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The Life Science Institute (生命科学研究所) is a secret research lab hidden in Slave City Shrike.

To access the Institute you need to either be kidnapped while a resident of Slave City Shrike (which is more dangerous and places you in a cell), or enter through the main entrance which is a building guarded by a woman located right next to the entry stairs of Shrike. The latter requires a staff ID which can be obtained by either talking to the black market trader in Brainwashed City Melbel and buying the ID off him, or wearing a Rubber Suit, talking to the scientist in Ray-On's Village church, and paying him 8,000 gold. Once inside, examine the only bookshelf with books in the first room to find a hidden stairway underground. Please note that it is closed at night (you can change the day/night cycle via the witch in Slave City Shrike's inn).

Herb Collection Quest

You can start this quest by either talking to the female guard near the entrance or to the scientist in the area to her right. Sleep in the nearby dormitory bed. You will wake up at night and find that the scientist is brainwashing the guard. You will be asked to find four different herbs for which you will be rewarded for each one.

  • Belladonna - You must start the quest first and have already turned in two other herbs. It will then appear in a storage in Forgotten Mansion (right side?) (MAP ID: 281)
  • Mandrake - Inside Back Streets in an area only accessible by using a Chain Flail. Similar to the above, you must start the quest and have found two other herbs.
  • Plantain Flower - There is a 17% chance that a special map containing (nothing/chest/vending machine/Master Sword/Plantain Flower) will appear in Labyrinth Garden. The chance to find the Plantain Flower in this map is 20%, so there is a 17% * 20% = 3.4% overall chance to find it in the dungeon. The chances will be higher the deeper inside the maze you are. No prerequisite; you can find it without starting the quest.
  • Cordyceps - Inside Bug Labyrinth (MAP 050), as one-time spawn. No prerequisite; you can find it without starting the quest. Also, it can be bought from one of merchants at Different Village for 50,000 gold but your character needs to be transformed into a monster girl in order to trade.

As such, the order in which you can get the above is Plantain Flower → Cordyceps → Belladonna or Mandrake.

You can also get them via Item ID input (Belladonna 0226, Mandrake 0227, Plantain Flower 0228, Cordyceps 0229) in debug mode.

Notable Locations

First Floor

The row of doors at the far northern end of the institute leads to the following labs (from left to right):

  • Genetic Engineering Laboratory - There is an open cell here leading to a H event for characters with the Futanari H ability.
  • Physiological Botany Laboratory - The de-worming plant leaves to cure the Bloody Death Disease may be found here.
  • Experiment Samples Storage Room - Characters kidnapped from Slave City Shrike start here.
  • Applied Entomology Laboratory - There is an open cell at the end which causes a bad end if a slave, and triggers the Bloody Death Disease if the item inside is picked up by a normal character.
  • Biotechnology Laboratory - There is an open cell here which triggers a bad end.
  • Brain Remodeling Laboratory - A scientist here will remodel your character's mind into that of a dog if a slave (or if coming with the Melbel Public School quest), or make them childlike otherwise. The latter will not happen if your character is already a loli (such as Loli Nakoruru).
  • Integrated Mechanization Development Room - Accessible only after defeating the final boss on Laputa Floating Continent.
  • Testing Room - Inaccessible unless transformed into a mechanical doll while a slave and entering the Integrated Mechanization Development Room.
  • Artificial Reincarnation Laboratory - There are two transformation events available here.
  • New Energy Development Department - Your character can be outfitted with a robotic exoskeleton here.

Below those doors are the following:

  • Pharmacist - Sells healing potions, a number of curatives, and both the Hazard Mask and Masochist's Leather Clothes.
  • Rubbish Disposal Chute - Leads to the institute's basement dungeon.
  • Reference Room - Contains books with some information; of note is the cure for the Bloody Death Disease and information regarding the doppelganger, the boss of the institute's basement.

Further down, near the entrance:

  • Female Guard's Room - This room is usually locked, but will remain open after completing the quest to influence the guard's mind.
  • Dormitory - A room with eight beds. The only usable bed is the one on the left of the door, which if slept in after speaking to either the guard or the scientist in the area to her right will allow you to begin the scientist's quest.

Second Floor

  • Remodeling Operating Room - Accessed via the stairs between the doors to the Biotechnology and Brain Remodeling laboratories. Headed by Doctor Daijobu (ダイジョーブ博士), a red-faced NPC. He will remodel your body which may either increase your stats or (more likely) increase H sensitivities and introduce several H abilities including the Futanari H ability. See H events - body remodeling for details. If you undergo remodeling more than twenty times you will trigger a game over. Dr. Daijobu can also remove slave collars (which counts as five remodeling operations).

Life Science Institute Basement

A vast dungeon beneath the Life Science Institute. The only entrance is the Rubbish Disposal Chute on the first floor; you will fall all the way down to B5F. Once you enter the dungeon the only way to exit is by making your way up to 3F and defeating the boss, your doppelganger.

Beware, the monsters there are pretty powerful and dying will lead to a game over. Learning level 1 support magic that adds elemental effects (Flame saber, Ice Saber, Thunder Saber) is an effective way to increase your chances.

Going through the dungeon is the only way for a slave character registered as a Slave City Shrike resident to escape the city. You cannot come back afterwards so be sure to get access to Brainwashed City Melbel and Magicians Retreat before leaving.

Chastity Belt

The black metal slimes are invulnerable and if they catch you they will transform into a metal chastity belt that prevents urination and vibrates, increasing EX. You can talk to one of the ghost scientists in one of the small rooms in B5F to remove it (although the character might refuse if she is particularly masochistic).

Alternatively, a remote can be found that can turn the belt on and off, and several belt-related things (remote upgrades, belt removal) can be found in Gorg Organization Base.


H Events

See H Events and Endings.