott.



Bunny Carott

Bunny and Lupa are best friends who frequently interact with each other throughout the story and off-canon. They have an interesting relationship together as they occasionally tow the lines between best-friends and lovers.




HH Lupa Pose 1.png
HH Lupa Pose 2.png
HH Lupa Pose 3.png
HH Lupa Pose 4.png


HH Loving Lupa Pose 1.png
HH Loving Lupa Pose 2.png
HH Loving Lupa Pose 3.png
HH Loving Lupa Pose 4.png


HH Xmas Lupa Pose 1.png
HH Xmas Lupa Pose 2.png
HH Xmas Lupa Pose 3.png
HH Xmas Lupa Pose 4.png


HH Silver Lupa Pose 1.png
HH Silver Lupa Pose 2.png
HH Silver Lupa Pose 3.png
HH Silver Lupa Pose 4.png
HH Silver Lupa Pose 5.png
HH Silver Lupa Pose 6.png



HH Lupa Affection 1.jpg
Shhhh! I wanted to know which guy recruited Bunny for his harem... I'm Lupa, the werewolf, her biggest rival. You'll need to show me what makes you so special.
HH Lupa Affection 2.jpg
Hmmm... Indeed I see your potential! That bitch always gets amazing catches... Hey! Did you hear something?!
HH Lupa Affection 3.jpg
Cum in my mouth!! Not in her! I'm sure it's me that gave you more pleasure, not her! His sperm is mine!


HH Loving Lupa Affection 1.jpg
Shhh! Don't say a thing, don't make a sound... This stays between us!! Come lick me discreetly...
HH Loving Lupa Affection 2.jpg
Tonight, it's only you and me. I've prepared you a few surprises, let me put this headband over your eyes.
HH Loving Lupa Affection 3.jpg
Hey!!! What are you doing!? You're stealing my night-out!! Ok... It's turning me on seeing you like that... Make yourself useful and lick me...


HH Xmas Lupa Affection 1.jpg
Hey, I snuck myself in here like a present so we can have some fun without Bunny knowing! Are you happy to see me? I know your dick is!
HH Xmas Lupa Affection 2.jpg
All this secrecy is making me so horny! Bunny would freak if she knew I snuck in here like this! Oh did you hear something?
HH Xmas Lupa Affection 3.jpg
Oh! Uh... Bunny! What a surprise! We didn't want to wake you up! Oh look, I made him cum! So sorry, there won't be enough left for you! Hehe.


HH Silver Lupa Affection 1.jpg
Psst! Player! Hush... Don't make a sound... I've stolen the 5 chaos sex toys from Bunny! I want to know if they work on werewolves too. I really want to test them. Want to participate?
HH Silver Lupa Affection 2.jpg
By all the dear sex angels! This new form is working amazingly! Every hit of your dick is triggering a bursting climax! Even my new hair can make me cum!
HH Silver Lupa Affection 3.jpg
How dare you! Once again you steal my favorite, and moreover, you're stealing my toys! You're going to pay for this!
HH Silver Lupa Affection 4.jpg
Mhhh! You both are terrible to me! Licking me like this, so voraciously! Stop laughing at me! But don't stop licking me, I feel I'm gonna cum again! Mhhh!!!
HH Silver Lupa Affection 5.jpg
It's unbelievable! It's been 4 days we have been fucking and my body is still sex-starved! I hope you still have stamina! Bunny, it's your turn now! But hurry up, I want more!!!