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Core version: 140 (2018-10-26)


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The Disused Factory (廃工場) is an incomplete unranked difficulty dungeon in the Central Continent. It is unlocked by talking to an NPC in Ray-On Village inn at night. Most enemies here are relatively slow and not very aggressive, although they may be very damaging to low level characters. There are no traps.

Floor 1 & Basement Floor 1

Disused Factory Floor 1 map

The initial area is safe and has a save point available in the Conference Room directly to your right. You will find a V1.0 keycard and battery while reading some old documents in a shelf in the Data Room opposite from the Conference Room. To venture deeper into the dungeon it is necessary to upgrade your keycard via computer terminals.

  • Use the console in the main corridor and input the password given in the documents.
  • Follow the eastern path all the way to the end. You will end up in BF1, a lengthy sewer area. The doors can be unlocked by accessing orange panels to their left.
  • Search the closet next to the sparkling shelf (which contains a sewer manual) to obtain a Rubber Suit. Putting on the suit will protect you against intestinal infestation by parasites as you travel through this area.
  • Exit to the south. Beware of the larger slimes as they are tougher to kill and can cause loss of virginity. Towards the end there will be a door with a path heading northwards. Take it.
  • In the Manufacturing Plant's first area, there is a Manager's Room on the far western side with a console. Reading a book on the nearby shelf reveals that there is no password; access the console.
  • Leave to the north, head west, and then south. Exit via the doorway to the left. Follow the path to the very end and activate the machine there.
  • Backtrack to the sewers and take the exit to the west. Follow the path and take the exit via the doors to the north.
  • In the Administrator's Room the skeleton has a note containing the password: RYONA. A hint may be found in the shelf to the right; the trick is that the individual letters correspond to the individual characters on a Japanese keyboard: す, ん, ら, み, ち (dialogue choices 1, 2, 4, 1, 3). Pick up the battery to the south.
  • The gate north of the southern exit is now unlocked. Enter it to return to the western area outside the Manufacturing Plant. This time return to the Manager's Room and use the southern terminal to access the southern exit. This unlocks a shortcut leading back to the initial area on 1F.
  • Load the battery into the slot inside the Control Room to the northwest of the starting area; while you can still use the elevator without doing this it will strand you at your destination as it will be considered unpowered on the other side. Use the console beside it to start up the elevator system.

Basement Floor 2

This floor is divided into several areas:

  • The Data Room to the left allows you to save, and contains books concerning the Phalanx, the invulnerable super robot guarding this floor.
  • The Warehouse to the right has a hidden area in a nook on its right side. Searching it will reveal a small area inhabited by a maid from Ray-On Village. She sells Potions, various cures, Rubber Suits, and Stripping Spirits; the latter of which may be useful for removing cursed equipment and parasites.
  • The Lounge and Nap Room to the south are blocked by rubble. The leftmost toilet is infested and attempting to use it will infest your character.
  • The Incinerator is located to the north in a different map. It is secured by a lock requiring a V4.0 card.
  • The card upgrade room is to the far south, within a sewage area.

Attempting to exit the central area to the west or east will trigger the security system and cause the Phalanx robot to deploy. This robot cannot be destroyed, deals very heavy damage, and will relentlessly chase you across the level. If needed you can lock it in a room by luring it inside and using the nearby door console.

  • While wearing the Rubber Suit, head east from the general area and south through the sewage. Avoid touching the aquatic plants as they will infest you. Take the southern exit into the room with the card upgrade console.
  • Read the note inside, then make your way back to the general area.
  • Head all the way west into an area with destroyed holding tubes. The paper with the password is located in the northwestern corner.
  • Return to the upgrade console and upgrade the card to V4.0.
  • Head to the area in between the general area and the far eastern room; keep north and enter the incinerator chamber via the northern exit.
  • Lure the Phalanx into the chamber on the left, lock it in, and then enter the control room to the right and activate the console at the far end to deactivate the Phalanx.

Note that once the Phalanx is deactivated more and newer monsters will infest the level, and the maid will move from the warehouse to the lounge. A slime representing the creator of the dungeon will appear in the warehouse to heal you and thank you for playing the dungeon as the rest of the levels are incomplete.

Basement Floors 3 & 4

  • B3F and B4F are incomplete as of revision 861 (December 14, 2013). It is unlikely they will ever be completed.