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Core version: 140 (2018-10-26)


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Gorg Organization Base (ゴーグ機構基地) is a dungeon in the East Continent. It is not on the world map, but inside Lionel Castle Church, accessible by examining the bathroom door in Lionel's inn five times.

This location is actively being worked on as of Core140 (26/10/18). Some of the information below may be out of date.


Once you have examined the bathroom door in Lionel's inn five times and activated the toilet, you should find yourself in a snaking corridor. At the bottom of this corridor, you will be approached by a spy. From here on, if a guard sees you (they have a frontal cone of vision and frequently turn), you will experience a H-Ending. After progressing through this area, you will be able to get a key that will allow you to enter the base from the rightmost room of the lower floor of Lionel castle (the bathroom will also be boarded up).

After that area, you will find yourself in B1F, with an elevator north of you. Each floor is connected to 2 other floors, so if you want to go to a specific floor, keep moving on until it becomes an option; B1F also has the option of leaving the complex.


Plenty of plot to be found here, though not much else. Once the "101st" room has been opened, the door to the boss room is on the left of this screen.


Plenty of plot, not much else.


Lots of consoles that display long monologues.


Lore console in the top left. Robot in the locked bottom left room (unlock on B6F) has a H-event for characters with dicks.


Several lore consoles. Lots of metal slimes if the security is down.


The Bottom left room has two consoles: the left console opens the boss room, the right console disables the security doors throughout the base. The rest of the floor contains inoperable/lore consoles. Finally, there is a chastity belt remote in the top-left room.


Locked bottom left room (unlocked on B6F) has a console that opens the "secret door" (not entirely sure what that does).


The top right room is locked until you remove the security on level 6. It is a "slime belt control room" of sorts; There is a dispenser on the right where you can get a slime belt and a console where you can recharge your remote, change the belt's status and remove your belt. The bottom right has a lore console, and the bottom left has a terminal that gives you the keycard to Luminous' laboratory on B10F.


Not much going on here.


Top right room is initially locked, unlocked on B6F. Inside, there is a console that allows you to upgrade your remote, adding advanced functions (change vibration setting, clit stimulation, more excretion management settings, "random mode" and lock controls). In addition to this, there is a console on the left that allows you to modify your belt and make it permanent. If you do this, it can't be removed. (n.b. the final boss of the bug labyrinth removes the "chastity belt" skill, even if you have the "slave chastity belt" skill - not sure how they interact, though). The bottom left console shows you the current security state (i.e. if the secret room and 101st room are unlocked) and the bottom right console switches on your belt if it's turned off.

There is also a door in the top left that leads to a long corridor, which then leads to a laboratory run by an angel called Luminous. You can find the keycard on B8F.

Luminous' Lab

You can upgrade your remote, remove a slime belt, and also make the belt permanent here. The angel can be talked to, and she will only talk to you if your character is a masochist, according to the Japanese wiki. If you talk to her with the required level of masochism, you will be sent on a quest. After each stage of the quest, the remote control will be upgraded with new features, such as a removal of the V/A shields and V/A vibrating dildos, and finally a chastity bra.

This quest can be completed in two ways: you can talk to a researcher who spawns on B2F, then go to the Floating Continent and find a damaged automaton that spawns in the lower-right of the map with a lake, then return to the researcher to get the two items. You can also go to the Life Science Institute basement and talk to a ghost researcher, and will require a permanent loss of 50 max hp, or you can give him a civilian to experiment on. The quest then involves a delivery to an angel in the Village in the Mountains. After this, you will need to pay Luminous an amount of gold inversely proportional to your masochism score and the number of times you have used the remote control to continue.


  • By default, you can't save in this dungeon, even if you have "save anywhere" turned on. This can be circumvented by turning "save anywhere" on in the options --> difficulty section of the Girl's Secret Diary, but it will be reset whenever you change map.
  • The dungeon has been streamlined greatly compared to previous revisions: there is now only one security console and the 'elevator orbit' system has been removed. As a result, most of the floors no longer have any gameplay significance.
  • The robotic enemies in the dungeon are tough, inflict a fairly large amount of damage and are immune to damage. In the game files, they all use enemy ID 1002, which is the living saw.
  • There are a lot of generic traps randomly placed on each floor (in particular, electric floors, invisible blades and mystic flower fragrance).
  • A large number of metal chastity belt slimes are released when you disable the security doors.
  • After defeating the boss, you won't be able to enter Lionel anymore - instead, you'll go straight to the first floor of the dungeon. In previous versions, you lost access to the lower floors as well.