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all characters are at least 18

Custom Order Maid 3D2 [edit]

  • FAQ & Technical Help


Running the game

  • Q1: I keep getting an "(0) Yotogi.Category enum parse error (non-Japanese text)" error when I run the game and I have AppLocale?
A: If you receive an error called "(0) Yotogi.Category enum parse error (non-japanese text)", then that means your computer has not completely changed the system locale to Japanese because AppLocale doesn't support x64/64-bit OS. You must do the following below (choose one method only).
  1. For the x64/64-bit version without setting Windows system locale to Japanese, you can use NTLEA x64 and configure it like here. Next, press the arrow on the bottom right and that makes it so you can right click COM3D2x64.exe to run the game with NTLEA x64.
  2. Setting Windows system locale to Japanese, follow the intructions below (note: This method is recommended because it's simple, doesn't require NTLEA x64 and works fine on Windows 10).
    Control Panel > Region > Administrative Tab > Language for non-Unicode programs choose Japanese(Japan) and restart your computer.
  • Q2: How to fix the translated UI that doesn't display correctly or has incorrect positioning after updating to ver1.09 or higher?
A: You need to update YATranslator Plugin and Translation files because the old plugin version does not support the newer game version.
  1. Update the plugin to the latest version here YATranslator Plugin.
  2. Also update the following translation strings, texture and asset files from Sybaris2 AIO in COM3D2\Sybaris\Unityinjector\Config
  3. Delete the AtlasSceneTitle.png file in COM3D2\Sybaris\Unityinjector\Config\Assets\resources
  4. Replace it with the new AtlasSceneTitle.png which can be found here and edit the file name from AtlasSceneTitle.pngAtlasSceneDaily.png in the resources folder.
  • Q3: I get an error when opening the COM3D2 launcher after updating to ver1.11 or higher and my current CM3D2 version is ver1.58.1, how to fix this problem?
Compatibility Version Error
A: This issue is caused when the CM3D2 launcher doesn't match the current game version. You can fix this by doing the following.
  1. Update CM3D2 to the latest version.
  2. Go to the updater and copy Update.lst then replace the file in the CM3D2 game folder.
    Caution: Please backup Update.lst before replacing
  3. Open the CM3D2 launcher and check the version shown in the launcher. If the version matches with the current game version then it's fixed.
  • Q4: How to fix the translated UI or White UI after updating to ver1.17 or higher?
Example of removing the files to fix the UI
A: Delete the following translated UI files shown below in COM3D2\Sybaris\Unityinjector\Assets\resources. After you delete the files, the UI will return to normal but not all content will be fully translated.
  1. AtlasColorPalette.png
  2. AtlasColorPalette2.png
  3. AtlasPreset.png
  4. AtlasProfile.png
  5. AtlasRandomPreset.png
  6. AtlasSceneEdit.png
  7. AtlasYotogi2.png
  8. AtlasSkillSelect.png
  • Q5: I'm trying to run the game on linux through wine, but the game crashes before even opening a window. How do I fix this?
A: Older game versions have issues with wine, try updating your game. At the time of writing game version 1.24 is working fine on wine 4.0. Please note that the game takes a very long time to load (multiple minutes).


  • Q1: How do I unlock the CM3D2 personalities in the maid editor?
    A: The main 3 personalities require CM3D2 and updating the game to the latest version in order to transfer the data into COM3D2. You can find more info here.
  1. Finish the tutorial of the three main maids.
  2. After finishing the tutorial and making a new maid, you can now choose the old personalities.
  • Q2: How to transfer a maid from CM3D2 to COM3D2?
    A: After you connect CM3D2 to COM3D2 via the launcher, in CM3D2 you should at least have one save game.
  1. Finish the tutorial of the three main maids.
  2. Go to manage maids, choose transfer maid and load your save. You will see a list of maids that can be transferred to the game, then press OK to transfer the maid to COM3D2.
  • Q3: How do I improve the club grade?
    A: You need to finish the main story first, after that the club grade will be unlocked. The main story is typically driven by either dance/singing stats or cooking stats of your first three maids, in case anyone gets stuck or lost on what to do if they lose it somewhere in the translation, training dance/singing or cooking will eventually unlock the cutscenes. If you do not increase those stats, the story won't progress.
  • Q4: How to unlock the new songs?
    A: Same requirement as unlocking the club grade. You need to finish the main story of the game first before unlocking the new songs.

English version

  • Q1: Can I connect COM3D2 to CM3D2?

It is currently not possible to connect the English version of COM3D2 to the Japanese version of CM3D2. To enjoy the connection between both games, you have to use the Japanese version of COM3D2.

Installation Guide

More information can be found in the Custommaid Discord or the CustomMaid3D2 Community.

Installing the Game (Japanese version)

Click the highlighted button to install
Insert disk 2
  1. Set Windows system locale to Japanese or use NTLEA x64 or Locale Emulator
    Note: If you are a new player, please read more info at Q1.
  2. When you extract the files you will get two .iso files.
    1. カスタムオーダーメイド3D2 Disk 1 (iso+mds+rr3).rarcom3d2_1.iso
    2. カスタムオーダーメイド3D2 Disk 2 (iso+mds+rr3).rarcom3d2_2.iso
  3. Mount com3d2_1.iso with Daemontools Lite if you use Windows 10 you can directly mount the files by right-clicking the .iso and choose mount
    Note: If you have trouble using other mounting software, Daemontools Lite has been confirmed to work.
  4. If the installer does not autorun, go to My Computer or This PC and open the mounted dvd and then run Installer.exe if your computer locale is already set to japanese. If not then right-click Installer.exe and select Run with Japanese locale as an administrator (you need NTLEA x64 or Locale Emulator for the right-click options).
  5. Select the installation folder (default is C:\KISS).
    Caution: Do not use double-byte characters, spaces or symbols on the folder name
    (example: ✓ C:\KISS\COM3D2 | ✕ C:\キス\COM3D2).
  6. Click the インストール button to start the COM3D2 setup. After that wait until the setup asks for disk 2.
  7. Unmount com3d2_1.iso and mount com3d2_2.iso and then click Retry.
  8. Wait for the setup to finish and close the installer.

Updating the game (Japanese version)

  1. Set Windows system locale to japanese or use NTLEA x64 or Locale Emulator
    Note: If you are a new player, please read more info at Q1.
  2. Download the latest update from Official Update
  3. Extract the zip file and run update.exe inside the extracted folder. If your Windows locale is set to japanese then it will auto-detect your installation directory.
    If not then right-click update.exe and select Run with Japanese locale as an administrator (you need NTLEA x64 or Locale Emulator for the right-click options).
  4. Choose 適用 -> 開始
  5. Wait for the patch to finish installing and close the updater.

Note: Installing DLC and append follows the same steps as updating the game.

COM3D2 official update webpage
Update patch installation

Installing BepInEx


  • Q1: What is BepInEx ?
A: BepInEx is a patcher/plug-in framework for Unity games that use Mono as their scripting backend. It can be used to load and run plugins other than the official plugins that are included in the base game similarly to Sybaris.
  • Q2: What is the difference with Sybaris and why should I choose BepInEx?
A: While Sybaris generally works well, BepInEx is a more modern framework and actively maintained framework. This means that it is regularly updated and in case of issue, it is much more easy to contact developers or report your issue as all the code is open source and publicly available.. The community will also be able to help you more in case of trouble with BepInEx.
Compared to BepInEx, Sybaris has not been updated for a while and it is much more hard to get in touch with the developers.
  • Q3: What is BepInEx AIO?
A: BepInEx AIO (All In One) is a pack that bundle all the necessary BepInEx plugins and tools to start using BepInEx in COM3D2.
One of its main features is that it comes with plugins to load and use plugins made for Sybaris II and UnityInjector. BepInEx AIO also bundle a migration tool that will convert your Sybaris II install to a BepInEx one.
This tool can be used every time your install of Sybaris AIO is updated.

Installing Sybaris II

For a new isntall, it is preferable to use BepInEx instead Sybaris II as BepInEx is the modern replacement for Sybaris and is actively maintained.

Sybaris II FAQ

  • Q1: What is Sybaris II?
A: Sybaris II is an updated version of sybaris, which can be used to load and run plugins other than the official plugins that are included in the base game.
  • Q2: Why use Sybaris II?
A: Sybaris II has many plugins that are very useful for players who play COM3D2, it also has the following advantages:
  1. It does not affect the base game, you can go back to vanilla anytime.
  2. Updating the game causes less problems.
  • Q3: Does Sybaris II have disadvantages?
A: Sybaris II has the following disadvantages:
  1. Sybaris II no longer uses a gamedata folder, that means sybaris II can't load mods manually.
  2. Some sybaris plugins are incompatible with sybaris II, such as VibeYourMaid plugin.
  • Q4: How many Sybaris II plugins are supported?
A: You can check motimoti3d
  • Q5: How to cleanup korean sybaris AIO?
  1. Copy the entire game folder to your desired location.
  2. Run _11 All in one install.v0xx.cmd (with 0xx is the cmd version that you've downloaded)
  3. Delete the following files/folders (if any of these folders/files don’t exist, just ignore it)
    1. .vs
    2. _CM3D2_Toolkit_PR2
    3. _cmd
    4. _Plugin manual
    5. _save
    6. Sybaris_64
    7. _torrent memo.txt
    8. Opengl32.dll
    9. From _00 to _97 files
    10. All files in Mod folder
    11. All files in MyRoom folder
    12. All files in PhotoModeData
    13. All files in Preset folder
    14. All files in SaveData
  4. Download Set Directory, copy the file to the game folder and run it.
  5. Download Latest Update and update the game. (skip if your game is already at the latest version)
  6. Download Noctsoul Sybaris Pack and follow the instruction inside.
  7. Go inside COM3D2\Sybaris\UnityInjector\Config, open DebugPlugin.ini, set the first Enabled=False to Enabled=True (to help with future bug fixes and diagnoses, recommended).
  8. Create a folder named “Preset” and copy all the base game’s presets from here (to help with character’s creation, optional).

Note: The game folder should look more or less like this:

Sybaris II

For an easy installation you can download: Noctsoul Sybaris Pack for COM3D2 (JP ver.) or Cerulien's Sybaris Uncensor Patch For COM3D2 (EN ver.)
This Package contains:

  • Sybaris II
  • Plugins
  • Translations
  • Uncensor

1. Download the pack you want and extract the zip.
2. Copy opengl32.dll and Sybaris folder and place them into the game folder.
3. Copy Mod files in sybaris folder and place them into Mod in game folder.

Note: if you use Cerulien's Sybaris Uncensor Patch, the Sybaris folder is instead named COM3D2 Patch.
  1. Sybaris\opengl32.dllC:\KISS\COM3D2
  2. Sybaris\SybarisC:\KISS\COM3D2
  3. Sybaris\ModC:\KISS\COM3D2\Mod

4. If you install correctly when running the game in the sybaris screen, there must be no red error text will display. You are ready to play the game.

Note: If you use one of the above linked packs, then you are done and ready to play the game. If you install only sybaris II then you still need to manually install the plugins. You can find the manual installation steps here.

Transfering Data (Japanese version)

In order to transfer the data from CM3D2 to COM3D2, you must to do the following. (example: personalities, characters, DLC, etc.)

  1. Both CM3D2 and COM3D2 have been installed correctly on Windows. (note: The game will check the registry on Windows)
  2. CM3D2 must be updated to ver1.58.1 or higher.
  3. COM3D2 must be updated to ver1.02 or higher.
  4. Install the 互換アップデートパッチ update from Official Update.
  5. After correctly installing the update above, open the COM3D2 launcher and select 互換設定 or Gear Icon > 設定.
  6. Then go to the compatibility settings (カスタムメイド3D2 互換設定) and choose the directory where CM3D2 is installed. After you are done press 保存 to save your settings.
From step 5 press gear icon and settings button for open the settings menu. (highlighted in red)
The settings menu from step 6
- Internet connect for display information and updates.
- Compatibility setting for transfering data from CM3D2.
- VR for displaying the VR button on the launcher

Downloading on S-court

Downloading The DLC with launcher

1. Running the game on the window.
2. Open S-court Website from browser or Online Shop and login the site.

Note: Please recheck the url before buying a product or download because JP and ENG store is different Shop.
  1. JP Store:
  2. ENG Store:

3. After your complete the purchase, now you can click download on the store for download file into your PC.
4. Wait until the download is complete. The files you downloaded will be stored in COM3D2\dlc folder.
Note1: At this time, the s-court shop can accept payment from the following types of cards is JCB card, mastercard and visa.
Note2: If you trouble download file with auto download, you can click 手動ダウンロード for direct download.

Installing Mods

Example installing mods within folder

In order to install mods, you can follow the steps below. (Noctsoul sybaris pack has all the listed plugins below included, no need to follow further steps)
For Vanilla
1. Go to the game folder and create a new folder called "Mod" (example: C:\KISS\COM3D2\Mod)
2. Put the mod files into COM3D2\Mod folder.

For Sybaris II
1. You need to install Modloader Plugin for sybaris II.
2. After installing the plugin, Go to the game folder and create a new folder called "Mod" (example: C:\KISS\COM3D2\Mod)
3. put the mod files into the COM3D2\Mod folder.

Note1: .mod files should be placed without the folder.
Note2: For body mods, you should have the BodyCategoryAdd Plugin in sybaris II before it will appear in maid edit. (example: Body kupa, TKbody, LOBody)