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all characters are at least 18

Custom AI-Droid [edit]


Technical Help


  • Q: The game restarts my computer whenever I try to run it. Help!?
    • A: There is region locking in this game. If it fails, it restarts the computer. Short answer: Use HF pApploc or set your Windows to Japanese.
    • A: You can download This for shutdown fix only for v1.06 if you don't want Applocale

Installing the game

  • Q: I have one or more files and I'm having trouble extracting the archive.
    • A: Try to rename the file to e.g. "droid.rar"
    • A: Also make sure that the files are in an English folder. e.g. C:\Temp
  • Q: How do I install the game?
    • A: Copy the Aidoroid.iso e.g. C:\Temp. Mount the Aidoroid.iso using DaemonTools Lite. Use HF pApploc to run IHS.exe as administrator to start the setup.
  • Q: When i try to install i get an error sound but no message?
    • A: Launching the installer (IHS.exe) in windows-2000 compatibility mode did the trick for me.
  • Q: When i try to install i get an error message and can't install.
  • A: Your version of the Microsoft Windows Installer may be too old, update to 4.0 or above.

Running the game

  • Q: All the characters are black! I tried switching anti-aliasing off and I run Itazura Real just fine. Any advice?
    • A: A user had the same problem with his GeForce 7600GT. Updating graphics drivers fixed it.
  • Q: I installed the translations but it doesn't seem to work?
    • A: Run the game with Japanese regional settings or change resolution to (at least) 1024x768.


This is the registry keys installed by the game: (This is for you if the game have many error pop-ups)

Not sure on what you're doing? Download this .reg file here ... Just run, press Yes and done

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Install folder"="C:\\Games\\AIDROID\\"