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all characters are at least 18

Brutish Mine [edit]


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Brutish Mine
Brutish Mine Cover.jpg
Developer: Illusion
Release date: September 14, 2000
Theme: None
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Fanpage No Fanpage
Discord No Discord
No HF Patch - No Plugin - Illusion


The year is 2058. The destruction of the environment by human beings has caused several space distortions, which led to the appearance of monster-like creatures on the Earth. These creatures, also called "demons", may look like humans, but possess extraordinary powers. The main hero of the game, a young man named Kento, encounters one of the demons, whom he first believes to be a mere bandit. Unable to win the fight against the creature, Kento is saved by a lovely girl named Maki. She introduces him to SPAT ("Spiritual Attackers"), a special organization that fights against the demons and the corporation Gaian Global (GG), which is believed to stand behind them. Kento joins forces with SPAT and begins to investigate the megalopolis Kannazawa City for clues...


Brutish Mine plays similarly to a traditional JRPG where players have a party of three characters who fight enemies and bosses in turn-based combat, using attacks and spells. The turns of battle participants are visible on a special bar. Outside of battles, Kento can explore the 3D environments with a fixed camera view, talk to NPCs, obtain items, and so on.