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Brainwashed City Melbel (洗脳都市メルベル) is the state of Melbel City after successfully defeating the boss of Ruins of Melbel.

Core 111 & 112

Normal city

Pretty much your normal town. Guards will prevent you from leaving at night.

Brainwashed City & Public School Melbel

To get it :

  • Talk to the witch in day time
  • Talk to the maid in the well
  • Talk to hypno in the royal rooms
  • Turn to night again, talk to hypno

You've now unlocked the location of Public School Melbel and turned the city into its brainwashed state, and you can start firing all the events it seems.

Core 99 Version

Normal city

Pretty much your normal town. Guards will prevent you from leaving at night.

You can find a chest on the very top right-hand side of the town, next to a guard. Open the chest for a surprise (save first!).

Brainwashed city

To get it :

  • Talk to the black robed figure in the well.
  • Talk to the maid in the castle.
  • Check the door at the right on the inn second floor.
  • Talk to the witch in the inn first floor to get at night (there is a shop where you can buy the ID card to enter the Life Science Institute). At night, lots of events pretty much everywhere., then go talk to the person in the well.
  • New events in town.
  • Go in the royal family rooms (The door is now where the yellow fox/pokemon was before), and talk to the NPCs here.

The town is pretty much the same during the day. There are a few different dialogs, and a new shop.

How to unlock Melbel Public School

  • Enter city during the day and go to the Inn. Make the witch advance time to night.
  • Go to the well near the northwest corner. Talk to the maid.
  • Exit the well, town is full of shady caped folks. Make your way to the castle, you'll need to enter near the Inn since there are guards blocking the southmost entrance. If the caped folks catch you they'll add a random hypnosis ability to you so it's not extremely lethal, feel free to get caught a lot if you want them.
  • Inside the castle go to the door at northwest. Go east through the corridor and down the stairs. Then go east and down another set of stairs. Talk to the king, the two princesses and finally Hypno.
  • Once you wake up with your newly acquired pacifism hypno ability turn time to night again and head to the castle. Use the same route and talk to Hypno again. When you wake up at the Inn you'll get the admission form.
  • Now you can sleep at the inn to get the Hypno H-event at night if you want to. He also adds a random hypnosis ability to you. Virgins should watch out though, if you lose health during sex and fall to zero you die.