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all characters are at least 18

AI Syoujyo [edit]


Install Guide


FAQ & Technical Help

Story Progression

In AI*少女 you need to survive on an isolated island along with girls. The game is filled with survival elements from the genre, with gathering system, cooking, crafting and building.

This section or the wiki, in general, can spoil parts of the game.

part 1

At the start of the game you'll be given a set of tasks that act as a tutorial to the game, afterwards you'll be left on your own to do as you wish. Inspect the broken bridge next to Shan's house to trigger the first stopping point. To progress simply be patient and let the girl 'grow' as in letting her gain Exp points (interact with her or leave her alone). Once enough exp has accumulated interact with the story point again to progress.

part 2

The second stopping point is a metal gate next to the run-down building. Once enough exp is gained interacting with the gate will prompt Shan to give you the key. Other points of interest are cats and chickens which can be caught as pets. However, some may just run from you and cannot be caught. You can also find a pod that contains the second girl to unlock.

part 3

The third stopping point is a door in the corner of the ruins. In one of the buildings, you can also find a pod that contains the third girl. Once enough exp is gained you'll be prompted to restore power. Go to the transformer near the fountain and fix it with the asked for materials. Afterwards you can open the door and then fix the boat. You can now sail to the Housing Island. Back at the ruins, there's another door in the back of the ruins. Once this door is opened there's a second door shortly after. You'll need a girl to follow you to open this door. This gives you access to a room with the final girl and collections points to farm rare items.

part 4

Housing Island is a sandbox for you to build. This is where the story currently ends despite the quest prompt. Starting a new game will now give you the option for Free mode.

Free Mode

This mode simply unlocks all the areas as if you completed the story. You'll still need to unlock everything else.

Character Customization

  • Protagonist : Can be male, female, or futanari.
  • Girl: The futanari option has no effect on the girls (maybe later with mods). Each Desire affects the initial stats of the girl and may have other effects

Parameter initial values (starting values)

Femininity Trust Humanity Instinct Perversion Vigilance Sociability Darkness
Kindness 20 13 8 5
Pleasure -2 8 20 -4 5 11
Mischief 12 6 15 8
Thrills 6 3 24 10 3 4
Courtesy 3 5 2 5
Taboos -15 5 8 -5 15
Calmness 5 10 -5 5 10 -5
Wealth -10 -5 3 10 5 8 20
Intelligence 5 22 -5 11 10
Conviction​ 3 6 4 2
Loyalty 8 25 1 13 15
Endurance 5 8 6 -2 11 18 3 2
Sweetness 25 11 8
Innocence -5 26 -5
Imperfection -3 -2 -10 -5 5 4 -3 10
Understanding 5 2 8 8 5
Sharpness -5 6 -5 20 2
Comfort 10 15 8 8 6

Desire initial values (starting values)

Toilet Bath Sleep Eat Break Gift Want Lonely H Hunt Game Cook Animal Location Drink
Kindness 2 12
Pleasure 2 9
Mischief 1 3
Thrills 11 9
Courtesy 7
Taboos 12 3 5
Calmness 5 3 2
Wealth 2 12
Intelligence 3 1 13 4
Conviction​ 1 4 3 2
Loyalty 12 4
Endurance 2 3 3 13
Sweetness 8 6 3
Innocence 1 7 2
Imperfection 5 40 4
Understanding 2 4
Sharpness 6 4
Comfort 13 6

Desire addition (data taken from the jp wiki, not entirely certain but this could be a fixed increase to desires each day)

Toilet Bath Sleep Eat Break Gift Want Lonely H Hunt Game Cook Animal Location Drink
Kindness 4 11
Pleasure 8 8 6
Mischief 8 4 7
Thrills 4 5 6
Courtesy 8 2
Taboos 1 1 6
Calmness 8 5
Wealth 7 1 3
Intelligence 3 5 9
Conviction​ 1 7
Loyalty 3 4 8
Endurance 1 3
Sweetness 6 4 5
Innocence 4 2 2 5
Imperfection 1 3 8
Understanding 1 6
Sharpness 8 4 2
Comfort 8

Changing Characters

You can change protagonist or any of the girls at the data terminals found throughout the island. View the map to find their locations.

  • Changing the girl: Switch to another character card. The current Stats and Desire (temporary values) will carry over but Parameter and Traits and anything tied to those will be set to what's on the card you switch to. Note that you cannot switch to any card that's currently in use by a save file.
  • Changing the girl's appearance: Note that this will alter the character appearance of the card itself


Interacting directly with the girl give multiple options.

Talk: By talking you can ask her health state, needs and thoughts in general. Is a good interaction to know the current state of the girl and what she thinks about you and the environment. Each talk option seems to have the potential to increase one of the girl's Paramters There's also the possibility of decreasing the Physical Stat thus increasing their Fatigue (possibly due to high Darkness or low mood). The parameter increase may be tied to their response and current condition.

  • Ask impression
  • How's it going
  • Who's your friend
  • Favorite place
  • Flatter appearance : may increase mood
  • Flatter personality : may increase mood
  • Dirty talk : may increase immoral (naughty mood)

Advise: You can suggest her to help collecting materials, cooking or collaborating with tasks in general. With more advises she would become more independent, also more helpful, but at the same time have the risk of overwork and fall unconscious. Each option will sharply increase one Desire by 70 while lowering all others by 30.

  • Go to sleep : increases sleep
  • Take a break : increases break
  • Collect material : increases hunt
  • Eat something : increases eat
  • Drink something : increases drink
  • Cook something : increases cook
  • Change of pace : increases game
  • Be lewd : increases h

Give item: You can give the girl any present with will increase the girl's Paramters by the stated amount.

Give medicine: If a girl is sick this option can be used to give her the appropriate medicine. In other cases you can also give her specific items which will affect her Desire

What you asked: Appear if the girl has requested an item allowing you to give her the requested items.

Follow: You can ask the girl to follow you. In order to hold hands you need to be close to her, wait until she take your hand and then walk, if you run, she would stop holding your hand.

Ask for sex: Initiate H scene. The girl may refuse.


To gather materials you need tools. the gathering locations are mark on the map with different colors, White [Lv1], Blue [Lv2], Orange [Lv3]. Each level gives more and better materials.

Fishing rod.

  • Lv1: Broken fishing rod x1. Driftwood x1.

Hand / Gauntlets.

  • Lv1: Don't require tools.
  • Lv2: Tattered gloves x1. Durable leather x3. Rubber x1.
  • Lv3: Glove x1. Carbon x3. Rubber x3. Plate x2.


  • Lv1: Pickled pickaxe x1. Driftwood x1.
  • Lv2: Pickaxe x1. Iron x5. Pipe x2.
  • Lv3: Durable pickaxe x1. Alloy material x1. Metal fittings x2. Durable leather x1.


  • Lv1: Rotten shovel x1. Driftwood x1.
  • Lv2: Shovel x1. Durable cloth x1. Wooden board x4. Stone x5.
  • Lv3: Durable shovel x1. Plate x3. Carbon x1. Square wood x3.

Insect net.

  • Lv1: Broken insect net x1. Cloth x1.
  • Lv2: Insect net x1. Durable cloth x2. Resin x2.
  • Lv3: Durable insect net x1. Carbon x1. Pipe x3.


In the in-game menu, you can craft items, tools and different materials. Some advanced materials can be found but also can be crafted. Each zone has containers to keep materials and don't carry them with you, all the containers are connected between them and share the same content. Is not necessary having on the pocket the materials to craft, all the materials can be put inside of the containers and craft without carry them.

Cooking can be done also without carry materials and just using a bonfire or kitchen. To satisfy the girls hunger you need to put the cooked food on the kitchen storage and they for themselves should take the food.