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all characters are at least 18

Musumakeup [edit]



Technical Help


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The Story mode is mainly centered around raising Natame and in that regard consists of two sections. In the first section, the personality of Natame is shaped by selecting answers to questions with 3 options each. The possible personalities seem to be kind, confident and obedient. The personalities seem to directly relate to the postions of the options(1st option=>kind, 2nd option=>confident, 3rd option=>obedient). During this first section, the other girls are intruduced as well. From time to time, it is possible to decide who to spend time with(one of the other girls or your daughter). The first section ends when Natame changes from her default appearance to the one you chose at the beginning of the game. During the second section of the story, Natame's personality won't change anymore. Aside from that, you still have the option to spend the day with some of the other girls or you could go with your daughter all the way if you wish to.

Free mode/H mode positions come with 2 variations, and you get the option to cum inside/outside a la SB3, and the option to either cum with her or let her cum alone.

Regarding that button, I believed it's supposed to switch place like that one on the bed (click that and you'll switch on the floor) like in the demo version.


  • 1 - Toggle Backgrounds on/off
  • 2 - Toggle camera obstruction on/off (The 'skeleton' of the backdrop, so to say)
  • 3 - Toggle zoom indicator (the 'plus' sign you see when you attempt to zoom)
  • 4 - Toggle shadows on/off
  • 5 - Toggle "mushroom" on/off
  • 6 - Toggle male (normal, transparent, off)
  • 7 - Toggle girl's eyebrow (to pop through hair manga-style or not)
  • Q - focus face
  • W - focus chest
  • E - focus butt
  • R - reset camera
  • A - change movement
  • S - change position
  • D - change position
  • F - change spot
  • Z - cum inside
  • X - cum outside
  • C - female orgasm
  • V - cum together