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all characters are at least 18

Digital Girl [edit]



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Digital Girl
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Controlling the character's pose

Digital Girl (デジタル彼女, dijitaru kanojou) is a series of Poser-like products, allowing the user to set the pose and position of the characters. All of the characters are from Illusion's previous games. Each of the product is standalone, except for the "item collections", which are expansions and require at least one regular Digital Girl product installed.

The only method of purchase is online via a credit card, and may be ordered by customers outside of Japan. The Digital Girl series marks a precedence of the Japanese eroge industry opening up to the overseas market.

So far the following products have been released:

  • Digital Girl Rin - Rin is one of the girls from Biko 3
  • Digital Girl ~Artificial Girl~ - "Artificial Girl" is the model girl for Artificial Girl 2
  • Digital Girl ~Item Collection Vol.1~ - An expansion adding some sports/leisure items and maps.
  • Digital Girl ~Bael~ - Bael is from the game Desblood 4, also appeared in Sexy Beach 3.
  • Digital Girl ~Item Collection Vol.2~ - An expansion adding some erotic items and maps.
  • Digital Girl ~Ryutia~ - Ryutia is from the game A-Ga.