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Violated Heroine edit




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Current Preferred Download

As of Jan. 2013, the preferred method for downloading patches is to use the Trunk Node of the Subversion Project. Downloading directions follow; installation procedure remains as standard, using Habisain's RMTrans tool.

Download Instructions (using TortoiseSVN) Download and install a Subversion Client, such as TortoiseSVN (specific steps may vary if using alternative clients). Browse to your desired directory in Windows Explorer (aka Computer) and create a New Folder for the patch. Right-click on this folder and select 'SVN Checkout'. On the screen that appears, enter 'https://subversion.assembla.com/svn/VH/trunk' into the box that says 'URL of Repository'. Ensure that 'Checkout Depth' is set to its default of 'Fully Recursive' and click 'OK'. Your download will proceed without need of further interaction.

This method allows continuing compatibility of each patch with future Game Revisions and does not violate the terms imposed by any relevant software developer.

Fucksands' Assembla SVN

VH Subversion Translation, founded by 'fucksands' is the most current (as of March 2014) collaborative endeavor. Basic instructions are available at the above link as a reminder; further instructions are available at the other VH Wiki sites or in the latest discussion thread at 4Chan (archives available on the VH Thread page).

VN Translations

Violated Heroine TLWiki has been compiling many of the relevant tools and instructions and a list of already-patched downloads since Oct. 2012. These are primarily a result of collaboration on 4Chan based upon Rogue's patches.

Rogue's Patch

RogueTranslator resumed the translation efforts. Partial patch available as of 2011.12.10. Download links and instructions located here and here.


Also there is a full machine translation available here, courtesy of VKozyRev (updated 11.12.11). The whole game is translated in English but the translation quality (like any machine translation) sometimes rather low. RPGMaker Trans software version 1.91 or higher should be used to apply the patch.


First translation efforts were by a team born on the Hongfire message boards. These efforts did not get far, due to the constant updates and lack of tools to do translations at the time.

The "VH Translation Team" (Forum/Homepage) comprised of BlazedBallz, Malarkey, Malkav0 and Hime-Sama attempted a new translation project. However, again, they were eventually defeated by a lack of tools and real life issues. The last updates from this team were approximately July 2010.

The current patch uses Habisains RPGMaker Trans software so it is not tied to a specific version of VH. It is based on the efforts of the VH Translation Team, and was ported over to initial versions of RPGMaker Trans by Wonder Dog, and from there to the current version by Habisain. Additional help came from image translations found on the Hongfire VH thread (CatatonicMan, though I am not certain if he created the images) . Neither has added any new translations thus far, and the patch can only translate content which was present in the July 2010 version of the game.

Then in 2011, RogueTranslator started the translation efforts again, starting over from scratch based on the August 20th, 2011 version of VH. The last patch put out was the Capital patch based on the now October 25th version, comprising nearly 50% of the overall game. As of July 13, 2012, RogueTranslator has placed all his translation work on indefinite hiatus due to more pressing obligations.

TON555z began English translation efforts from Korea in early 2012, and posts update reports on Hongfire and Facebook.

Violated Heroine TLWiki has newly organized since Oct. 2012 based on people of 4chan