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all characters are at least 18

AI Syoujyo [edit]


Install Guide


FAQ & Technical Help

This a general illustration for those looking to install and update the game from scratch. If you are new to the illusion scene, most would recommend you to obtain a certain repack that will take care of the process for you. View the discord for help. For those determined to manage their own installation feel free to proceed.

With the release of HS2 and HS2 DX the number of patches has become more complex. This hopes to list every official patch released and their dependencies that's needed to fully update either AI or HS2.

When a version update patch is released (grey boxes) illusion releases a sub and all version of the patch. The all version (latest one listed in the illustration) is a comprehensive patch containing all version update patches to date. The sub version is only meant to be applied if you are just one version behind.

In order to use any AI related studio items in HS2, AI itself must be installed. Once the preorder bonus clothing is applied to AI it will then also be available for use in HS2. (this does not take into account any mods applied)

AI update guide.png