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The Execution Tower (処刑塔) is a difficulty ★★★★ dungeon in the Central Continent. It is a forbidding dungeon with plenty of blood hinting at the horrors within. It is unlocked by paying 200 gold to the pirate wearing a purple bandanna in Ray-On Village's pub, by the bar.


  • This is an incomplete dungeon; you will be limited in what you can do or what areas are accessible.
  • There are many traps in this dungeon with various negative status ailments.
  • Executioners found in certain areas move very rapidly and can gang up on you in short order.
  • Spear traps in the tower are very damaging and can stunlock you in position if they connect, causing great amounts of damage while you are unable to move out of the way.


Tower Exterior

When you arrive, two persons will spot you and silently depart. There will be three routes into the tower; the western, eastern, and central routes. Executioners will spawn if you take any route other than the central one, and subsequently there will always be Executioners spawning in this area.

Tower: Central Area

The central area branches off into two directions: a heavily trapped northern one and a chamber to the east. The eastern chamber, filled with statues, is a trap as the chest contains an object which will slow you down and cause the EX gauge to increase. After a number of steps you will be petrified.

The northern route has five lines of Petrification Gas traps, with the first line invisible just a tile beyond the two piles of rubble with a gap between them. If you are affected by the gas for five consecutive times you will be petrified. It is extremely difficult if not impossible to get past all five lines even with Float or Caution without becoming petrified; the Vigilance purchasable ability does not work here. The northeastern chest merely has five Sacrificial Dolls which may be of use in the minesweeper game in the eastern wing, but is not worth it compared to the difficulties involved especially since there are a few more Petrification traps to pass through. The northwestern chest has a Crystal Fragment. After picking up the item you may drop into the hole to the southeast to escape into the basement, although if you are not a Warrior or have the ability to switch classes you will be unable to leave; in such a situation having the Level 2 general magic "Exit" will be needed.

Tower: West Wing

From the entrance there are two paths, one leading up some stairs and the other to the next area in the west. The western path leads to a corridor with a Prime Blue behind some blocks, which unfortunately is inaccessible. The stairs south will take you towards the basement, which is only accessible if you are a Warrior class character or have the Spring Armor or similar equipment that can switch your class to Warrior. Removing the spear blocking the way will net you a Guilty Lance.

Note that the locked rooms here (which require the Cross Key from the West Wing Second Floor chapel) have nothing of interest except more monsters. Additionally, entering the door with heat radiating from it will permanently lock you inside a furnace; while you might be able to survive the fire damage you will have no way of effectively leaving this chamber.

West Wing Basement

This level has little of interest. The locked doors lead to either monsters, a furnace, or one of two iron maiden trap rooms with no treasure inside. The path to the far east leads to a passage with monsters and an invulnerable glowing crystal at the end.

West Wing Second Floor

This floor is only navigable with the Chain Flail from the Undersea Temple. In order to access the exit doors to the north you need to make your way to a switch to its right which will deactivate the spear traps leading to it. Once you have done so quickly rush down to the southeast and jump into the pit within the 30 seconds given. Climb out into the northwestern section and make your way to the gates; the timer will be inactive but the traps will remain off. The pits to the doors' left drops into a ruined chapel where you can pick up the Cross Key needed to open up the doors in this section of the tower and one in the right wing.

DO NOT at any time check the chest to the east of the doors which contains a key that will cause the doors to eat you when you interact with them later.

West Wing Third Floor

The third floor is a simple level with a watery pit at the bottom and saws that will periodically come out of the wall to the north. To the south is a Brass Key that you will need to survive a trap in the East Wing.

West Wing Fourth Floor

This hall again needs the Chain Flail to navigate. You need to pull two levers to the left and right of the exit to the north in order to create a path there and towards the entrance. Beware that a few tiles in front of the right side lever is a spring that will toss you into the pit below. Fortunately the crushing wall trap was never completed and you may climb back up to try again.

West Wing Fifth Floor

This area merely contains a note for future development as well as a locked door that needs the Bronze Key from the Eastern Wing.

West Wing Sixth Floor

There is nothing much past this level, except for a signboard which will take you to the world map.

Tower: East Wing

This wing is linear but has a challenge at the end.

East Wing Second Floor

There are three routes leading northwards, with the ones to the east and west having switches you need to activate to unlock the main gates. The western one has multiple trapped stairs which will trigger falling boulders when you are halfway up. In order to access the chest at the bottom you need to trigger the correct boulder traps to fill in the gaps. Take the last set of stairs and only trigger the traps on the next level. If you trigger the wrong ones by mistake you can leave the map and return to try again. Low level characters should avoid the boulders as they might be sufficiently damaging enough to kill.

The eastern one does not have the same issue as the western route, however do search the chest before proceeding up the last flight of stairs or else the falling boulder will obstruct the chest.

Falling into the eastern pits will put you in a dark basement with some monsters. The switch to the locked door is randomly placed. There will be a Bar Rake (an evil Hammer) on the ground to be picked up, which is also randomly placed. Meanwhile, the western pits will put you in an area where you will be forced to equip a Beast's Egg that will slow you and raise your EX gauge while monsters pour in. You will not be able to leave until you equip it and defeat all enemies.

East Wing Third Floor

The third floor is a long passage to the exit in the northern end. Partway through you will notice bloodstains on the ground. The walls will begin to close in on you, so press on towards the locked door at the end. Provided that you have the Brass Key from the western wing you will be able to escape (even if it appears you were crushed at the very end). If returning from the other direction the walls will not activate.

Once outside you have a pillar on the western end of the tower that you may use to bring yourself over.

East Wing Fourth Floor

The fourth floor is a simple maze with levers that will open and close different gaps in the path. The gaps may lead to a monster chamber with a chest although they are more likely to be without one.

East Wing Fifth Floor

This level is a Minesweeper game with modifications. In order to get the Bronze Key and Dice in the northwestern and southwestern chests respectively you need to navigate the central minesweeper board safely. You will be given five Sacrificial Dolls that may be used to remove one mine from a tile; note that these dolls will be used up regardless of whether a tile actually has a mine.

The difficulty of the game increases with each switch activated (which also blocks the exit route), with the most difficult being the path from chest to chest. The locations of the mines are entirely random. Each time a mine explodes your armor will be damaged, with two explosions sufficient to destroy it.

East Wing Sixth Floor

You will emerge from the interior to a sign that will state that the upper levels are still under construction. It will take you to the world map.