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The Forgotten Mansion (忘れられた邸宅) is a Difficulty ★★★ dungeon in the Central Continent. It is unlocked by reading a book on a table inside Ray-On Village's church while being at least level 10.


The dungeon consists of a multipart forested exterior and the mansion itself. The forest has various types of enemies whereas most enemies in the mansion are undead, demons, or constructs.

  • Many enemies can inflict Status effects (Poison, Bleeding, Fear, ???, Captured, Fallen).
  • Equipping an item that provides immunity to Capture is strongly recommended since the naked zombie girls can drain your Mana and increase EX, making your character incredibly vulnerable.
  • Some enemies are very tough, particularly the ones found deeper in the mansion. Frost resistance is recommended.
  • The mansion contains ghosts that can only be damaged by Holy element weapons.
  • Items known to damage ghosts:
    • Silver Braid (Large Sword)
    • Vampire Killer (Whip)
    • Shadow Dagger
    • Silver Dagger
    • Star Bringer (Sword)
    • Mace (AD)
    • Any one-handed weapon as long as the Holy Ring is equipped on the other hand.
  • Delta horse traps are found throughout the dungeon, most commonly on carpeted areas. They drain your Mana, increase EX, and cannot be avoided.
  • Losing to the boss of the mansion will grant you access to the Cat and Plant Girl transformations, if desired.
  • Be careful when you decide to take on this dungeon; while it is technically unnecessary to fight the boss to escape, the only other known way to escape without a game over is to lose the boss fight and turn into a monster girl. If one of your characters is turned into a plant, none of the others in the roster will be able to fight the boss afterward as they will be unable to interact with her. You will also be unable to attack or be attacked by any enemies inside the mansion. It is unknown whether returning to human form fixes this, or even if there is such a method to reverse the process. A monster girl in Different Village mentions a female collector who may know how but it is also unknown who this character is.



The small initial area opens up into a region with a river cutting through it. The shortest path is to cut through the river to the east, although taking the detour to the north leads you to a waterfall map where you can find a Crystal Fragment on a ledge reachable by means of a Chain Flail from the Undersea Temple.

Both maps have exits to the east (the river one to the southeast, the waterfall one to the northeast) that lead to two separate forests. These forests have minor treasures in them but are otherwise unremarkable. The upper forest area leads to the rear of the mansion, which is where you will end up after escaping.

To the left of the mansion's entrance is a doghouse. Examining it will cause you to automatically lose the boss battle and will transform you into a cat if supported by your selected character (such as Young Rydia and Loli Nakoruru).

Entering the mansion will lock you inside until you find a way to escape.

Outer Mansion Area

The entrance leads to a foyer with several enemies and two neutral maids. The passages under the stairs to the north will repel you until you find a way to bypass them, while the doors on the upper levels are locked and inaccessible.

The corridors to the east and west both lead to maps with triple meeting rooms each (Maps 238 & 267); the third room from the south in each wing has a piano but only the one on the western side is functional (Map 241). Taking the western/eastern exit in Map 238/267 respectively will lead to a corridor connecting four bedrooms each (Maps 242/271) which can be searched for treasure chests. The treasure in these chests are random and either dependent on your character or generated when the first character is created; the items vary between playthroughs but will be consistent even if you savescum to retry. The items are often high quality such as Kyogin's Gauntlet, a Hydra Suit or even a Slave Collar.

A lady resides in the first southern bedroom (Map 243) on the west wing who will tell you that you need to play a song on the piano to head deeper into the mansion; this song is the second song "Wipe the Tears". Doing this will remove the repelling fields in Maps 237, 238, 267, and 271, although it is not strictly necessary to access the inner mansion area as you can make a detour through Map 259, possibly due to a bug.

In Maps 242 & 271 the doors to the northwest/northeast lead to safe rooms. The western wing (Map 254) has an unconscious girl who will die as you progress through the mansion. In the eastern wing room (Map 283) resides the sole survivor of a team of clerics sent by the church in Capital Avalon. Talking to him starts a minor quest to speak to the nun in the city for a minor gold reward, unlocks Capital Avalon, and nets you a Soul Jar 8. He can also cure all status ailments but will not restore your Health or Mana. If you return to the Forgotten Mansion at a later date you will find the priest dead. Pray for his soul to get a noticeable amount of experience.

Inner Mansion Area

While the rooms accessible from the western/eastern exits of Maps 242/271 (West wing Maps 251, 252, 253, 255; East wing Maps 280, 281, 282, 284) are of little importance, the northern exits are trapped. Entering the western wing northern exit (Map 259) will trap you in a fight against skeletons, mummies, and executioners (depicted as maids wielding chainsaws), while the eastern wing northern exit (Map 260, unmarked on the maps below) connects to a kitchen manned by a zombie and skeleton chefs led by an orc. You will need to defeat them all to escape.

The main corridor connecting to the foyer (Map 257) links to the living room in the south (Map 261) and the dining hall to the north (Map 258). The only thing of note in the dining room is a First Time Cure at the end of the central dining table.

The main corridor's second part (Map 262) connects three rooms: Maps 265 (west), 263 (north), and 266(east). Map 265 is the exit to this mansion but you will need to kill your way out. Map 266 is locked. Map 263 is the boss room.

Boss Room

The boss, Une, is an Alraune in the guise of a human woman. She will frequently jump erratically in short hops before making longer lunges, and will regularly release a swarm of insects that will fly quickly in your direction. She is accompanied by several other enemies who will respawn slowly when they are killed. There are a few traps in the room as well. Losing to her as either Fairy or Nakoruru will result in them being transformed into Plant Girls. If transformed, talking to her will allow you to gain a Sow Piercing on your clit and Bell Piercings on your breasts.

On defeat she drops a random item. You can then pick up the Prime Blue on the table to the south and search the chest on the table to the north. This chest contains very useful loot that may be worth savescumming for if you have "save anywhere" enabled until you get the one you want. Possible loot includes the following:

  • Wonder Bangle (Blocks ranged attacks)
  • Civilian (Super Heavy, all attacks reduced by 20% when not attacking)
  • Ice Shield (Blocks Frost when not attacking)
  • Eastern Kimono
  • Metamorph Dress (Can be bought in Ray-On Village)
  • Flame Shield (Blocks Fire when not attacking)
  • Skimpy Swimsuit (Provides portrait changes for Presea, Hexer and Rosetta)
  • Mithril Bustier
  • Ribbon (Negates almost all negative statuses)
  • Ogre Shield (Super Heavy, 100% defense against physical attacks when not attacking)
  • Shield of Earth (Blocks Lightning when not attacking)
  • Mystic Beasts Fur
  • Aegis Shield (Super Heavy, prevents most magic attacks when not attacking)