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all characters are at least 18

Harem Heroes [edit]

HH LupaPleasureFace.png Hey, Player! Bunny and I are a bit busy right now, so this article isn't complete yet. But you help us expand it!
Louise Carott
HH Bunny's Mother Pose 1.png
Title Bunny's Mother
Full Name Louise Carott
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Breast Size Large
Shaved No
Birthday 10/21
Location Begin Countryside
Career Stay at Home Mother
Favorite Food Wine
Hobby Writing
Fetish Young Men
Biography: Louise has a glorious past as a Hero Recruiter. It's actually with one of them that she started her little family. One day, her partner disappeared from the Haremverse without a trace and she found herself raising her daughters alone. She now lives alone in the countryside and the solitude bothers her. That's why she never misses an opportunity to invite Bunny and our Hero over.
Wiki: [Here]

About Her

Louise is a character in the game. She is the mother of Bunny Carott.



Louise likes to encourage her daughters to invite the Player over so she has the opportunity to sleep with him.

Bunny Carott

Bunny is Louise's daughter. Louise is supportive of her daughter's emotional development as seen in the Stairway to Heaven arc, where she encourages her to embrace her love for the Player.

Rabbi Carott

Rabbi is Louise's eldest daughter. They don't have much interaction in the story yet.

Lyka Longteeth

Lyka and Louise attempt to reenact the first time they hooked up

Lyka and Louise are each other's best friends. They first met as roommates during their freshmen year in the academy. The faculty believed the duo would benefit from each other. They didn't get along at first due to their polarizing traits; They even had a big fight when Lyka borrowed Louise's dildo without her permission. However, during their fight, they ended up kissing and eventually hooking up. Ever since that night, they have been sleeping with each other every night.

They share a similar friendship to that of their daughters. As they occasionally go behind each other's back to secretly sleep with the Player. But are able to keep it playful and remain good friends.

Hari Carott

Hari is Louise's youngest daughter. They have a generational rivalry with each other and are occasionally seen fighting with each other over age/trendy-related issues. During the Winter Chill event, Hari and Louise fight for the attention of the Player and other guys.



HH Bunny's Mother Pose 1.png
HH Bunny's Mother Pose 2.png
HH Bunny's Mother Pose 3.png
HH Bunny's Mother Pose 4.png


HH Bunny's Mother Skis Pose 1.png
HH Bunny's Mother Skis Pose 2.png
HH Bunny's Mother Skis Pose 3.png
HH Bunny's Mother Skis Pose 4.png



HH Bunny's Mother Affection 1.jpg
Hmmm. No! It's not right. He's so young, I wouldn't appeal to him! This is going to drive me mad...
HH Bunny's Mother Affection 2.jpg
Shush, shush! Did you have a bad dream?! There there, I'm here now.
HH Bunny's Mother Affection 3.jpg
Hello! You seem exhausted... Can I make you a good breakfast to start the day?


HH Ski BunnyMom Affection 1.jpg
Sorry my child, but you were so slow to prepare yourself, I had to keep your boyfriend company...
HH Ski BunnyMom Affection 2.jpg
With your onesie, and your snowboard on which you can't stand straight, you don't understand anything, my baby girl...
HH Ski BunnyMom Affection 3.jpg
That was a good day skiing, I hope we'll have another one tomorrow!