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Known in-game as Island Colosseum. You can visit it as a normal location if you talk to the blonde woman in the red dress in the church of Ray-On Village (unless you're a slave).

It's one of the few locations which allow you to quickly enter Slave mode without too much hassle.


The Island Colosseum is a gladiator fight between heroines and monsters with clearly defined rules. The Colosseum works in a similar way to Colosseum modes in other games (.hack//G.U. for example.)

You'll need to be relatively high level to win all the arena fights, as you'll have to fight some boss monsters from the dungeons and you can't access the menu inside the arena, so you can't change your equipment nor use any items. Auto-healer works normally.

When you first enter it you'll find yourself in a lobby with monsters and humans. This is a town area, so there's no combat and the monsters won't attack.

  • You'll find a counter on each side for gladiator registration. Left side for humans, right side for monsters. Note that even if your character got turned into a monster you'll fight as a human in the arena.
  • If you are in debug mode you'll also see a bucket which allows you to predefine your next fight.
  • The middle way is blocked by two guards. They'll let you pass to the arena when you accept a fight.
  • If you head right, you can watch NPCs battle in the arena.


The general mechanism works like this:

  • You bet your money on your victory. If you win, you'll get back your money. If you lose, you pay to the house. If you don't have enough money, you'll enter slave mode.
    • You talk to the bunnygirl to get an opponent you'll fight under certain conditions (which you might reject by playing a penalty match game) and enter the arena
      • You fight the enemies
        • You defeat them and win the money you bet + some items while climbing up a rank
        • Or you are defeated and lose your bet (enter slave mode if you have no money), also a loss of reputation.
  • Rinse and repeat


When you first talk to the adult bunnygirl you'll first be asked if you wanna register as a fighter. You'll be asked to pick a nickname which will determine which kind of monsters you'll get (e.g. 3rd option will be mostly human opponents at the beginning). Decide for yourself which path you prefer.

You can only do this part once, so choose wisely.


Reputation, while not extremely important, does influence which enemies you'll get. How exactly this is determined isn't completely clear. Climbing up the ladder of success will earn you nicknames like "Fearless Princess Knight" while being defeated often will make it go in the opposite direction like "Meatbag". This also includes running off after accepting a duel but deciding to leave the lobby to the overworld instead of going to the arena, as this will earn you the nickname "Chicken" (along with whatever other nickname you have). Ending up in slave mode or losing penalty games will also modify this further.


There is a limit to how many ranks you can rise. Once you win your 40th match, there are no more tournament matches, but the little bunnygirl NPC allows you to enter Free Battle. The free battle settings room is not translated, but the icons should be self-explanatory for the most part.

Accepting a match

To accept a match you'll need to talk to the adult bunny girl. After informing you of your current rank and reputation, she'll give you information on the fight itself:

  • Victory conditions. Defeat all enemies, or defeat a set amount of them or survive for a certain amount of time.
  • Enemies and playing field: Who you'll fight (and the amount of enemies they are) and in which location. Difficulty increases with each victory.
  • Reward and bet: What item you'll win and how much you bet. You'll receive the money if you win, you'll have to pay it if you lose.
  • Handicap: It could be a time limit, or restriction to wear a certain sexy armour, magic-limiting collars, use shackles instead of your regular weapon. Handicap conditions will be even worse in penalty games.

Once she's told you all of this you'll get 4 options:

  1. Accept match and head for the arena (you go to the arena manually by heading up the stairs guarded by the soldiers)
  2. Explanation (explains arena rules again)
  3. Penalty game (forfeits the match and gives you a new one with different enemies, but usually harsher handicaps)
  4. Cancel

Penalty Games

If you choose the penalty game option, you'll get to choose if you want a "Pain" or a "Pleasure" punishment. Both will heavily restrict your offensive and defensive power, with the first one putting an emphasis on having no attack or defense to defeat enemies which normally would be in your same league but now deal more damage to you (and which you almost can't harm) and Pleasure putting an emphasis on getting your EX meter up and putting you up against enemies which will rapidly increase it (usually slimes or water monsters) as your defeat conditions will be to orgasm a certain amount of times before being defeated (most of the time, sometimes it'll be a regular defeat made harder because you'll be in ??? status).

Slave mode

As said above, a pretty easy way to make your girl become a (partial) slave is to lose here without having money to pay back the bet. In that case, the Colosseum will put a collar on you along with a official State tag that you belong to them. Theorically you can buy your freedom free by paying the debt but even if you do it they'll say they have lost the key to your collar. If you come back on a new day you will be given documents to sign. You are told it is routine paper work but realy its an agreement to be a slave permanently. You are given 3 options Sign, Don't Sign, Read carefully. If you choose the third option you will notice what it says and complain. The right paper work will be brought and you will be free.

The Island Colosseum is the second-quickest method to become a slave. (The first one being selecting a character to be a slave from the beginning, which however won't allow you to access the Island Colosseum.)

There are, however, some interesting events inside the Colosseum if you become a slave like this which don't happen if you just go there already being a slave.

  • Lost Key: As explained before, if you pay back the debt the bunny girl will try to open you collar only to see the lock and the key she has don't match and tell you to come back. When you come back you will be give paper work to sign. This is an agreement to be a slave forever. If you choose to read carefully (3rd choice) you will be given the correct paper work and be freed.
  • Fighting duels as slave underdog: All the duels you accept now, while still allowing you to bet money, will be in ludicrous conditions (Basically, normal matches, but wearing swimsuit as armor, and wearing either Satan's Collar (Your character is always in ??? status, reduce stats), or shackles(HUGE drop in ATK stat), or both.). It is highly unprobable that you can win any of these fights unless you have a ridiculously high level (and even then they tend to be hard). Normally this will only serve to increase your debt but it might be interesting for people to do some of these fights and see how the nerfed character works now.
  • Becoming a fallen noble woman: With a high loli score and a high neat score, you will not be given the regular slave collar but a noble collar instead. The sister in Rayon village will add the noble slave chain to complete the outfit. The noble collar doesn't have the negative impact on your stats and the guards in the capital of Avalon will not capture you leading to a game over.

Easy way to end up as a slave

Do some battles normally, until you reach a battle you can easily lose on purpose (the first boss will do the trick, but the second boss is probably the most effective even on high level characters). Then, strip your character of all the equipment you can and use all the money you have on items, so you'll have to lose less battles and you can sell them later and buy slave-only equipment in Ray-On Village once you're a slave.

Then go and lose the boss battle. Afer that, you'll get a message which will tell you that "You've lost x amount of Gil. But you're out of money!" and how much debt you have with the house and are forced to assume a very special kind of IOU. You'll be forced to become a publicly known sex slave until you pay it off by being forced to wear a "Lewd Oppression collar".