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all characters are at least 18

Des Blood Racing [edit]


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Des Blood Racing
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Developer: Illusion
Release date: March 9, 2001
Theme: None
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No HF Patch - No Plugin - Illusion


There are two modes of play: story and race. In story mode players can choose between seven female characters with their own storyline. Each character was featured in previous Des Blood games and their storyline follows accordingly.

The stories take place from AD 2156 to 2162. In the stories, each female character starts with an introduction followed by a single race on a specific map. Some characters have the same map but must run a different length than the other. After the player wins, there are several hentai CGs which are then stored in the "extra" section. After all seven character storylines are unlocked, the player can choose to play as Isys a red frog from Des Blood 2. Rather than having one race like the other characters, Isys must race three times against Ayano, Riri, and Kikuno. Each time she wins, Isys would lick the women's gentials. After she beats all three of them the player gets a CG of all three women in a threesome, followed by Isys being eaten by a T-Rex.

In the race mode you are able to use 20 characters and vehicles, two of which (a car and a motorcycle) are exclusive to the game. There are also six maps the player can choose from and within them must outrun three AIs who have a head start. The player can accelerate by pressing enter and use the arrows to move in their respective directions. If the player bumps into walls they will slow down, and if a skull is bumped into they will spin-out, also slowing them down. To avoid these bumps the player can use up to jump. The player can usually attain a speed of 200 and can increase speed by using the power drink. The frog Isys can't jump over bumps but compensates by having more power drinks.

After finishing a race the player is able to watch the race in replay. After winning races with the original characters the player will receive CG images which are stored in the extras section. The player can also unlock super characters which are faster than the original characters by using the female characters with different outfits. If a player uses super characters or characters not in the story mode they receive movies which are stored in the extra section.


In Des Blood Racing's story mode, players can choose between seven characters from Des Blood 2 and Des Blood 3. In racing mode, players are able to choose from 20 characters and vehicles.

Name Appears In Description Measurements Weight
Ayano Des Blood 3 Bespectacled with short purple hair. 92-57-85 168.8
Miku Des Blood 3 Short-haired brunette. 68-51-72 145.32
Kito Des Blood 3 Short red hair wearing a leather jacket. 86-58-84 145.32
Arisia Des Blood 3 Long-haired, brunette. 95-60-87 170.49
Kikuno Des Blood 2 White braided hair wearing a green top. no data no data
Riry Des Blood 2 A short-haired brunette wearing a school uniform. 80-56-86 160.43