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The Roland Underground Prison (ローラント地下監獄) is an unranked difficulty dungeon under the graveyard of Ray-On Village located to the east of its church. It is accessed through a hole next to one of the gravestones to the south after being unlocked.

General Information

The dungeon has many spike, bear, and ether traps; the latter will gradually deplete a mage character's supply of ether, and as such trap dodging equipment or skills, or alternative Mana restoration methods should be prepared (such as the Mage's Staff). Holy attribute weaponry or enchantments will greatly assist you in clearing the dungeon. Adding to the difficulty is that there is no possibility of saving in this dungeon, even with the "save anywhere" option activated.


Lost Adventurers

There is a quest associated with this dungeon; some details can be gotten from Mime Cynthia on the first level. The Mime lost four of her party members to the dungeon (the Squire, Chemist, White Mage, and Time Mage), all of whom are now imprisoned in various sections. There is an internal time limit to rescue them before they are lost entirely (the Time Mage and Squire will be killed and left to wander the sewers as zombies, the White Mage will be drugged senseless and raped), so it is necessary to prepare beforehand and finish the dungeon in one go if you seek the Mime's reward for rescuing her party.

First Part

  1. On the way into the prison proper there will be ripples in the water on the right side of the passageway. These are fish waiting to jump out as you walk by and will instantly kill you if they hit you. Make sure to move quickly.
  2. Take the path east into the water, then head north up the ladder before following the path to the stairs in the northeast.
  3. Follow the path to the east and take the stairs.
  4. There is a woman trapped in the cell to the left, but there is nothing you can do for her. Take the stairs to the east.
  5. Head southwest to a room that contains a Prison Key on a table, then return to the previous floor.
  6. Go past the trapped woman's cell all the way to the end. Unlock the jail door and take the stairs down. Hit the switch to the east, which will unlock the sewer shortcuts.
  7. Return to the area in #3 and head north into the Torture Plaza. To the west is a smaller chamber with a dead guard chained to a wall. On her corpse are the dungeon cell keys; collect them.
  8. Take the stairs at the northeastern corner of torture plaza.
  9. Kill all enemies on the map, and then rescue the Time Mage. Freeing her will also grant a long-lasting Repulsion-like effect, making this dungeon (almost) deserted.
  10. Descend into the water by taking the door to the southwest and take the passage westwards to the sewer hub.

Sewer Hub

There is a long, serpentine way south leading to the first map of the dungeon and six sewer tunnels. The sewer tunnels from left to right lead to:

  1. The cell row with the trapped woman.
  2. The area with the Time Mage.
  3. The Torture Plaza.
  4. A large torture chamber between the cell block with the imprisoned Squire and a shortcut to the dungeon's boss.
  5. The area with the Chemist.
  6. A passage leading to the White Mage that remains populated even under the effect of the Time Mage's Repulsion spell.

Second Part

  1. Climb into sixth tunnel and walk to the very end towards the east, ignoring the western fork with the stairs. Collect the Demon Claw Blade, Long Spear, and Battleaxe along the way. The angelic statues that weep blood tears can be struck down to access areas behind them.
  2. Use the ladder and follow the path to the end where you will find a chest and the White Mage. Upon freeing her she will fully restore your Health and Mana.
  3. Backtrack to the sewer hub and enter the fifth tunnel to free the Chemist. She will sell you potions and various curatives. Return to the hub.
  4. Enter the fourth tunnel and leave the room through the door to the north. Head further north and you will find the Squire's cell. Releasing her will complete the quest.
  5. The following section will enable you to finish looting the dungeon and lead you to the dungeon boss.

Treasure Looting

  1. To the east of the Squire's cell is a chest. Loot it and return to the hub.
  2. Take the first tunnel and head southwest towards the corridor with several inscriptions on its wall. There will be another chest in a cell. Loot it and return to the hub.
  3. Take the fourth tunnel again. Go through the door in the southern part of the room. Continue west and enter the door.
  4. Here you will find two doors: a prison door to the south leading to a ladder, and a plain door to the north. Enter the former and use the ladder.
  5. Head west and climb the ladder. Go through the southwestern door and follow the only possible way to the chest at the end.
  6. Return to the room and head to the northern door directly across the one you just came through. It will lead to a room with rows of coffins.
  7. Go through the northernmost door and loot the chest in the next room.
  8. Now backtrack to the room in #4 and take the northern exit. Enter the black door with a red eye on it.

Boss Fight

You will start in the southwestern section of this arena. Upon entering you will be prevented from leaving. The arena contains multiple arrow, spike and silence traps together with a small host of spellcasters and fighters.

The boss herself, a girl with grayish hair and dressed in black, is in the northern corner next to a long table with a coffin. She moves erratically and somewhat quickly, and will never move directly towards you although she can damage you badly if you stand in her way. On defeat you can search her coffin to find a Torturer's Badge (although it was previously suggested that there would also be a red chest containing a Phantom Robe). Use the emergency exit to return to the first map.

Speak to the White Mage and she will give you the White Love Letter. Afterwards talk to Mime Cynthia who will reward you with 3 Crystal Fragments before leaving with her rescued party.