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all characters are at least 18

Cunt Wars [edit]

Cunt Wars is a turn-based, collectible card game with lane battle mechanics. It is an adult version of the game Mighty Party, which is available on Steam (PC), Google Play (Android), and the App Store (iOS). It seems to feature the exact same characters, but with highly explicit artwork that evolves for each level of a character. Due to the explicit title, Cunt Wars is sometimes referred to as Chick Wars or C-Wars.


Gameplay revolves around collecting cards and using them to fight other players. Winning grants you fame points and allow to advance to higher leagues where you fight stronger opponents. Each card can be upgraded in many ways including direct boost with gold dust, guild bonuses, leveling up, soulbinding, reborning. After joining a guild you can also participate in a Turf War mini-game against other guilds.

Ways to play

The game is available for desktop browsers and Android devices. You can either play through the official Hooligapps website or through the Nutaku publisher. Nutaku has the advantage of letting you log in with a centralized account, and makes it easy and secure to purchase premium currency that can be shared across many other h-games they publish.

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