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all characters are at least 18

@HomeMate [edit]



Technical Help



  • Q: Will the game run on Windows 10?
    A: Not without issues unless you switch system locale to Japanese, which you really shouldn't because you will experience issues with other stuff. You can't use AppLocale, but you can use NTLEA and Locale Emulator, but the subtitle mod will not work (i.e. no subtitles).

Extracting and Mounting

  • Q: I'm having trouble extracting the archive? WinRAR can't find the second part?
    • A: Rename the files as below and make sure that the files are in a folder location with no weird characters e.g. "C:\Downloads\Ahm". Then extract part1.
      • "<original name>.part1.rar" to "ahm.part1.rar"
      • "<original name>.part2.rar" to "ahm.part2.rar"
      • "<original name>.part3.rar" to "ahm.part3.rar"
  • Q: I'm having trouble mounting the ISO? "Unable to mount image. Unable to access image file".
    • A: Rename the ISO file to "ahm.ISO".

Game crashes

  • Q: My game crashes when I try to change the ladies clothing, can anyone help?
    • A: This is most likely due to a mod or add-on corrupting files. The only known fix is to do a clean re-install of the game, and take backups before every mod install.
  • Q: My game crashes when I start it?
    • A: Make sure you installed it to an English location like described below.
    • A: Run with administrator rights.
    • A: Disable DirectVobSub (both auto-loading and not) with an utility such as InstalledCodec or alternatively uninstall it.
    • A: Try uninstalling other codec packs and install the CCCP codec pack only.
  • Q: Does the game even run on Vista64/Win7?
    • A: Game has been confirmed to run fine on both. Make sure you use the latest drivers only.
  • Q: Why the game show in black screen and stop working after few second when start?
    • A: Try go to option>custom>and select window mode.
  • Q: The game suddenly pop up ActiveMovie Window and stop working?
    • A: Try to install K-lite codec pack, or just turn off movie playback.

Unreadable Text

  • Q: I installed the translations, but the text is almost unreadable?
    • A: Run the English launcher with Japanese regional settings (you can use AppLocale).

Graphics Problems

  • Q: I have a problem with some of the buttons not showing? See this screenshot.
    • A: Update your graphics drivers.
    • A: Your graphics card is too old and has too little memory. Get a more recent one.

Installing the game

Many have problems installing the game and getting it to run. You can install the game with AppLocale without any problems on all versions of Windows. Below is a recommended step-by-step guide, that is very detailed. If you follow this guide, you will be playing the game in no time!


The following guide assumes that you already installed East Asian/ Japanese languages in Windows. This is not optional. Be aware that installing additional languages probably will require you to insert your Windows setup media.

The guide

  1. Install AppLocale and the right-click feature.
  2. Extract the image (i.e. <original name>.ISO) with WinRAR.
  3. Make sure the image has only English characters, i.e. rename it to e.g. "ahm.ISO".
  4. Make sure that the image is located in a folder without weird characters, e.g. "c:\downloads\ahm".
  5. Mount the image in Daemon tools.
  6. Dismiss the autorun thingy that appears by clicking the bottom button.
  7. Navigate to the mounted dvd (e.g. "E:\") and right-click Startup.exe and choose Locale Japanese.
  8. Click the topmost button on the window that appears (don't worry about the disabled button).
  9. If the game launcher appears or an error occurs you have a bad installation and have to uninstall first. Read how below.
  10. Click (N) a few times and change the install folder to e.g. "c:\illusion\ahm".
  11. Let the setup install the game.
  12. Done.
  13. Verify that the game runs by navigating to the install folder and then right-clicking @homemate.exe and choose Locale Japanese.

Next step could be installing an English patch.

Uninstalling a failed installation

If the launcher appears you have to uninstall the game. To uninstall:

  1. Go to Add/Remove or Uninstall a program in Control Panel.
  2. Find "ILLUSION @ふぉーむメイト" and click Remove.
  3. Answer Yes to remove it.
  4. After the uninstallation has completed (click (N) a few times), you should make sure that the old folder is deleted, i.e. delete it.
  5. Mount the image and install as described above.

Final words

Installing or running Japanese games is easy. You just have to remember that each time you run something Japanese it has to be run with AppLocale. If the text looks weird and not like Japanese characters you should cancel and try with AppLocale or even booting with Japanese regional settings. Weird text spells trouble. Japanese text and you're good.